The Whip Chamber – Sybil Reddened, Part 2 – Sybil Hawthorne

Thursday, March 30th, 2017
  Sybil's scene with Orpheus Black continues as he wraps up with floggers and moves onto a six foot single tail...This type of play is very intense for top and bottom...Sybil is unrestrained...her will power and adoration for her Top keep her in place as the stinging begins...she holds several positions as Orpheus wraps her arms and legs with the tail...then more flogging...once again, Sybil shows her submission… Read More

Society SM – Powerful Submission – Sybil Hawthorne

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017
  Sybil has definitely sexed herself up...or perhaps she has just bloomed again...she has a confidence now that seems more apparent than before...and it is very attractive...I noticed it as soon as I saw her...another model whom I have known for years, but have never personally worked with...I bind her knees and hands, and lead her into the bedroom on a rope leash...I keep her on the bed throughout the entire day...a good queen sized bed with a strong headboard and frame is all the bondage furniture you'll ever need along with… Read More

The Whip Chamber – Sybil reddened – Sybil Hawthorne with Orpheus

Thursday, December 10th, 2015
The Whip Chamber - Sybil reddened - Sybil Hawthorne with Orpheus Sybil Hawthorne   Orpheus Black is back with Sybil Hawthorne in the WhippingChamber...Sybil is bent over and strapped down with leather belts...Orpheus uses a very heavy hand to warm her up with a spanking...moving onto floggers that wear Sybil down and leave her reddened after a very intense session.. Read More