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MistressEzada – Suck Yourself, Senator!

This is a custom clip, with no name mentioned. I decided to publish it as We had great fun filming it and I think the result is just awesome.

“Senator H**e visits House of Sinn dungeon to close it, as he leads a campaign to close all BDSM dungeons. When he walks into the reception, he meets Mistress Sarah, who he treats improperly and asks for the dungeon license in order to close it. She leaves him alone to get the papers. Mistress Ezada then walks into the reception and She thinks he was a new slave. She slaps him and when he tries to explain, She ball-gags him, then She pulls him into the dungeon.

In the dungeon Mr. Hyde is humiliated, whipped, put in a chastity, treated like sissy. Then he is left alone. When Mistress Sarah comes back to the reception, She finds him on the floor horny and She is shocked when he crawls to Her shoes to worship them. She humiliates him, orders him to suck his dick and cum on Her shoes, then lick it clean.”
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Maybe Your Personality is Big

You’re such a sad creature. Your cock is just so tiny that it’s almost depressing. I know you’re trying really hard to go through your life like you don’t have a little mini dick, but there’s nothing you can do about this handicap. No matter how good you are at oral or fingering or playing with toys you know you’ll just never overcome your little nub. No woman worth having is going to want you. They want a real dick. You’re never going to please a woman with that thing. I mean, you can keep trying to win women over with your looks or your charm or whatever. That won’t last though. The second your pants come down you’ll be laughed out of the room.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Denied Before My Date

Look at me. I’m all dressed up ready to go on a hot date with my newest stud. Oh that’s not you, of course. You are going to be here at home wishing you could be graced with my presence like he will be. I wouldn’t be caught in public with you ever. Why would I? I hate you. I hate you and your cock that constantly needs jerking. Honestly, I’m sick of how much you need to masturbate to get yourself by in the day. I don’t really want you to masturbate at all really. I think we’re just going to have to make it too painful to jerk off. C’mon now, punch yourself in the balls. Wait, no I’ll do it instead. If you’re not man enough to go out with me in public then you’re certainly not man enough to be able to use your cock to jerk. What a pathetic little cuck boy.
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MistressKasia – A Gassy Night In

Mistress Kasia’s slave has settled in for a night in and she knows how to make it a good time, at least for herself. She repeatedly smothers him, slaps his dick, and farts on his face to teach him a lesson about whose desires need to be fulfilled.
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MistressKasia – Naptime Fart Slave

Mistress Kasia is just starting to stir from her glorious slumber and her unfortunate slave has been tucked away under her blanket with her, subjected to her onslaught of gassy emissions. What’s worse, she’s not done with him yet as she repeatedly farts on her bound slave’s face and berates him as she does it.
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TinyChaste – Meet My Lamp

Human furniture humiliation as Goddess Nyssa exposes my chastity to her friend Savannah for the first time. I have been ordered to stand still as Nyssa’s lamp, complete with a shade covering my head. The two Goddesses talk as if I am not even there, humiliating me completely.
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GoddessD – Orgasms on My Smotherbench

Here’s the long awaited sequel to My first smotherbench clip, and this one is a bit different. Whereas in the first clip I was picking up the camera and showing different angles, in this one I was focused on one thing and one thing only… getting off. It’s not My best produced or most flattering clip. These are just raw moments with the camera left running of Me using the vibrator on Myself while reverse facesitting, and getting off not once, but TWICE (I’m a greedy bitch sometimes). You can hear My slave’s groans as I shift My weight trying to reach climax. I’m putting all kinds of awkward pressure on his nose as I shift around and I don’t care. He can’t move an inch and has no choice but to witness Me enjoying exactly what he can’t have, up close and personal, all while he remains stuck in a bondage sack and in chastity, locked in the smotherbench and smotherbox. When I’ve finally enjoyed enough pleasure, had a few explosive orgasms and am done grinding them into his face, I cover his face right back up with the towel and leave him that way for later use.
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Mistress Kennya – All you get is a tease

You don’t even know what you need more, to worship My new shoes, to touch this beautiful red leather or… to eat My ash. You want everything, you want everything but all you get is a whole lot of teasing, you loser fuck! This clip was a custom for one of My bitches and the filming is amateur style.
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Synfulx Pleasure – Remember what you are, worm!

Sometimes slaves need a firm reminder of their inferiority. And that’s just what Mistress Synful gives to hers, along with her spit. Verbally humiliating her slave and degrading every inch of him while she spits in his face, she sits gracefully poised upon her throne while looking down upon him. She reinforces her cruel words with hard slaps to the face, repeatedly for her viewing pleasure. All he is, is a worm. And he will never forget it.
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Mistress Kennya – Ash from My lover for My loser cuck

How do you feel, loser? I know this is the greatest humiliation for you. I will use your pathetic mouth as My ashtray and I will also let My boyfriend use you…So open wide for Us and swallow all the ash and Smoke we give you!
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Mistress Kennya – Bright red lips for My ashtray

I love to gag My slaves, the losers don’t need to talk anyway. These bright red lips are perfect to fuck or to serve as an ashtray, you can’t fight anything I shove in there so…this time I will use it for My ashtray and next time…to shove a big dick inside.
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Mistress Kennya – New plans to humiliate My hubby

You know I have a weakness for humiliating My hubby and tonight I met with My lover to plan another perfect way to do that while I get My pleasure from a real man. We are so mean together!
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Mistress Kennya – A session to remember for the rest of your pathetic life

You’ve been dreaming to come to My studio for a session for as long as you can remember. And if by some miracle you do get to come, I will use you in public so all My neighbours can see how pathetic you are and then I will lock you up in a cage and go have fun with one of My boyfriends. Happy session, loser!
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Mistress Kennya – Ashtray family cucks

What I love more than humiliating My cuck, is doing it to the men in his family too! They are all losers, made to serve and obey Me and My lover. Tonight, We will use them both as Our ashtrays while telling them how he is a real man and they are not!
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Mistress Kennya – Licking training with My bull

My loser cuck has to learn how to please Me and who better than My lover to train him in the fine art of licking? What a humiliation for My loser boy, another man has to instruct him on how to lick. I doubt he will learn something from it…, the wanker is useless, unlike My lover!
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