Domina Ruby walks into the room where the slave is laying by the fireplace. She is wearing an expensive pair of knee high boots that will soon have the slave saying the heels are like nails. The slave squirms and moans as he sees her and she comments that he appears very eager to see him. Likely something like a on Christmas morning, remember that… just with a more painful outcome. Ruby looks supreme in her sexy outfit and hovering over the slave, slowly walking around him to let the anticipation grow. She hops on and quickly rams her heels into his stomach repeatedly. When the slave says the heels are sharp she laughs and tells him it’s honor to suffer for her. Next she steps up and places a boot on his face, leaning forward so it takes a good portion of her weight, you can almost sense a mouthful of teeth about to explode. She tells him to be quiet as she likes the docile type. Longing for her full weight on his face he greedily pulls on her back boot to raise it in the air. As this brings extra pleasure to her she lets it go without reprimand, although she does let him know he is selfish. “That’s fine.”, she says, crushing his face further. Now she has a special task for the slave. She wants him to remove her boots, as she stands on him, and place a pair of shoes on them instead. That is no small task as the slave has to take the full weight of each boot to remove the other and then reach for the shoes and place them on her feet. When he successfully completes the task, she chuckles and tells him, “You may have a future as a shoe salesmen after all.”
Mistress: Domina Ruby

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