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TeaseandThankYou – Bad Virgin – Mistress Mandy

Scorching prolonged schoolgirl tease. I’m all over my little virgin’s dick, insidiously teasing him about how broken he is.

He gets too excited. Forgets to ask permission to cum. He also cums on my foot.

And then, when I ask him what he did wrong, he doesn’t know. So he’s going to try the taste of his own cum. I don’t care if he’s scared or doesn’t want to. He’ll lick cum right off my foot. Punishments aren’t supposed to be fun. BAD VIRGIN. No biscuit.
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Me talking about being a dominatrix here, what my life skills are that will help. In real time, while my sub is downstairs and I am vibrating his dick by remote. So he gets to see some of my job interview only later. Judging from the reaction I think I did pretty well. He’s flipping out. 45 minute clip!

I really can tell when most guys will cum. I noticed I can’t do it well when someone is blindfolded so I guess it has to do with the whole picture, it’s not about the dick. I can read some guys really well. So if it’s tease you want, you better be ready to have your wish granted.

Taking sessions now.
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Mistress Helix likes to relax in style. Drifting around as a hog-cuffed boy tries to keep up with her feet. Get your umbrella drinks ready, this is a foot-bitch session like no other.
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Tricking vanilla boys into full kink is a favorite of mine. Have you ever done this before?

Come up for coffee? Come down, tour my workplace? Try a little something on. Let me put a few restraints on you. Never done this before? Just a few. You’re safe, with me. I know, it’s wild, I’ll treat you amazing. Here, try this. And this. And this. Now… have you ever been denied by a professional tease? Isolation hood, restraint chair, spitting, more.

Also, Kat Turner worked hard with me for weeks in August learning some tricks, and has started posting her own scenes. Her first solo dominatrix scene is a big hit, check out my girl!
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How about we give the new client what he wants? A cell, deep in the house. Real security, excessive straps. How about a second, hooded mistress you can’t see. How about my voice from elsewhere in the house while my partner fucks with you at my direction, always teasing, always denying. Advanced confusion tactics, wires and remotes. Expert fingers. How about I join in and we laugh at you. Two girls, out to haunt your dreams.
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Let’s call her K for now. My new mistress partner surprised several boys lately with her slim-thick lines and well trained hands. Even better, she’s here to stay, and may be coming out on her own as a mistress soon. But first a little tease. Very comfortable and experienced around boys, I have her join right in on her first scene. The boy is here for a full day straight, my total plaything. K gets a little footjob training. A few pointers, some behind-the-scenes talk, and then its “Make the boy cum in 10 minutes or less.” Not easy, through latex. Of course, I help. He goes crazy. We laugh.
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Hard metal, no struggles even allowed because of the cruel cuff angles, Helix with a vicious chastity tease and denial scene, and we mean vicious. Something about the raven haired version of Helix that brings out the stern brat like nothing else.
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Role playing is like poker, don’t play the cards, play the man. I am the perfect taboo babysitter and I’m here to make sure you stay put and lost and DON’T cum unless I say. Okay cum for me because I want you spent and out of my hair when my girlfriends come over. They’re on the way over now so cum. Thanks bye.
Special note and diva update inside, to all my August session boys and any parties interested in future sessions.
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A young Mandy fan becomes a Mandy slave. I have several ways to make you my bitch. This young fetish newbie asks for ‘release’ multiple times. What can I say, I’m unpredictable. He gets my most vicious tease and pump, building up to a cum countdown cumshot while he squirms and begs. Because I can. Starting from ten. Guess which number he makes it to. Feverish.
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I loaded in sessions on this day and have punished and restrained and teased boys, literally all day. Near midnight, I just really want you underneath me some more, and I’ve no time for guile. On your knees, for your dominatrix goddess. Sit down and shut up and grab your dick.
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A girl you’ll never ever identify is tugging your dick against your own mouth, and laughing. So yeah, what if, for our first session, I didn’t charge any extra tribute, because that would have ruined the surprise. What if I already had you in thrall, lost and spread out for me, then surprised you with a second mistress. It’s a real story. She’ll never see you. You’ll never see her.
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Relentlessly training a “Thank You Mistress” out of my slave after each edging, raunchy stroke tease. The pitch of this scene rises to feverish, with each desperate “Thank You,” until I need to slow down so I don’t get too distracted, even myself. Highlights of a crazy edging session, filled with eternal gratitude.
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Don’t be fooled by the pretty colors and smiles. I am, at heart, a sadist.
And I will edge you in the middle of the night, and take you so close to cumming and then, when your eyes are filled with mine, I will leave you the fuck in the dark for hours with helpless thoughts of me so large in your head there is no one else you could think of. Scream if you want. I’m a little lost, too, at times like this.
I’ve multiple overnight sessions scheduled for August. You sure you’re ready?
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A slave agrees to a little game. Dolls don’t move, so if the doll moves, the scene is over. If the dolly doesn’t move, it get played with. And if you know ONE fact about Helix, it’s that she like to play. Supreme slave discipline is rewarded. Great hands and feet T&D, freeze, manniquin, statue themes. Slave training.
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Session and other work progresses in studio. Meanwhile a boy is restrained. Occasional tease visits, culminating in the most vicious ruined orgasm in the history of Helix’s expert ruined orgasms. Extended, amazing highlights of Helix at her very best.
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