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YoungGoddessKim – Shoe slave Gets Fed

I am busy at My desk with the shoe slave underneath My divine heels. The only concern it should have is My comfort, if it moans from My heels digging into it I simply kick it. “Make yourself useful. Lick My soles.” If the piece of furniture doesn’t please Me I will just sell it online. The only nutrition it deserves is the dirt on My soles. But since I’m done with My work and have a scrap of food I decide to let the slave eat it….Like the mutt it is! I prepare it first and crush it beneath My soles and with My heels and make the slave lick it off My Superior Soles and suck it off My heels. I start to get impatient and mop the floor with its face. What a pathetic sight the slave is. “Now thank Me for your lunch and kiss My soles.”
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YoungGoddessKim – Latex Hotpants Smother

There are certain rewards that may cost the slave’s life. Sitting on My human cushions face with My latex hotpants is one of them. I take its position as a cushion seriously – that means no breathing… At first it struggles helplessly and pointlessly beneath My powerful ass. But is soon begging for more. I unzip My latex crotch and allow it to sniff and take its final breath buried beneath Me. There’s no better way to go.
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Goddess Kims Fantasies – Electro Milking Session

I am in the same position as in No Escape. Completely immobilized onto the special bondage chair and electrodes connected to all my sensitive male parts: cock, balls and prostate. This time the advanced electro stimulation device is running fully automatically on a very mean computer program that you designed for this purpose.
The clip starts with you entering the room. Wearing the same outfit as in No Escape. The electro device is already working on me, controlled by your computer program. You tell me that you are checking back on me and refer to the treatments that I had before in which I succeeded in avoiding being made to cum. Those sessions were just intended to make me more addicted to you. You made me think that I could resist you while you slowly conditioned my mind by showing your divine shape and letting me listen to your voice while sexually exciting me.
This time things are different. The electro will mercilessly force me to cum for you. And you are going to tease me verbally and with visual stimulation by showing of your divine body again. Your legs, your divine ass and latex covered mound. Sometimes bending forward, looking me straight into my eyes and whispering in my ears. You are telling me that I will lose control and get milked. I will ejaculate and give up the contents of my balls no matter how hard I try to resist. Teasing you are telling me to try to resist. But that it will be useless as the device will make me ejaculate anyhow. And it won’t stop. It will just keep on going to milk another load from me. The post orgasm torture will be devilish. The device will just keep on working on me to force me from one to the next involuntary ejaculation. Until my balls are completely emptied and my potency destroyed.
Yes my potency will be destroyed for at least a month after this electro milking session. Rendering my cock limp and useless. I will still be horny as hell but not able to do anything with my cock anymore. Making me your horny but harmless licking slave. You say that maybe you will lend me out to one of your girlfriends. And when you discover that my cock is recovering from the session you will submit me to the next electro milking session. To make sure that I am permanently impotent. In the end you walk out of the room while saying that you will check back on me later. While the electro device continuously keeps working on me.

Custom Clip Feedback: Thank You Goddess Kim, The video exceeded every expectation again. Your perfect interpretation of the plot, Your divine female shape, Your moves and mesmerizing voice. Making me wish I could really sit there, immobilized and at Your mercy, tortured and milked by such a mean electro device while You are commanding me to give up the contents of my balls for You.
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It’s time to play with My toy again. I’m sure many scenarios are running through its head as it lays in the dark box hearing Me pick up the chain and handcuffs. I order it out and to its knees before Me to inspect My property locked in chastity. Hmm, will I finally use the key around My latex ankle to unlock it…. slave did not anticipate the unbearably hot release I grant it. In seconds of its released dick being near My latex feet and patent stilettos it becomes throbbing hard. you want to lick My shiny slick legs and feet so so bad…. I laugh as it whimpers while shooting its cum in a devastating ruined orgasm. And finally allow it to lick and polish My latex legs and feet – to clean up its own cum it squirted all over them! Now kiss My soles and thank Me.
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YoungGoddessKim – Disregarded Ashtray

You are nothing but an ashtray to Me. That’s the only way I allow you to serve Me. you get the best view from under My desk, looking up to your Goddess as I enjoy My cigarette. Admiring My stocking clad crossed legs as I pull out a cigarette and casually smoke while completely ignoring you. I only acknowledge your existence when I need to flick My ash into your mouth. Open wide ashtray!
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YoungGoddessKim – Entertainment On Demand

I took this slave out of chastity this morning, made it kneel naked in a corner and handcuffed it while I went out for the day. I told it that maybe when I got back home I’ll let it have a much anticipated orgasm. Haha, we’ll see. I arrived home and I can see the pain and frustration on its face – but that is still not pleasing enough. I want to make it suffer even more. I uncuff the bitch and make it lick My soles clean first, then order it to start stroking its pathetic thing right in front of Me. If it wants to cum, it must try and convince Me just how desperate it really is. Making it stop just when it thinks I’ll allow it to cum is very entertaining, so I decide to make it a game for when My gfs come over later tonight. It becomes more and more pathetic and humiliated as I describe how We’ll use it tonight. I take pics of it while its on its knees licking My shoes to show My gfs how amusing having a slave can be. Well, they’ll find out later when I present to them My personal “Entertainment on Demand”
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YoungGoddessKim – Leather and Lust

The most amazing boot worship instruction and domination is about to begin as you await in anticipation on your knees. I have just got dressed into My leather outfit to go out. I know you can’t stop admiring how I look in My full leather outfit. Kiss My divine boots and greet Me properly, slave. I see how affected you are by My power and authority. you are stripped of your ego and grovel before My boots like the bitch you are. you need thorough guidance on how I like My boots worshiped and cleaned. Beg. Follow My boot worship commands as you work hard to please Me. I will take you by the leash and guide you, boot bitch. And don’t think that I don’t notice how it makes you feel being so low beneath My boots desperately licking My soles and sucking My heels. I know how horny and weak you are. Shut up and bite on this gag. you drool for My boots in desperate arousal begging for relief. Come here boot slave, I have a surprise for you..
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Young Goddess Kim: “Wicked Game”

I am in the mood to play a Wicked Game with My toys. Kneel and await My commands. you see Me open up My “toy box” and get it out. I know, you are quivering with anticipation. I unlock slave from chastity and order you both to touch it – My property! So hard already. Prove your complete surrender. Play My wicked edging game and obey My rules. you are My toys, puppets, to please and amuse Me. I laugh at your expense while you both ruin your orgasms for Me. you give it up for Me. To worship Me, to be My toy. Thank Me and lick it up. Kiss My shoe. It’s strange what desire will make horny boys do. Good toys, back in the cage for Me.
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It is time to surrender to Me. you want to. Give in to My glimmering legs as I dangle them in your face. Focus on My smooth seductive voice as I guide your senses and stimulate your arousal. My crystal legs are magic and you fall so deep under My spell. your eyes fixate and follow My sultry shiny curves, your cock twitches. Don’t think….Just feel. Feel that cock, stroke it. It feels so good to stroke under My spell. My voice is like a vice grip on the edge of your release, I control your orgasm. you will cum on one. you will cum and explode in deep arousal and mindless ecstasy. Good boy, give it up for Me.
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