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“Look at you there on Humiliatrix.com, gettng ready to play with your little pecker while I’m out at the clubs with my girls. Why don’t you come out and try to talk to us? Who knows, you might get lucky. Or you might come crawling home rejected, degraded, abused, and used. With your manhood destroyed…”
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“Do my beauty queen looks intimidate you? Are you afraid I’m going to take one look at you and laugh in your face? Do you fear that if you try to talk to me, you’re going to run home crying to mommy, scarred for life, unable to get a eensie weenise boner unless I’m humiliating you? You’re about to find out. Aren’t you?…”
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“What’s better for keeping you submissive and weak than a leash and tight collar around your dick and balls? My perfect ass in tight latex. I can feel you falling to your knees already, loser. Want to grind your nose into my cheeks? Want to be Missy’s disposable ass wipe? Start begging and drooling…”
Princess Missy, butt tease, ass worship, taunting, denial…
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“How hilarious would it be to watch you trying to fu-fu-fuck a hot girl or g-g-get a blowjob? You would be the number one comedy show. So, come on, you little choker. Here’s your big chance! Wanna fuck Becky or get a BJ from Tiffani? Jiggle your hips and pound your pecker into that fake pussy as we laugh at you…”
Princess Becky, Princess Tiffani, sexually inexperienced loser, charity fuck, taunting..
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“Now that we have you locked tight into chastity, you can crawl into the powder room and peek up our skirts while we make ourselves hot for our boyfriends. Does your little cock strain against your cage when we make our lips super juicy for our men? Aww. We are so not sorry, little mister dribble dick…”
date night humiliation, ass worship, pantyhose fetish, lip gloss tease, taunting…
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Humiliatrix - Princess Brooke - Bratty Brooke Lets You Out of Chastity
Bratty Brooke Lets You Out of Chastity for a CBT Smack Around
“You’ve been whining for weeks to be let out of chastity. Did you ever hear the phrase ‘Be careful what you whine for?’ Cuz, I’m letting you out of chastity today, just so I can pinch and slap your pecker back into submission. Until it’s so bruised and mangled that you’re begging to be put back in your cock cage…”
Princess Brooke, male chastity, chastity release, CBT, taunting, humiliation…
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Humiliatrix - Tessa Drags You Further Down into Drooling Submission to Her


“The more I degrade you, the more you desire me. The more I taunt you with what you can never have, the more you will lay yourself down before me, knowing that a sniff of my sock or kiss of my toe is the best you can hope for. You desperation only makes me want to hurt you more. As I’m going to. Right now…”

Princess Tessa, verbal emasculation, tease and denial, taunting…
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