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FemdomEmpire – Stretched for Mistress – Kleio Valentein

Mistress Kleio’s slave wants to be completely stretched out like a true anal slut. She gives him exactly what he craves and turns his ass into a gaping hole with her thick, strapon dick!!!
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FemdomEmpire – Spoil My Pussy – Kleio Valentein

Kleio Valentine is a true Goddess who deserves to have her holes properly spoiled. She makes sure her slave’s focus is spent directly on pleasing her pussy by keeping his cock locked up and out of mind. He is trained to be her perfect cunt and ass licker devoting every ounce of attention to making sure she is constantly in bliss.
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FemdomEmpire – Milking the Gimp – Ivy Lebelle

Sometimes even rubber gimps are given a reward for being such an obedient sex toy. Mistress Ivy’s gimp is locked up tight in his rubber prison never being allowed to see the light of day. She teases his caged cock making him extra horny before she removes it after 2 months of no freedom. Using her fierce grip she rewards her rubber bitch with an intense orgasm releasing loads of cum from his blue balls. Mistress Ivy never lets cum go to waste as she force feeds it right back down his throat and sentences his cock back to months of chastity.
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Femdom Empire – Kleio Valentein – Kleio’s Play-Toy

Mistress Kleio has you naked, strapped down and totally helpless with your blue balls aching for release. You have been such a good boy taking all of her abuse and deserve a reward for your behavior. You better enjoy this final orgasm though as it will be the last one you have for the foreseeable future. As soon as you cum all over yourself like a dirty slut your cock is getting locked right back in chastity.
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Femdom Empire – Ivy Lebelle – Pegging Glory Hole

Mistress Ivy visits the strap on glory hole to have her cock serviced. She fucks his slutty ass with her giant dong making him take all 10 inches.
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Femdom Empire – Asia Perez – Ass Splitter

Goddess Asia Perez takes strapon training to a new level with her gimp bitch. The more she stretches his ass out with her big dick the happier becomes. Goddess Asia gives him a new purpose in life by transforming him into a gaping slut-hole to be used as she desires.
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Femdom Empire – Ivy Lebelle – Caged to Serve

Just because a slave is caged doesn’t mean he still can’t serve his Mistress. Stuck behind his steel bars Mistress Ivy orders her foot bitch to lick, worship and gag on her divine feet.
Featuring: Ivy Lebelle
Tags: Amazon, Brunette, Foot Worship, Tattooed
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Femdom Empire – Sully Savage – Slave to a Couple

What does it mean to be owned by a dominant couple? This slave is learning quickly that his ass will have to adapt quickly to their insatiable appetite for anal. The slave is led out of the cage and onto the fuck horse. Master Jax takes his turn fucking the slaves ass to warm it up for Mistress Scully. Sully is wearing a HUGE pink cock that is know for destroying butt-holes. Scully rides his ass slow and sensual while the slave sucks on Masters thick cock. The slave is in for some extra stretching tonight… The Masters want to try Double Penetration… Scully mounts his ass & plants her long pink cock in his anus, then Master Jaxton inserts his cock completely filling the slaves entire cavity. The slave is stretched to capacity with every pump!
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Femdom Empire – Mona Rogers – Owned Cock

No orgasms for you today, I am taking control of that cock and locking it away in my steel chastity cage. Your cock is going to be under my lock and key, I will control your orgasms from here on. I will definitely enjoy seeing you suffer in chastity for me. It makes me very excited to think about your cock being caged, locked away and useless while I get to enjoy myself. I have complete control over you and your sex life now. The longer you stay in chastity for me the more submissive and completely enveloped by your goddess you will become. Suffer in sexual frustration for me slave.
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Femdom Empire – Marley Brinx – Stretch to Fit

Mistress Marley Brinx is stretch training her slave. She has a giant black cock that she is in a mission to make him take. Marley is focused on stretching out his hole until he fits the entire cock. She thrusts her hips against his ass while he grits his teeth in uncomfortable pain. They slave is willingly taking the anal pain in an attempt to impress his new, hot young Mistress.
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Femdom Empire – Marley Brinx – Oral Perversions

Mistress Marley’s sexual tastes run a bit into the perverse. She owns a male slave that she keeps locked in a special chastity that not only keeps his cock locked away it also delivers electric shocks to his tender genitals by remote control. She controls if or when to he gets shocked, and the severity of the shock as well. With the push of a button she can send painful waves of electricity pulsing through the chastity at her whim. To make it worse for her poor slave she is a true sexual sadist and derives sexual pleasure from his suffering. He suffers a lot. Marley’s idea of great sex is riding his face with him worshiping her frantically from her electric torments. Knowing his cock is in constant pain even as he is forced to provide her pussy pleasure with his tongue drives her to heights of orgasmic pleasures. Since she owns him she can and does abuse her slave this way all the time. It’s how she gets off.
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Femdom Empire – Sheena Rose – Under Her Spell

Miss Poison Ivy has you captured into her secret lair and is ready to transform you into the perfect mindless, obedient pet. You will be put under her spell and be completely mesmerized by her powerful seduction as she takes you deeper and deeper into a life of slavery. Just keep staring a little longer into Miss Poison Ivy’s entrancing eyes and your mind will be completely hers to do with as she wishes. Your life as a mindless drone starts now!
Featuring: Sheena Rose
Categories: Femdom POV, Mesmerize, Red Head, Sci Fi, Superheroines, Tattooed
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Femdom Empire – Blondes have more fun!

Mistresses Rachel is training her slave to be a complete fuck-toy sex slave. The only purpose of a man’s existence is to serve women and she want’s nothing more than to own a true anal slut. By the end of her slave’s training his owned ass will be so loose and stretched out from being pounding with her big, thick strap-on cock. Mistress Rachel can now invite her hot girlfriends over to stuff his whore-hole with multiple dicks at once. A slave’s dream come true!
Featuring: Rachael Rampage
Categories: Anal Play, Blonde, Busty, Strap-on, Tattooed
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Femdom Empire – Immobilized & Edged

Rachel Rampage has had her slave locked inside the leather sleepsack for hours. He has had the electro butt plug stimulating his ass the entire time. His cock is hard and he has been begging for release but Rachael finds pleasure in seeing him suffer sexually. She wants to tease & edge him as long as possible. Rachael repeatedly edges him close to orgasm only to stop just before an orgasm. Staring up at a beautiful, busty blonde teasing your cock is great anytime.
Featuring: Rachael Rampage
Categories: Blonde, Busty, Edging, Handjobs, Milking, Milking Machine, Tattooed
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