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SubbyHubby – Life As Josi’s Houseboy – Josi Valentine

After locking James in his cage for the night, Josi lets him know that this is just the beginning of his suffering. She will use and humiliate him all she wants, flaunting her hot body in front of him while denying him any pleasure at her whim. Just to show him how pathetic he is, Josi blows smoke in his face and ashes her cigarette on him as well. Josi lets her new bitch know that he is going to be spending the night in a cage, but she is not totally heartless. Josi at least leaves him something to drink if he gets thirsty during the night. This clip is part of the movie “Houseboy Slavery.”
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SubbyHubby – Lets Play A Game – Jamie Valentine

When Cameron and James meet the super hot Jamie Valentine at a pool hall and get invited back to her place to play a game, they think they have gotten lucky. But what they do not realize is that Jamie is a Dominatrix, and the game she will be playing is Tops and bottoms! Cameron is the unlucky bottom, having to watch his friend James fuck Jamie as a pathetic cuckold, then eat James’s cum off her breasts. While James is out getting wine, Cameron is put to work licking Jamie’s asshole clean. When James returns, he walks in on Jamie sissy training a crossdressed Cameron. Now that a real dick is available, Jamie orders Cameron to give James a blowjob for her amusement. Tony laughs at what a pansy bitch Cameron has become, angering Jamie, who decides to show him that this is her game and that she can make him a bottom too whenever she wants. After putting him in his place with a scissorhold, Jamie orders James to worship her pussy until she is satisfied. Jamie completes Cameron’s training by taking his ass with a strapon while again ordering Cameron to suck James’s cock. To make sure James knows his place as a pansy bitch, Jamie makes him kiss Cameron’s ass, then lick clean the cock that had been in his ass.
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SubbyHubby – Ball Licking Orgy 4 the Godess’s Cuck – Ophelia Rain

Ophelia Rains loves humiliating her cuck as much as she loves fucking bulls. She enjoys her stud, fucking him hard, as she demands that her cuckold lick her pussy, as the stud’s dick slides in and, out. For additional enjoyment, she makes her cuck lick her stud’s balls. Ophelia laughs as her cuck get’s tea bagged. When her stud shoots his load, it is all over her tits. Ophelia instructs her cuck to lick up every last drop.
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