GoddessFootjobs – Deception Part Two – Sofie Reyez

Its been a week since the events of Deception. Sofie Reyez’s carefully constructed plan has come to fruition and her mother filed for divorce. Her father comes home to find Sofie in his bedroom. Stressed by recent events he tries to get her to leave. She brushes the attempt aside and begins to seduce him. Pulling him in for a kiss and then waking his libido by caressing his cock through his pants with her gentle feet.

Dad lays back and a stripped down Sofie works his cock between her feet. He moans aloud and she teases and pleases with her sexy soles. Dad asserts himself and positions her on all fours, spanking her bottom and probing her pussy with his fingers. He fucks her feet and then lets her milk them as he concentrates on exploring her folds. Soon she shakes in orgasm right as Dad shoots all over her feet.

Redressing themselves, Sofie continues to manipulate Dad into forcing Mom out of the house. She wants Daddy all to herself.
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GoddessFootjobs – Sofie Reyez – Deception

Sofie Reyez is lounging on the couch as her Dad comes in and sits next to her. Dad seems bothered that Mom is working late again. Sofie points out that Mom isn’t just working late. Mom is cheating on Dad and Sofie has seen the proof on her phone.

Dad is devastated and attempting to come to grips with the situation when Sofie begins pointedly rubbing her bare feet on Dad’s crotch. He initially tries to rebuff her but soon finds himself sucking on her toes and making his little girl giggle with light tickles.

Sofie continues to tease, rubbing her feet all over as Dad pulls his cock out. She begins expertly working his cock between her silky smooth soles. All the apprehension visibly fades from Dad’s face as he becomes more passionate towards her, kissing her body and exploring her most tender places with his fingers.

Flipping onto all fours, Sofie continues to stroke Dad’s cock with her feet. He’s edged relentlessly as she milks him tightly. The pace quickens until Dad erupts, groaning loudly at the sweet relief. The two agree to keep the incident a secret as well as Dad agreeing not to spill the beans about Mom’s indiscretions.

With Dad gone, Sofie calls Mom on the phone. She now tells her mother that Dad has been cheating. Again she asks that this information not be shared. Clearly deception is at hand.
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GoddessFootDomination – Who’s In Control Now? – Sophia Leone

Sophia wants to go party with her friends but Uncle Jack has other ideas. He has his niece bent over his knee receiving a spanking. She’s not going anywhere dressed like that so long as he’s in control. Squirming free of her uncle’s clutches, Sophia is hit with an ultimatum. Leave the house like that and she can forget all about her Spring Break trip. Sophia relents to Uncle Jack’s threat and agrees to stay in for the evening. Іhortly following this exchange, Uncle Jack is reading at the table. A freshly docile Sophia even bring him a nice cold drink. Oddly enough, he passes out face down after only a few sips…

Uncle Jack awakes to find he’s bound and gagged with duct tape along with having his cock locked securely in a chastity cage! He feebly tries to negotiate out of the situation to no avail. In control now, Sophia forces her shoes down her pervert uncle’s throat. Over his protestations, Jack is forced to extend his tongue as a nice foot wipe to get Sophia’s shoes cleaned for her night out. Much later, Sophia returns to find her uncle sleeping in her bed. She wakes him and regales him with the tale of her evening out. Sophia decides she wants her uncle to clean her sweaty feet from a night of dancing. Jack has to lick all over her feet, sucking on the heel as well as her toes.

The chastity cage is unlocked and Sophia tells her pervert uncle to stroke himself as he worships her feet. She taunts him and takes incriminating photos with her phone. Uncle Jack has to agree to not only keep her behavior a secret, he also has to fully pay for her upcoming trip!

Jack brings himself to orgasm, coating his niece’s feet as she videos him for safekeeping. She makes her uncle clean his spill off her feet with his tongue as a final act of revenge.
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GoddessFootjobs – New House Rule – Avery Moon

Avery Moon is a typical rebellious teen, defying her new stepfather’s rules and being a real brat. This guy isn’t going to stand for this unruly behavior and moves to show her exactly who is going to be the boss in the household. Stepdad throws young Avery across his knee and begins spanking her bare bottom. As the old guy repeatedly slaps Avery’s tight, little bare bottom we can see that the girl is becoming excited. Stepdad is going to fix her in more ways than one! He dips his fingers into her already dripping wet pussy between spanks and Avery’s entire attitude changes. He quickly rips the clothes off his stepdaughter and lays her on the sofa. He commences worshiping her feet with incredible passion and Avery moans with pleasure as she becomes even hornier. She loves the sensation of having her feet kissed, licked and sucked by this older authority figure. She gives up complete control to stepdad as he goes down on her sweet, juicy pussy. Stepdad whips out an already engorged cock and begins fucking her sweet, tan feet. He pumps and plows those soft young soles with enthusiasm. The guy sits on the sofa next to Avery and she grabs his dick between her sexy feet and begins jerking him off. He moves her into a reverse position so she can jack him off with her feet while he spanks her ass even more. As he drops a big, hot load onto her perfect feet, it appears clear that Avery Moon is ready to accept a submissive position with the new dominant male of the home.
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Goddess Carlie – Cat Girl Blackmails Step Brother JOI

I saw you last night. I know you were creeping in the doorway watching me touch myself to porn. Did you really think I didn’t notice you stroking your cock right outside my door? You’re such a pervert. I know you’ve always wanted me. What would your mom think if I told her that her son is a gross pervert jerking off to his little step sister? I might just tell her if you don’t listen up. If you want to be a dirty pervert and jerk off to me you’re not going to try and hide it anymore…I own you now. You’re going to stroke for me whenever and however I tell you to starting right now. Take that dick out for me, big brother. You like stroking your cock to your little step sister so much? Well you’re going to be my slave now. You’re going to stroke for me whenever I want to watch. Mom probably won’t be home for another 20 minutes you better blow a nice big load for me right. You’re such a gross pervert thinking about your little step sister while you jerk off. You would love to cover me in your cum wouldn’t you? Cum for me right now or I’ll tell.
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GoddessFootjobs – Decorating for the Holidays

Sofie Reyez is filled with youthful exuberance preparing for the big holiday. She’s brought out boxes of Christmas decorations to put up around the house. Unfortunately her mother has to work late, so stepdad offers to help out. Sofie shows off her new pedicure and stepdad can’t take his eyes and hands off her pretty little feet. A foot massage turns into toe sucking as these two become even closer than ever before. Blame it on the holiday spirit of giving if you want, but Sofie soon has her adorable feet wrapped around stepdad’s hard cock. She rubs and tugs that boner with her long toes and wide soles. Stepdad loves this family time and shortly spurts a load onto the amazingly sexy feet of Sofie Reyez.
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SubbyHubby – Kiki Trains Her Play Toy Part 3: BBC Blow Job

Kiki has her BBC lover on the sofa naked while her submissive step-son is obediently watching on his knees on the floor. Kiki is stroking and making Mr. Slayer’s big black cock wet with her spit. Her pathetic step-son now knows his place as a humble obedient sub. Kiki orders her bitch to get nice and close to Mr. Slayer’s cock. He needs to learn how a real man pleases a woman and what a real man looks like! Kiki begins to give her lover a sloppy wet blowjob. Periodically she spits on her step-son’s face just to add to his humiliation. Now it’s time for the main course. Kiki asks her sissy step-son if he is ready to watch Mommy get fucked. He answers submissively and humbly, “yes, Mommy.”
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Cruel Sister’s Boredom Cure

Ugh. I am so fucking bored. This family vacation is the dumbest thing I’ve been dragged to yet. We’ve been out in this cabin for an entire week and the only thing to do is stare at trees and squirrels and listen to you jack off in the other room. Oh you didn’t think I could hear that, little brother? Of course I could. You’re not a subtle guy. I know when you’re jacking off just like I know when you’re staring at me from across the room every time I bend over. Your status as a pervert is not new, brother. What if I told everyone at school about your little crush? Oh you’d be ruined then. They’d all know that all your sister has to do is lean over and show her cleavage and you pop a boner. How weird is that? I can see you getting hard now as you stare at my heels and my ass. That’s fine. Tormenting you with my body is probably the only entertainment I’m going to get out of this stupid family vacation.
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Mommy Kiki is all dressed up in sexy lingerie and black high heel shoes. She has Mr. Slayer on the couch with his rock-hard cock ready for her. Kiki gets on top of her BBC lover, reverse cowgirl style, and bounces up and down on his huge dick. Her step-son is forced to watch his step-mommy get fucked. He has his chin resting on Mr. Slayer’s thigh only inches away from Mommy’s pussy getting pounded. She is facing her obedient step-son so she can laugh and humiliate him verbally while she gets fucked. Then Mr. Slayer flips Kiki over and fucks her doggy style with the boy watching from underneath. Finally, Kiki is fucked in yet another position as her step-son watches Mr. Slayer burst with cum all over Mommy’s pussy and legs. Obviously, it’s his job to clean Mommy’s pussy after she gets fucked by her BBC! He thanks Mr. Slayer for making Mommy happy. Someone has to because Daddy sure can’t!
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SubbyHubby – Kiki Trains Her Play Toy Part 5: Foot Worship

Mr. Slayer and Kiki are on the sofa talking about how much fun they had playing and fucking today in front of Kiki’s step-son. Her pathetic step-son is on the floor worshipping Mommy’s stocking feet. Kiki tells the boy to thank Mr. Slayer and to worship his feet. But Mr. Slayer stops him, saying that he is only worthy of smelling his feet. Mommy kisses Mr. Slayer goodbye and Kiki’s step-son bitch continues to worship her feet. Kiki has him wearing his frilly pink panties again. She combs his long blond hair and puts some slutty pink lipstick on his mouth. This is how her cum-dumpster son is supposed to look!
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MistressT – MILF Takes Advantage

Custom vid, no name mentioned: Your sexy step-MILF comes home early from a fancy party and catches you jerking off. She notices that you’re well endowed and uncut. She’s so open & direct, telling you to not stop stroking, that she wants to see, that she knows you are attracted to her.

She tells you that she wants you too, undresses & straddles you. It feels so good to be inside her, to have her riding your cock but she’s careful to not have you cum too quickly.

She has you fuck her in a couple positions before telling you to cum inside of her. It feels naughty, forbidden but so damn hot. You love how she takes control, how much she enjoys it, it’s so intense. After you cum she tells you that she’ll be using you for her pleasure as often as she likes & it will be your little secret.
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SubbyHubby – Kiki Trains Her Play Toy Part 2: Dick Comparison

Kiki introduces her submissive step-son to her lover, Mr. Slayer. She tells her sissy son that she needs a real man, like Mr. Slayer, that has a big cock. Not like her husband and step-son’s pathetic tiny excuses for cocks. Her step-son is on his knees, naked except for his pink collar. He is looking up at Mr. Slayer who is tall and muscular. His giant cock is visible through his jeans. Mommy takes off Mr. Slayer’s pants revealing his huge BBC. Her hand barely fits around the giant black dick. She has her step-son stand up next to Mr. Slayer and she totally humiliates him by comparing Mr. Slayer’s giant beautiful black cock to his own pathetic tiny shriveled up penis. Now Kiki’s step-son is learning that he is not a man. He is Mommy’s little submissive sissy.
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While you are at work and you think that your wife at home alon is kind and honest, you could imagine what she is doing with your friend. Your wife makes him happy for 4 shots of cum. You do not believe??? Look it here!
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Kiki Daire’s pathetic husband is away on business so she decides to have a little fun with her step-son. Kiki is laying on the couch pleasuring herself with her pink vibrator while she has step-son on the floor wearing pink frilly panties and a pink collar. She has already turned hubby into her cuckold bitch. Now it’s his son’s time to learn how things work in Kiki’s house. Kiki rubs the vibrator all over her pierced clit. Her step-son enjoys being told what a pathetic sissy he is. Kiki decides to reward her little sissy by letting him control her vibrator. She tells him how that is the only way he will ever please a woman, so he might as well learn now. After Kiki cums, she allows her obedient step-son to lick her juices off the dildo. Kiki is proud of her submissive play toy, so she decides to let him in on a little secret. Mommy gets fucked by a big black cock when Daddy’s away. But the big reward is that Kiki is allowing him to join her and her BBC today. Soon he will learn how to be a true sissy cuckold.
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Goddess Sydney is all dressed up in latex for the big day. Today is indeed a big day as she has brought in her main sub to milk his cum. Why would she do that? To fertilize some of her female subs of course. Clearly they can’t all be having sex together, so a little manual labor is in order for the Goddess. She doesn’t mind jerking him off herself. She even brought two separate pairs of gloves for the occasion, a clear black pair and a red pair. As she slowly starts jerking her slave’s cock, it’s obvious that her persistence will only yield one result: a magnificent creamy cum shot. Especially since the sub has been in chastity for a while. Time to increase the sub population!
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