Clubstiletto - Goddess Airen, Miss Jasmine - Way Too Much Fun
Slaves have way too much fun. Mistress Kandy is squeezing and kneading this guy’s hard cock and balls with her feet, when Goddess Airen arrives wearing a sharp pair of stiletto boots. Kandy immediately suggests they “shrink his dink”. Airen promptly steps onto the slave’s stomach, digging her heels in deep, while Kandy starts to make his dick hurt with her foot action, pinching rather than just squeezing. The slave of course, is not immune to this, and starts to moan and groan. The ladies won’t have it, so Mistress Kandy gags his mouth with her foot while Airen remounts and continues to do damage. They realize that the slave is getting accustomed to the pressure, so they must up the ante! Kandy plops down on his face, smothering him, while Airen removes her boots and starts jumping and stomping on his mid-section. The slave tries to contort his body to avoid the blows, but his attempts are futile, other than amusing his Mistresses! Airen starts brutally slapping his cock, and- well, this carpet is in for a long haul.
Mistress: Goddess Airen, Miss Jasmine

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