TaylorMadeClips – Angry PMS’ing She Hulk Transformation, Futa-Lift-n-Carry Domination

Angry at her asshole boss and seriously PMS’ing Cheyenne slowly transforms into a She-Hulk busting through her clothes and even growing a penis. With the new member in hand she calls out her boss to give him a taste of his own medicine as she rides his ass while lifting, carrying and throwing him around the room before she watches him cum, laughs and explodes all over him with her own gargantuan cumshot.
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Kates Palace – Who’s the Bitch 1

LADY SAHARA is none too enthused when SHE learns that HER household pooch has been chasing other bitches round the neighbourhood like a mangy stray. He ain’t never caught a rabbit, so he ain’t much use to her. SHE tells him his gallivanting just naturally will have to stop. Having taken great pains to find and catch him, SHE decides to invest more of HER precious time in an intensive training session. It begins with a verbal dressing down, accompanied by a little motion control: corporal punishment clips on his milk nozzles and a bell clamped tightly to his rod of uncontrollability, with plenty of sweet caresses from THE STERN LADY’S little black heart. It seems but a trifle, but perhaps it’s worth mentioning that the back side of this kind heart is peppered with sharp spikes so that each little love pat will make a deep and long-lasting impression. For the sake of discipline, she enforces a time-tested rule that every proper puppy trainer finds indispensible: one bark means “No” and two barks means “Yes”.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Boyfriend Regression

We’ve been living together for a while and in the last few months, you’ve really.. deteriorated. You’ve been nothing but immature, expecting me to clean up after you and pay for everything while you sit at home and play video games. Well, I’m going to teach you a lesson. I’ve been implementing a trigger by brainwashing you while you sleep. When I say these words, you are going to regress back to the age you’re acting. You will be aware but unable to stop yourself from drinking your bottle and wetting your diapers! The catch is, you won’t “grow up” unless I give the command. Maybe I’ll keep you like this permanently.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – The New Diet Secret

Custom video that turned out really well. Hello ladies.. I want to tell you a little bit about this brand new diet cure that I recently discovered. I was invited to participate in a new trial for an experimental product that has had the most interesting results. It’s been carefully harvested from the male test subjects and formulated into a serum that you vape.. and it empowers the user with amazing vitality, beauty, and your body practically transforms! It’s a bit of a sordid story with the testing.. apparently the first few subjects didn’t survive the extraction but the results were so amazing that they continued the trials anyway. It has such incredible side effects.. making men unwavering aroused and attracted to you, but you no longer care about their approval! I literally don’t care AT ALL if a man finds me attractive any more, and that seems to make me even hotter! The more I vaporize this serum into my body, the better I feel. And lately men have been falling all over themselves to offer their bodies for me to have more serum… even when I explain they will be kept in permanent stasis, making the chemical for my consumption..
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Kates Palace – Domina Kate – Situation Vacant – Two-hole Mare 1

The hot bitch Nina has applied to DOMINA KATE for the coveted post of palace whore. As part of her recruitment test, the handsome filly does an eager striptease for THE DISCERNING JUDGE OF WHORESFLESH and gets her first inkling of the demands of her new calling. The applicant clearly has a set of high-class goods. Far as LADY KATE can see, there’s only one problem. How can you be a two-hole mare if you don’t have a gaping pink pussy for SWEET KATIE to fuck and suck to HER DECADENT HEART’S CONTENT? Probing around “down under” though, THE INQUISITIVE DOMINA soon discovers that the abuse-loving bitch really does have a cunt. Naturally THE EAGER DOMINATRIX decides to stretch it to a more usable size. Wouldn’t you? Nina must serve DOMINA KATE’S every whim with no holes barred, so her devotion is quickly put to the test. After tightly binding Nina’s lips of shame, THE SKILLFUL CUNT-MAKER is soon beside HERSELF with sadistic pleasure as SHE stretches the slut’s urethra until SHE can even shove HER FINGER up the dilated tube while vigorously fisting the bitch with HER OTHER HAND. What a perverted spectacle!
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Embezzlement

I’m a quality control officer inside a large corporation and I’ve brought you into a meeting. I explain that I’ve found some pecularities in the books.. Phony transfers into a phony accounts payable from your work station. You deny it, but I confront you with access logs and explain how much money has been embezzled. Then I tell you the options: you can go to jail and you’ll be bankrupted, destroyed. Or.. I’ll cover the loss and you’ll be doing something for me. You’re going to be paying me back by becoming a gay escort. You’re going to learn how to love dick because you’ll be making payments every single week for the next.. uh.. let me see.. 3 years. Let me explain how this will go.. because failure to make each payment will result in felony embezzlement charges. Since it’s such a large amount, I’ll need to improve your rates and that means making you a tranny prostitute. You’ll start on hormones, get some plastic surgery, and practice your techniques. All the while I’ll be profitting from your humiliation.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Crushed By Cleavage

Fan idea. “I am obsessed with large breasts. You, a mischievous and large busted mistress can have fun with this. You say you can make your breasts grow for me right in front of my eyes. Since I always wanted to see you with even larger breasts, how can I resist? The catch is, you will shrink me, and your breasts will get bigger and bigger from my point of view, not that they will grow. The shrinking agent will be such that the more aroused I get, the more I will shrink. You will get me more and more aroused with your increasingly larger compared to myself breasts and eventually encourage me to play with myself to get off and relieve the arousal. However, if I cum, it will trigger a final shrinking spell where I will shrink past the vanishing point. It`s up to you to be so sexy and seductive to get me to cum, even in the face of this knowledge. I know you can.” I take this idea and run with it, telling the slave that I will let him live in my cleavage.. but only if he can survive the massive weight of my breasts pressed against his body. He can’t handle the crushing weight AND his overwhelming arousal…
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Life As My Chair

Your obsession with my ass has grown to epic proportions and now you’re envisioning life as my chair. Well, I’m going to give you that chance. I’m going to let you imagine your life with my perfect ass sitting on you all day. You can’t speak, but you can feel my perfect derriere pressing all of my weight into you. How amazing would that be for you? A life as an object under my ass?
Categories: Transformation Fantasies
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – The New Pony

Why, look what we have here the new pony slave applicant. Have it in your head that you want to be a beautiful pony, pulling a cart with a gorgeous Mistress in it? I hope you understand what you’re in for. The ponies here are broken of their human tendencies first and made into mindless animals. You’ll be made to wear a head harness muzzle and stay chained to a stall, never allowed to speak but only allowed to whinny. You will feel the crop and the whip only to know that you have no choice. After a few weeks of total brainwashing, perhaps we’ll transition to the cart.
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