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You remember Me? Of course you do, how could you forget. You keep begging Me to come back to you. As your ex-girlfriend, I already know dumping you was the best thing I’ve done.

You keep thinking maybe you can impress Me into coming back? I don’t think so. You were a terrible boyfriend and a pathetic wimp.

I’m going to tease you, show you the body you miss so badly. You wish I would start dating you again but you haven’t earned My respect.

You jerk off for Me while I tease. You’re going to do anything to impress Me. You’re even going to eat your cum. That’s right, jerk your dick and lap up that cum like a good boy.

Maybe I’ll give you another chance if you work extra hard for Me, you poor loser.
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This collection features some of my hottest facesitting videos, 5 videos in one now for a fraction of the price! Enjoy!

If you cross me before a face sitting session, you shouldn’t be surprised when I take matters in my own butt cheeks.

Your mistress is here for your facesitting session. You know the rules, pay up first. No one gets to touch Sydney’s ass without paying first. She’s pretty adamant about that. And when she smacks you in the face, you get worried that this session might turn out a little different than what you had anticipated.

The second hit to the face actually puts you on the floor. At least you’re in a great position for face sitting now. Actually, today’s session is called “No Tap out Facesitting”. At first it doesn’t seem too bad. But it looks like this session will end with you passing out.

Face Sitting bitches while drinking wine is the highlight of this night!
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FetishLiza – Gasmask and rubber tease

Hear me breathing heavily through my gas mask, this is so hot! Watch my shiny black latex stick to my body. The perfect outfit to tease you with, to lure you into come closer and be caged for my pleasure. You cannot touch me and I take great pleasure in stroking my rubber panties in front of you. I am your ultimate latex and gas mask tease.
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Helix the devilish babysitter has a plan to addle your little mind forever AND make u get your chores done with extra motivation! Do y`know what it’s like to be touched? Can I tell you something, little boy? Every guy has a submissive streak. Here, let me educate u. Forever. An unforgettable scene. Email me requests or messed up ideas, by the way, anytime. I like being inspired. Or if u really want something, I give reasonable quotes on customs. have a good week!
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Humiliatrix - Your Date with Princess Missy Leaves You Emasculated for Life
“My sorority wants us to do something for charity. So I said I’d go on a date with a pathetic, desperate dork: you, loser. That’s right. I’m taking you back to my place tonite. You look nervous. You should be. Because when I finish with you? You’re gonna be emasculated down to your panties. And scarred for life…”
Princess Missy, date with a humiliatrix, teasing, ridicule, emasculation…
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Featuring Lady Natalie Black

See how she do a bondage session, play with the cok of her slave. She enjoy teasing slaves cocks very much and in this clip she waer her fantastic new leggins from slkystyles
Parts: 2
Total Duration: 9 minutes 9 seconds
Photos: 20
Tags: bondage, cock, ebony, natalie, teasing
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