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SubbyHubby – He is Crying Cum with Megan & Emanuel

Mistress Megan and Emmanuel London are savages. They lure a famous football player back to their house with the promise of hot three-way sex. Once in their house, the ladies strip his clothes off and sit him down. The poor guy thinks he is getting laid. Instead he is getting blackmailed. The ladies show him photos of the three of them in the club they picked him up in. Does he want these photos going to his wife and the press? He is already on thin ice after his last scandal. The football player is terrified. He agrees to do anything for the master copy of the photos. All hell breaks lose as the ladies proceed to ass fuck the womanizing slut. Just when he breaks down in tears, it gets even worse. Megan brings in another man who shoves his cock down the slut’s throat and then shoots a huge load all over his face. The humiliation is HEARTLESS as the ladies parade the bitch boy around and make fun of him. They flip him on his back and jerk him off in his own face. The humiliated man tries to resist cumming but his body betrays him and soon he is shooting cum in his own face. Megan laughs as tears and spooge drip down the slut’s face. The ladies lock the slut in a cage for the night. The next morning they demand that he worship their smelly shoes and worn stockings. By the time they let this bitch go, he is stripped of not only his manhood but any dignity he ever thought he had. Megan and Emmanuel love it. They live to prey on egotistical male pigs.
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