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Paraphilia51 – Stomping Out Crime

Not all giantess goddesses are evil. I for one am a perfect example of one who uses her power for good instead of just getting my jollies off by destroying boys. I am a adamant defender of my more vulnerable sisters who are preyed upon by sleazy creepy men. Unfortunately these darling lost girls aren’t imbued with the knowledge and ability to practice the dark art of growing 50 feet tall and stomping the absolutely shxt out of a dirtbag man. So I hunt these degenerate predators down for them. This loser thought he could come to my city and pimp out young desperate girls, making them do horribly sexually depraved things to survive. When I confronted him he even had the nerve to try and suggest hat he would make me peddle my ass for him. After he “tested me out” of course. Hearing this filthy pig say dirty things to me made me furious and it didn’t take long before I was growing and he was terrified. In the end it was me who had my way with him…and he ended up where he belonged, hosed off into the gutter with the used condoms and needles.
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Femdom Empire – Sheena Rose – Under Her Spell

Miss Poison Ivy has you captured into her secret lair and is ready to transform you into the perfect mindless, obedient pet. You will be put under her spell and be completely mesmerized by her powerful seduction as she takes you deeper and deeper into a life of slavery. Just keep staring a little longer into Miss Poison Ivy’s entrancing eyes and your mind will be completely hers to do with as she wishes. Your life as a mindless drone starts now!
Featuring: Sheena Rose
Categories: Femdom POV, Mesmerize, Red Head, Sci Fi, Superheroines, Tattooed
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Femdom Empire – Poison Ivy Strap-on Villainess

Poison Ivy loves degrading and humiliating well meaning super hero’s. Robin is entranced by her poison and made to take her strap-on cock. She is his new master and he will obey her every command!
Featuring: Sheena Rose
Categories: Strap-on, Superheroines
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Femdom Empire – Sheena Rose – Poisonous Seductive Feet

Seductive Villainess Poison Ivy has her slave robin and his cock completely held captive against his will. Miss Ivy takes his captivity to the next level and induces his cock with every last bit poison to officially transform him into her mindless slave. She conquers all men with her special powers making them cum however and whenever she pleases. Once they are completely under her spell by the entrancing poison radiating off of her exquisite feet they are officially hers for all of eternity.
Featuring: Sheena Rose
Categories: Cum Eating, Foot Worship, Footjobs, Superheroines
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Femdom Empire – Sheena Rose – Forced Orgasms by Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy has taken the Robin back to her lair, she has devious plans to break & train him. He is attached to her milking machine and given an aphrodisiac to keep his cock hard as she repeatedly milks him over and over. She taunts him by starting the machine off very slow and sensual then increasing the pump strokes to full blast, he cannot control himself. The machine feels too good, he cums inside. His cock is still sensitive from the previous orgasm & she keeps the machine pumping full blast. The stroking on his sensitive cock is torturous but his cock remains hard from her poisonous aphrodisiac. It is going to be a long night of forced orgasms for the Robin.
Featuring: Sheena Rose
Categories: Cum Eating, Milking, Milking Machine, Superheroines
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Femdom Empire – Superior Muscle Goddess

Women are the superior in everywhere and Muscle Goddess Brandi Mae makes sure her bitch realizes just that!
Featuring: Brandi Mae
Categories: Mixed Wrestling, Muscular Women, Superheroines
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American Mean Girls – You Are Catwoman’s Prisoner Princess Bella

American Mean Girls - You Are Catwoman's Prisoner Princess Bella
Princess Bella


Aw, look at you…all tied up, huh? And is this your safe? It was sooo easy to break into your home and overpower you. And now look at you- tied up and HELPLESS…completely at the mercy of CATWOMAN. Do you know what I am going to do to you to get the combination for this safe out of you? Oh, well I will gladly tell you. Because I love tormenting my captives mentally- before the real t0rturre begins!
Are you ready to be my mouse to play with..?
Oh, and you will have a choice at the end…whenever I tire of t0rturring you…you can either become one of my many mindless henchmen and WORK for me like a SLAVE (after I t0rturre you and rob you blind, of course) OR….well, you will just need to stay tuned and find out, won’t you??

FEATURING: Princess Bella as Catwoman!
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Femdom Empire – Robin Defiled Gigi Allens, Silvia Saige

Femdom Empire - Robin Defiled Gigi Allens, Silvia Saige
Gigi Allens


====A Porn Parody Robin has been captured by Poison Ivy & Catwoman, they will put an end to him ruining their evil plans once and for all! These villainesses want to send a message that they are not to be disobeyed. Poison Ivy paralyses him with poison, they strip him down and violate his asshole while mocking him. “I bet you take it up the ass all the time from your bat friend” HAHAHA “Look how loose his hole is, I bet he loves taking cock” Robin will finally bow down a and serve the League of Evil Females.

Featuring: Gigi Allens, Silvia Saige
Categories: Anal Play, Humiliation, Strap-on , Superheroines
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