YoungGoddessKim – Entertainment On Demand

I took this slave out of chastity this morning, made it kneel naked in a corner and handcuffed it while I went out for the day. I told it that maybe when I got back home I’ll let it have a much anticipated orgasm. Haha, we’ll see. I arrived home and I can see the pain and frustration on its face – but that is still not pleasing enough. I want to make it suffer even more. I uncuff the bitch and make it lick My soles clean first, then order it to start stroking its pathetic thing right in front of Me. If it wants to cum, it must try and convince Me just how desperate it really is. Making it stop just when it thinks I’ll allow it to cum is very entertaining, so I decide to make it a game for when My gfs come over later tonight. It becomes more and more pathetic and humiliated as I describe how We’ll use it tonight. I take pics of it while its on its knees licking My shoes to show My gfs how amusing having a slave can be. Well, they’ll find out later when I present to them My personal “Entertainment on Demand”
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GoddessFootDomination – You Only Wish – Ashlynn Taylor

Goddess Ashlynn Taylor is lounging in her dungeon. She knows just how much you adore her ass and her feet. Ashlynn teases you, kneeling there before her, dangling her heels off her stocking covered feet. Your Goddess doesn’t think you deserve to touch her, only to gaze upon her perfection. She deigns to let you get a nice whiff of her feet.

You strip naked at Ashlynn’s command. She beckons you to come closer and look without touching. Goddess Ashlynn tells you to begin stroking your cock to her. She warns you not to cum as she runs her fingers along her stockings. You’re stroking faster as she asks if you’ll be able to cum on command. Suddenly, you’re ordered to take your hand off yourself and to imagine having her in the way you desire.

Told to resume stroking at your own pace, you work yourself into a frenzy for your Goddess. She finally allows you to cum and you spurt all over yourself making a huge mess. Smirking and satisfied, Goddess Ashlynn dismisses you.
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GoddessFootDomination – Footjob Tease and Denial – Goddess Brianna

Goddess Brianna has a potential sex slave on her hands. She’s decided to test his staying power by teasing him with her oiled feet. Brianna lets him know he’ll need to hold off and he struggles immediately as his cock is rubbed by the slick, sexy soles of his Goddess. She takes her time, alternating between squeezing him tightly between her toes and resting to taunt him with her sexy voice.

The slave is shaking under her expert manuevers, eager to prove he can pass her test. Goddess Brianna keeps up the pace until she is eventually satisfied the slave has proven himself. She now wants to see what kind of a load he can produce for her. The slave proves up to this challenge as well and sprays all over his Goddess’s beautiful feet. Pleased, she entices the slave that he may yet one day serve her sexually.
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AstroDomina – DONT FUCK WITH SYDNEY Part 2

Now that my slave is warmed up, time for the REAL action. He’s about to get an ass load he won’t soon forget! After binding her slave up nice and tight in Part 1, loosening his mangina with a butt plug and telling him what his future holds, Sydney finally decides he’s ready to take her strapon. This is her absolute favorite part, hearing her bitch boys moan and feeling them squirm as she shoves her big black cock up their ass! You can hear her excitement at watching it vanish inside their asshole, fucking them deep and hard.

The strapon session just keeps getting more intense as his struggles turn Sydney on more and more. She torments him about his locked up cock and says his cage will be staying on even though she’ll be fucking him all the time from now on. Yes, this is only the beginning of a long frustrating life of being her strapon slut.. She informs him that tomorrow she says she’s going to adjust to an even bigger strapon, and she’ll keep fucking him day after day after day while he just becomes her personal fuck doll stuck in chastity..
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – No Self Respect

As a man in this world, you’re born with a certain set of privileges. Yet, all the time I see all you men squandering these born and bred opportunities that society presents you with. You could be working to cure cancer or feeding the homeless and you’re… what? Jerking off to porn online? I mean, come on! You lack the self-respect to see what you could be. I can’t really complain though. This lack of self has only allowed me to enter your brain and exploit you. Your lack of taking control in your life leaves you ripe for the picking for someone like me. You could do so much better and yet you’re here. You’re not even a good slave. You’re just an addict. You have all the avenues in the world to pursue the life of your dreams and here you are. Jerking. Controlled. Useless.
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IWorshipAmanda – Holiday Meal CEIIWorshipAmanda – Holiday Meal CEI

Everyone is sitting around the table eating delicious turkey or ham. All the while are going to be eating something else… something far more delicious. A tasty creamy treat. Skip the meal and go straight for dessert. My body looks so yummy in this shiny bodysuit you won’t be able to resist.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – My Tits Are Too Good for You

I continue to find your obsession with my breasts extremely fascinating. Since the beginning of my career I’ve been inundated with requests to bare my beautiful tits to the world. Now I’ll be fair, they are amazing breasts. I love to tease men with them. I love to play with them. I love the way they look and feel when wrapped up in leather or latex. Unfortunately for you, I’m never going to bare them fully. I don’t have to, so why should I? I get an immense amount of pleasure teasing you with them. I just cover my nipples with my hands and you’re a raging jerk monster. It’s so satisfying to me. You’re one strip of cloth away from seeing my full, round, amazing breasts. But you’ll never see them.
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GoddessFootDomination – Goddess Brianna – Vulnerable Foot Slave

Goddess Brianna has her latest foot slave in quite a predicament. He stands before her, hands bound and balls painfully stretched by a five pound weight. She first teases him with her feet adorned in strappy high heeled sandals. A commitment to suffer for his owner is secured and immediately acted upon. Goddess Brianna doles out a lesson in posture, form, pain and humility. The slave is made to swing the weight between his legs and has it dropped by his Goddess. She then begins to kick the weight, showing off her beautiful pedicured feet encased in the sandals. Several kicks are administered as Goddess Brianna continues to admonish the slave for posture and flinching. Soon a very heavy kick leaves the foot slave doubled over and made to kiss the very foot that brought him low.

Next the slave stands before his seated Goddess in a chastity cage. She uses a vibrating wand on his cage that leaves him visibly trembling. Made to lie down, the slave is allowed a few opportunities to kiss her shoes between feeling the heels digging deeply into his tender flesh. Ultimately Goddess Brianna has her slave pledge continued suffering for the opportunity to one day worship her bare feet.
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BegToCum – I Want You To Fuck My Hand – Queen Kat

Queen Kat has no pity on the men she owns and controls. They are hers to use as she sees fit, which is why she loves to edge and deny them for days on end. She will torment this slave with the chance of an orgasm but it’s unlikely she will allow one, since men perform better when they are hungry and horny.
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SweetFemdom – ChiChi Executrix Final Tease

You know why you are here ChiChi Medina threatens you with emasculation. She teases you and wants you to cum one last time before she emasculates you. She teases you in her zebra thong and with her huge perfect tits. She loves teasing you, just waiting for you to blow your load.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Your World in My Mouth

You boys go crazy over my mouth tease videos, so I thought it was about time that I do another. I’ve got this galaxy sucker here and I think it’s a nice metaphor for my control over your life. I have sway over so much of your existence that I might as well have your world in my mouth. You can watch breathlessly as the sucker swirls against my tongue. The thick sugary saliva spills out onto the sucker’s stick. You love this kind of tease. You can imagine your cock right there against my warm, wet lips. All the while you know that because of my control that will never happen. It’s a bit of a mind fuck isn’t it?
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Honey, you know tonight is our date. I want to do something especially sexy tonight, but you’ve been having a little… trouble with your cock. I went to the doctor and got some of these pills for your dick so you can be totally ready for our sexy night together. Here, take them. Good. I bet you can feel them working already. You’re starting to feel aroused aren’t you? Unfortunately, I may not have been totally honest about those pills. These pills will get you hard, but you’re not going to be able to cum at all. Frustrating, right? Well that’s only half as frustrating as having a shit for brains boyfriend like you. This is why tonight you’re going to have to hang on to your little erection while you watch me fuck my actual date. You don’t appreciate what you have so I’m going to make you appreciate it. You won’t even be able to cum from your own humiliation either. You’re just going to have to sit and watch. How fucking pathetic is that?
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Quick Fix Trance

There is a deep desire in you to worship my every move. If you could, you would kiss and admire every inch of my body. Nobody blames you. Over and over again I’ve programmed this thought to be primary in your mind. You don’t even need to go down into trance for this desire to fill you and complete you. I don’t even need to induce a trance. You go down into your pleasure center the second you see my beautiful body on the screen. You’re behaving exactly as I trained you and that’s wonderful. I don’t need to make some long drawn out hypn0sis clip. All you need is just a quick fix of my power.
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This is one of my best collections so far. Get ready to have your stroking controlled in every way possible! This discounted price is for a limited time only so get it before it goes to full price! It’s been another fantastic year of controlling your orgasms. I’ve always said that the best way to control an unruly slave is to determine when, where and how they orgasm. I’ve had you practice all sorts of methods from edging, to tantric masturbation, chastity, ruination, and basically every technique out there to control your cock. So I’ve compiled a clip of 50 of my favorite ways I’ve control that little nub between your legs. Get ready to stroke in every way possible and to follow my every instruction. We’re going to put your cock through the ringer. Let’s see if you can keep it together long enough to cum at the end. If you can’t follow my every instruction, you can’t cum at all.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Leather Clad Worship

I swear, every submissive boy is a slut for leather. If I just put on a leather corset or a wetlook bodysuit, all of you little sluts just cream in your pants. The sweet smell of leather intoxicates you. You imagine the feel of my buttery soft gloves against your hard cock. This particular outfit is very traditional in my line of work. One look at me and you can imagine all of the terrible things I’m going to do to you in this outfit. You can imagine worshipping my leather. I bet if you close your eyes right now you can smell the scent of my sweat mixed with the scent of this leather. You’re hard just thinking about it, aren’t you? Of course you are. This look is iconic and inspires all of your devious fantasies.
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