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Kendra James – Disobedient Slut Pegging

Mistress Kendra James continues her training of slave Aubrey. Aubrey is on her hands and knees with Mistress Kendra controlling the fucking machine. Mistress tests her ability to take a hard fucking, then spit-roasts her. Aubrey is getting fucked in her mouth and ass at the same time!

After Aubrey is loosened up Mistress Kendra bends her over the cage for a proper pegging. Aubrey becomes more obedient as she surrenders to Kendra’s cock. Aubrey becomes very aroused while getting fucked on her back, Mistress gives her permission to pleasure herself while getting fucked. Aubrey spills a huge load all over herself then Mistress Kendra puts her back into her slave cage.
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Feminised – Sex Therapy – Natalie Mars, Tony Orlando

When a relationships is in trouble they will do anything to reignite the fire. Ms Sindel is a sex & relationship counselor she specializes in reconnecting the sexual chemistry. The couple sits down to talk with Ms Sindel about their problems. Natalie complains that Tonys doesn’t pay enough attention to her and doesn’t give back as a lover. Natalie says that she is used like a sex doll and never has pleasure herself.

Ms Sindel decides make Tony a more compassionate lover by showing him what it is like to be used as a human sex doll. She encases his body in latex and bends him over. Natalie is made to watch Tony being fucked in his ass mercilessly. Natalie moans in her gag hoping she is next. Ms Sindel wants to make Tony more giving as a sex partner so she straps a dildo on him, he will have to fuck Natalie with a strap on as long as she wants without his own pleasure getting in the way of his performance. Natalie then rides Tonys cock cowgirl style in ballet boots with her hard cock swinging around. Natalie is so happy to finally be fucked hard and long. Ms Lexi finishes the session by stroking Tony onto Natalie’s mouth then having them kiss passionately.
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TS Rianna James joins Miss Jasmine for her very first ballbusting session. In a candid introduction she tells Jasmine that she has used implements on a guys cock and balls before but never her bare feet. The sound of skin slapping against sore balls is quite a turn on for Jasmine. After a number of hard kicks slave is quite turned on as well. The ladies order him to hold his cock out of the way as they simultaneously kick him hard. Lots of knees, slaps and kicks both front and back. They even take turn riding him while the other Domme kicks him. Lots of taunting dialogue, laughing at the slave and moans from the slave. Rianna says that this activity is wonderful and Jasmine readily agrees.
Mistress: Miss Jasmine, Goddess Rianna
Category: Ballbusting, Transsexual Dominatrix, Shemales, Femdom, Transsexuals, Double Domination, Transsexual Dominatrix
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