GoddessAlexandraSnow – Own Your Inferiority

I am continuously amazed at the metaphorical balls on some of you men that email me. I say metaphorical, as you obviously don’t have real ones. You pathetic little scrub lords all think you can just demand to see me nude and I’m just all of a sudden going to drop my clothes and turn on a camera for you. Well here are the facts you insignificant little brats. I don’t owe you shit. You don’t deserve to really see any of me, which is why you have to pay for the privilege. You can’t even hear my voice without throwing money my way because you’re not worth it. Yet you sit behind your keyboard with this entitled fucking attitude, thinking I should just bend to your will. You’re nothing. You will always be inferior to me. All men will always be inferior to me. Until you accept this as real and true, you’ll never be satisfied. You’ll always be clawing that the stupid ladder trying to look up the skirts of those women above you. Never happy, never satisfied, never amounting to anything. So own your lack of self-worth and stop thinking that your stupid emails are going to get you anywhere. Overcompensation is a terrible look on you men.
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HouseofSinn – We own your dick – Miss Tressa, Mistress Andromeda

Miss Tressa and Mistress Andromeda have one of Their slaves tightly bound to a bondage and decide to tease and taunt him for Their amusement and fun. One thing is for certain this will not be amusing or fun for the slave boy. They flaunt Their beautiful latex clad bodies before him causing some stiffness in his chaste little dick but he is told in no uncertain terms that he does not have Their permission to come. They own the cock and balls and only They will decide if this creature ever gets to cum again. As Miss Tressa teases him with Her shiny latex clad shapely ass his hopeless cock dances around desperately seeking the soft hand of one of his Mistresses but all he can do is fuck the fresh air. His excitement mounts further as he is allowed to sniff Their sweaty armpits and he keeps thrusting forward in the forlorn hope of finding some physical stimulation for his frustrated cock. He is smothered by Their armpits and his throbbing cock is now oozing copious amounts of pre cum as he groans in desperation. Surely they will let him empty his blue balls after all this teasing? Or will he be left dangling whilst they find great amusement in his discomfort?
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – 100 Days in the Cage

My slave has been in his cock cage for over 100 days now. He’s begged and pleaded to be free of his cage and gain some release. He knows I’m too nice to just pop it open and let him have a jerk though. I decide to tease him. I touch and stroke his cock inside the cage as it begins to swell and bulge outside of its confines. He moans at the pressure of my hands through his cage. He’s wanted to jerk off for over a hundred days. I can sense his longing for release. But I am not a kind Goddess. I’ll torment and tease his cock until his cage threatens to break apart.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Showing Sidney

My beautiful asian girlfriend, Sidney, is a complete novice to the world of you losers. She really can’t believe that you idiots will pay me money to humiliate you, to deny you orgasms, to treat you like dirt. So I decide to show her how easy it is! We concoct a little game where you must last a whole 8 minutes (counting down on a timer) as you watch us tease you. I enjoy helping Sidney remove her clothing as she giggles. “Are they really that stupid?” she asks. “Oh yes, it doesn’t take much and they pop like balloons.” I tell her.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Closer to My Stockings

There’s a unique sensuality that nylon stockings have. Wearing them or witnessing them; there’s nothing like the feeling of nylons against bare skin. There’s a smooth silkiness that I love to tease men with. It’s so easy. All I have to do is take my stocking covered legs and rub them against a cock and it instantly goes hard. Actually, I don’t even have to do that. All you really need is an up close and personal look and you can feel your cock begin to stiffen. Is that want you want? An up close and personal experience? I bet you’re already starting to twitch just thinking about it. Which is good. I love these nylons just as much as you do.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Drink Deep Love Spell

Why hello there. Come in and take a seat. I know why you’ve come today. My reputation for manipulating the mystical arts spreads far and wide. Just looking at you I can see what you need: a love potion. Yes, a love potion will make you irresistible to the beauty of your choice. You’ll go from your former lackluster self into a desirable human. Just drink my potion and you’ll feel the magic flow into your body. You’ll feel the blood rush to your cheeks and to your cock. No, don’t worry. It’s a perfectly normal reaction. I can see your breathing is getting heavier. Here, let me help you relieve that pressure. Magic is a delicate art after all.
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TinyChaste – Pussy Cock

Asian Goddess Kim Chi decides to tease my chastity caged cock to make it swell and hurt as it presses against the metal cage. From soft makeup brushes to **** my cock and balls, each whimper makes her laugh at me for having a “Pussy Cock.” Finally, she turns all of her vibrators on and lays them against my caged crotch before leaving me to continue suffering.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – How Strong Are You?

You like to think you’re a big strong man, don’t you? You think you have all of the control in the world when it comes to your cock. Well I don’t think so. When it comes to me, you don’t have any control at all. But I’ll give you a chance to put your money where your cock is. If you can control yourself and sit through this entire video without getting hard, then you owe me nothing. If you get hard at all during this video however, you owe me $100 tribute right then and there. If you touch yourself at all, or receive any physical pleasure after you get hard, you owe me another $200. That’s the deal. You wanted to prove your many strength and control. This is how you get to do it. Don’t think I’m going to make this easy for you, oh no. In just a few minutes, you’ll be sending me those tributes with cock in hand.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Birthday Worship 2017

It’s that time of year again, boys. August 20th has rolled around again and that means it’s time to celebrate my birthday! How? Why by sending me money and gift cards of course! I don’t expect much out of you. I know you’re not going to take it upon yourself to remember my birthday and send me gifts. That would be asking way too much of you. So I’ve made this neat little reminder. Not only do you get to be teased, but you also get to send me tribute. I just seem to get better and better looking every year. The longer you watch and dedicate your life to me, the more you get to watch me age into a more beautiful woman every year. You should feel lucky that I let you witness this transformation. You should feel lucky you get to be my slave. I’m sure you do feel lucky. Now is the perfect time to express that gratitude with Tributes and Amazon giftcards for Alex@alexandrasnow.com. It’s my special day, after all.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Dinner Date Prep

For a woman like me, stay-at-home cock just won’t do. I’m a woman that needs new experiences, new thrills. This is unfortunate for my house husband. He has the pleasure of being in my presence daily, but the torture of being a lowly cuckold. I grew bored of his cock a long time ago. So now, whenever I go out on a date, I’ve just decided to milk him mercilessly. If he doesn’t get an orgasm out before I leave he just doesn’t get any work done. He’ll be restrained in rope tied by my skilled and beautiful hands and robbed of his seed like he was a milking cow. But his humiliation doesn’t end there. Before I come home, he’ll have to clean up his mess by eating his cum out of a bowl I’ve provided. While I’m jerking him, I’m going to tell him of all of the fun I’ll have tonight without him. Being a house-husband is just such a hard life.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Travel Slave

I bet you’ve been following me on social media. I’ve been having all of these wonderful adventures and I get messages every day that say “Oh Goddess, how I wish I could travel with you.” While my adventures may be luxurious and fun, if you were to travel with me I would require you to be my travel slave. You would do whatever, and whomever I say. I would require you to service every single one of my traveling companions in whatever way they wish. My guy friends would fuck your face. My female companions may just want to lay you outside and humiliate you while the whole camp watches. Who knows? Being given the opportunity to travel with me would be such a high honor for someone as low as you. For me this kind of trip would be fun. For you, it would be no pleasure cruise.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Obedience is Happiness

You’ve spent countless hours fantasizing about me. Every one of my videos sends you deep into a world where you are my slave and can bow before me like you’ve always dreamed. You’ve experienced this fantasy time and time again until one day you woke up and found that these fantasies are what bring you life. What once was just a sexual fantasy is now your every waking wish. This idea of being with me, at my feet, has consumed you. Now you are more of the idea of being a slave than the reality of being a man.
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Princess Trina Tells Her Friend Sasha What a Total Loser You Are

“I told my girlfriend Sasha about this little-dick loser I know who has a weakness for mean girls. She laughed and didn’t believe me. So I’m inviting you to come over to kiss our toes before we go out to the clubs tonite. You know you want to, jerky-pants. Be warned: Sasha is meaner than I am. LOL @ U…”
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Premature Ejaculator’s Facial

It’s so sad how prevalent premature ejaculation has become in men these days. You boys all masturbate incessantly and condition yourselves to cum in 30 seconds or less. You know you’re never going to please a woman that way right? If your little pecker can’t last for more than a minute how do you expect to give anyone an orgasm other than yourself? So I’ve invented this little game to help all of your early ejaculators. You’re going to position yourself with your ass in the air and your cock dangling over your face. You’re going to stroke as I writhe and tease you. If you can keep control of yourself, I’ll let you get down and cum normally. If you can’t hold out, you’ll have to cum all over your face. If you can’t hold out, you’ll just have to play this video over and over again until your stamina is acceptable.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Leggy Mistress

Feet are nice and all, but really there’s nothing better than a good set of legs to get you twitching and squirming. These beautiful porcelain pillars are both strong and graceful. I can already see you drooling and jerking because of them. My ankles build from graceful arches all the way up to my powerful thighs. My thighs could crush a man’s head, and have. They lay there gasping and writhing drenched in the smell of my thighs and pussy. My thighs gracefully curve into the perfect shape of my ass. Just thinking about it gets your jerking. You can’t help yourself. You dream of getting trapped by my powerful thighs. You fantasize about getting to worship my petite ankles. Every inch of my legs leaves you sweating and shaking.
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