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TheEnglishMansion – Edged & Edged & Edged – Mistress Sarah Jessica

Mistress Sarah Jessica is in a cruel, teasing mood today, her lucky slave is tied up to the bondage bed, as she spits on his cock and vibrates it until it is straining. He starts to moan as the overwhelming urge to cum builds, of course, she slows down and stops, loving the way he starts to beg. This is the first in many edges, she gives him, each time stopping later and later, sitting on his face and allowing him the honour of her being so close. When she has had her share of teasing and enjoyment, she takes him over the edge, ruining his orgasm, after all the build up, letting him know she is always in total control.
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The English Mansion – Punished By Mistress Kiana

Mistress Kiana’s slave is a bit of a loser, so she challenges him to take his punishments today without uttering the safe word, to show that he is still worthy and to restore a little pride. He holds up well to the violet wand, even when it is turned up to 10, the added large weights added to his balls increases the strain, but not enough to break him. Finally the cane is wielded by the beautiful, powerful Mistress, to satisfactory results.
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The English Mansion – Lady Nina Birch, Miss Eve Harper – Presenting Her Maid

Featuring Lady Nina Birch & Miss Eve Harper
Lady Nina is planning on showing off her latest maid creation to Mistress Sidonia. She prepares the maid for the forthcoming presentation, checking her makeup and chastity. When Sidonia arrives, the maid is clearly flustered, even spilling the Champagne on the floor, causing her to get into big trouble with the two ladies!
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The English Mansion – Miss Indie Fox – Under Her

Featuring Miss Indie Fox
Miss Indie Fox is using and humiliating her slave, making good use of his mouth and tongue to lick her sexy feet as she dominates him. She sits on his face, her beautiful bottom engulfing him eagerly, the total control continuing as she slaps and squeezes his cock and balls, loving the pathetic whimpers he emits. Indie then uses a vibrator to edge his cock over and over, with some CBT to stop him shooting his load and reinforcing her dominance.
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The English Mansion – Miss Suzie, Miss Vivienne lAmour – Choosing Her Pleasure Cock

Miss Vivienne brings her slavegirl, Suzie, to the slave shed where she is presented with two male slaves for her to choose one as a sex slave. They are taken out of the holding cages and their bodies are examined to find the fittest and most attractive. Next their cocks are checked for size and Suzie chooses her preferred sexual partner, the other slave is then used as a cuckold fluffer to make his cock super hard, ready to fuck Suzie. Vivienne then supervises the fucking slaves, making sure her sex show is just how she wants it, making sure they fuck hard and deep in different positions. Finally the slaves are allowed to cum, before the sex slave is locked up again until he is required.
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The English Mansion – Alexandra Snow, Mistress T, Mistress Sidonia – Pimped Out Gloryhole Whore

Amazing Mistresses T, Sidonia and Snow are training their latex clad, supermodel tranny to become the perfect bimbo slut, so they can sell her mouth and body to earn them money. Once released from the cage, Shiraz is taught how to walk and pose in a feminise way, the ladies take lots of pictures for the ad they are going to place in a sex contact magazine. Once she has mastered this, she is taken for some cock training, where they use dildos and big strapons to practice deepthroating and oral technique, including the F-Machine ramming a big dildo down her eager throat. When they are satisfied with Shiraz’s progress, they take her down to a local gloryhole and supervise her very first real cock, which she desperately sucks till completion, so eager to show the Mistresses that she is worthy to be in their stable.
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The English Mansion – Lady Sophia Black, Mistress Sidonia – Bullwhipped To Contrition

Wardens Bork and Black bring the prisoners outside for an interrogation and whipping, desperate to avoid it, the prisoners are soon grassing each other up, much to the delight of the evil intentioned women. They now have their excuse to unleash the whips.
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The English Mansion – Miss Vivienne lAmour – Blushing Donor Boner

Jason has replied to an advert for sperm donation, he awaits nervously in the reception when Nurse Vivienne turns up to take his details. She is very attractive and he is soon tongue tied as she starts asking him some personal questions and then tells him to drop his trousers. He does as he is told and she measures his cock and balls, humiliating him with the matter of fact comments about their size and on edge in case someone enters the reception. She takes no notice and is soon helping him extract his cum load, collecting the sperm in a special container.
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The English Mansion – Mistress Evilyne – Wet Muddy Strapon Part 1

Mistress Evilyne is looking forward to some dirty, muddy fun in the Mansion grounds! She is wearing her huge strapon and the eager slave is soon having his tonsils slammed by the big member. She gets down and dirty pushing him into the mud and penetrating his tight ass, loving his squeals of pleasure as she fucks him hard. Mistress Sidonia arrives to add to the slave’s humiliation. Finally Evilyne makes the slave shoot his cum onto his own face, a wonderful afternoon delight.
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The English Mansion – Beg For The Peg

Goddess Snow is in the dungeon, wearing her huge realistic strapon dick. Her slave is soon ordered to his knees as his mouth is stretched and his oral technique fine tuned. She then lubes his asshole, putting more fingers in as his hole relaxes greedily awaiting his penetration, which starts off slowly and gets harder and harder in different positions. The slave is then put in the pile driver position, he masturbates his cock over his face as Domina shoves the even bigger black dick into his gaping ass, making him spurt his cum into his mouth once and then after some more thrusts a second time, his prostate banged into submission.
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The English Mansion – Mistress T, Mistress Sidonia – Double Bootjob

Mistress Sidonia and Mistress T are training their slave to only enjoy the feel and thrill of being under their beautiful boots. He will no longer be allowed to cum by hand and is to get used to the rough feeling of boot on cock, as they take it in turns and then together to rub their soles and heels over his excited member, until he has no choice but to unload his mess.
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The English Mansion – Lady Nina Birch – Headshaved by Cruel Warden Part 1

Featuring Lady Nina Birch
Warden Birch surprises the prisoner with a cell search and finds unauthorised literature in his possession. He is punished with the strap, before being put in chastity and further teased, tormented and humiliated by the beautiful guard. The final ordeal is to have his head shaved as a warning for other misbehaving inmates.
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The English Mansion – Mistress Sidonia – Racked For CBT

Featuring Mistress Sidonia
Mistress Sidonia’s slave is on the bondage bed, tied tightly, arms racked high above his head and cock fully exposed for her attention. She loves to torment it, using sharp pegs to bite into the skin and electro loops that are attached to the Erostek and set to a strong wave current. The cock dances, leaking precum, adding to the sensation as it wets itself, Mistress whipping the hardness, loving the moans from the rebreathe hood. She then edges the cock slowly until it shoots a massive cumshot, continuing with post orgasm torment.
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The English Mansion – Kinky Clinic Part 1

Nurse Vivienne is performing a full check up of her patient, starting with cock electrodes to stimulate his shaft, pleased with his response as he achieves a full erection. She continues with anal stretching, lubing him up with her fingers and then using an inflatable dildo to slowly increase the girth of his ass. To encourage him to dilate more she uses a cock sheaf to rub him and edge his throbbing dick before pushing him over the edge by sitting on his face and testing his tongue on her cunt.
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The English Mansion – Kept In Line

Miss Foxx’s house girl is due some training to keep her in line. Mistress tests a new remote control vibrating plug which is inserted deep into Jessica’s ass, varying the intensity and noting the responses, her poor chastity clad cock leaking pre-cum from the deep pleasure. This is then followed by an OTK spanking, to balance the relief, her cheeks becoming nicely engorged, preparing her for the cane strokes to follow. Finally, she is left on the punishment chair, nipples pulled tightly, gagged with a big dildo and vibrator on her caged cock.
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