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MistressGaia – Ball Abuse Pony Training

Today I’m going to train my little ponyboy. He’s been in the cage all day waiting for me to arrive. However, before I let him out. He has to show me that he’s a good slave, and lick my beautiful riding boots. After a good licking session I get him to crawl out of the cage. He’s already wearing his little pony tail, and ready for some intense training. I have a nice dressage whip to hand to make sure he obeys my commands. I give him some basic knees up and posture positions to warm him up. Then I put him on the bench to get him ready for some riding. I wasn’t completely happy with his postures, so I have decided to make him suffer. I have a tight ball brace on him, and I attach his nuts to the suspension cable. I so enjoy hearing him squeal as the cable tightens and his swollen balls change to the colour purple. I then place the saddle on him and mount up. Once again I have my whip to hand. Of course I need to make sure he’s going in the right direction. So I place the bridle and bit in his mouth, grab a hold of the reigns, and we’re good to go. I ride him gently at first, before picking up the pace. My little ponyboy squeals and neighs, as his balls get tugged tighter and tighter with every thrusting push from me in the saddle. It’s great fun, and my pony boy is learning fast on day one of his ball abuse pony training…
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AmericanMeanGirls – Lets Break Him Completely

This is a continuation of the beating we give this slave in “Caning for Dollars”.

He has been beaten & broken badly at this point- just using Our canes. He is lying at Our feet, begging for mercy, but he still has some $$$ left. So we decide to make sure we get the rest of it- using bullwhips and CATTLE PRODS! (YES, these are REAL, full-power cattle prods that are usually used on the thick hides of COWS and other livestock!) We feel that is MORE than appropriate though, considering we basically see male slaves as nothing more than livestock. LOL

We whip this slave with these EXTREMELY painful bullwhips and it is simply beyond “in pain”. Its brown skin is scarring up nicely for us! Luckily, it knows this is its true purpose in life- and that it is LUCKY just to be BEATEN by girls as hot as Us! Then it is on to the CATTLE PRODS…OMG these thing look like they HURT!! Oh well…that is what slaves are for- to SUFFER for their Superiors’ entertainment!
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CFNMEu – Jan 30, 2019 – Rosta Benecky, Pomstychtiva Pritelkyne

Hard Workout

Rosta Benecky gives us a great dream set, which is a CFNM scene with a very sexy girl. We see him exercising with some weights when the girl arrives to help him. They spend some time exercising together and then the girl begins to seduce Rosta, soon having him naked and showing off his massive, soft, cock and his sexy ass. The girl gives him a few spanks on his ass and turns Rosta around to suck on that huge cock. It grows in her mouth as she sucks on it. Then she turns Rosta around and puts him on his knees so she can see his sexy ass hole as his massive cock and balls dangle between his legs. The girl spanks Rosta’s ass and pulls the cheeks wide apart. She slips a finger into his hot hole and fucks it. As she keeps up the fingering she also sucks and chews on Rosta’s big balls. Then she spanks that ass some more. With her mind full of possibilities she mores Rosta to another room, tying his arms to a beam so he is at her playful mercy. She alternates between whipping his sexy body and sucking on his huge cock. Then she adjusts his restraints to get his ass available and she takes a dildo on a pole and gets it ready for that ass. Rosta struggles to see if he can release himself, but cannot. The dildo is presented to his ass and she uses the pole to push it in nice and deep. She fucks Rosta’s hot ass nice and deep and sucks on his big cock too. Then she dons her strapon and fucks Rosta’s ass again. His huge cock stays nice and hard as his ass gets fucked deep. The girl lays down and makes Rosta ride her rubber cock. Releasing the ties she lays him on his back and fucks him some more as he wanks his big cock. She keeps fucking him until Rosta cums and then she picks him up, spanking his ass as she walks away with him.
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Clubdom – Raven Owns Femdom Full Movie

This is the full length version of Sociopathic Tendencies. Temptress Rave Eve is one of a kind, shockingly sadistic and, naturally kinky. Her day begins when she orders a new slave.
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Temptress Raven is breaking in a new slave. She begins by shoving him to his knees and, spitting long and, slowly into his his mouth. She grabs him up and, restrains him to a cross. Then, out comes her single tail. She simply glows as she stripes the slave’s back, laughing as he winces in pain. The beating is turning her on so much. She needs a piece of ass. Raven straps on a dick and, ravishes the slave’s ass. Raven fucks her slave in multiple positions, bouncing him around like a rag doll. She relishes the control she has over her stable.
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DirtyDommes – Dance for our whips

Another test for the slave meat, Madame Catarina and I dragged in to the Factory. This skinny little man will amuse us and we know exactly how to do that…with our whips and floggers. It becomes clear this new slave does not have a high tolerance for pain but he will endure and suffer! Us Ladies need our entertainment and we let him dance to our whips! He feels the stings of our punishment tools on his white skin but he gets his limits pushed…
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FemdomInsider – Punished for Bastard – Mistress Soraya

Mistress Soraya in Leather Boots Dressed like punish her Slave with sexy Whipping Time. She leaves nothing to the imagination as she embarks on a extreme whipping session that you will not soon forget. The cracks on the flesh are loud, painful and dramatic.
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LadyEstelle – Visions of an Sadonaut

The slave has yet really the effrontery to ask his mistress is she wood go out with him for a Dinner! His next task is to bring his Goddess with dildo gag to an orgasm but as ever he can not do this in time! So it looks like he need a stronger education to do things better in the future. It means it is corporal Punishment time for his ass, his back and his dick. Of Course with tight up balls and cloths pins on his nipples. Next on List of the sadistic Visions from Lady Estelle is his butt hole. You can imagine what size the Strapon have and what comes at the end! The Mistress is sure the Slave will never ask for a dinner again.
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The removal of the slave’s manhood continues as Jean Bardot and Lydia Supremacy have their victim helplessly bound on the whipping platform. Ms. Lydia tells her slave that they will be peeling off his masculinity today, layer by layer. They already tortured his cock and balls until he was a crying mess. Now it’s time to literally peel the skin off his back with their whips! First Lydia warms up his back with a dragon tail whip. Next, its Mistress Jean’s turn to shred his back with her whip. The slave can barely take the abuse, jumping and dancing in pain. Too bad the slave has no choice! And too bad that Lydia and Jean are not in a merciful mood. Just another step towards total emasculation!
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