Strict Restraint – Bane and Sasha Pt II – Sasha Sweet and Bane

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017
  This week we bring back the sexy little slave, Sasha Sweet. Our new master Bane decides to have a little fun with her. She is bound and loving it as Bane pours lube all over her already dripping wet pussy. He crudely forces his fingers inside of her and forces her to cum with the magic wand. But its not all fun and games... Bane decides that if she is going to shriek in ecstasy like a farm animal, he's going to treat her like one. He attaches Goat milkers to her and whips her body as she struggles against her binds. After… Read More

Strict Restraint – Bane and Sasha – Sasha Sweet and Bane

Saturday, March 25th, 2017
  Sasha Sweet is a natural submissive and a somewhat experienced player in the realm of D/s...her all natural and youthful body is a delight to behold...and what a pretty smile...we were all happy and excited to see how she would work out in the realm of tough BDSM...We bring in another LA Dom, Bane, to test Sasha...Bane chooses to begin on Sasha's exposed front...weights are hung from forceps on her labia and he tests her taste for crops, clamps, canes and floggers...and a breast zipper...Sasha does very well...It's not until… Read More

Strict Restraint – Scream Tara, Scream Part II – Tara Lynn Foxx

Friday, December 23rd, 2016
  I like how Soma keeps the models off balance...see, the Goddess is a very warm woman...kind eyes, a smooth voice and very well spoken...maybe this is why they seem more surprised when she does something nasty and shows no emotion doing it...that's why Tara looks so nervous, shackled with her legs spread...who knows what's going through her head but it does not appear to be happy thoughts...Soma takes it to her pussy aftering cleaning it out with a turkey baster...then bent for a red assed thrill ride which ends in orgasmic… Read More

Strict Restraint – Scream Tara, Scream – Tara Lynn Foxx

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016
  Goddess Soma, who has been spending lots of her time travelling and enjoying life over the last 6 months or so, is back at StrictRestraint...Soma never takes time away from playing though...this is what she does...And a giddy Tara Lynn Foxx is the submissive of the day...She's in a happy mood as we interview her about her last shoot and discuss the marks that were left...then Reena Sky chimes in about her marks as well...Reena is there to shoot a Cumbots scene with Tara, and that's why you see her in the intro footage...We close… Read More

Strict Restraint – The Lesson of Breath – Holly Michaels

Sunday, November 6th, 2016
  Holly's first day of BDSM continues as I ramp up the play...even a newbie can adjust fairly quickly to the rigors of enduring all types of play....the adjustment is made in their own head...and Holly does begin to figure out how to process lots of extreme input...I help her out with one word....BREATHE...through electricity in her pussy, bastinado, clamp play, water play...well, it's not so easy to breathe during water play, but she even finds a way to deal with that stress...very impressive for a young woman...Holly will be… Read More

Strict Restraint – Newbie Skin – Holly Michaels

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016
  Here's a very fresh face for you in Holly Michaels...y'know what else is fresh? Her tits...amazing...She's a young woman who is new to just about everything BDSM...she has no could she? She hasnt been through it and she doesnt know about it...So, I explain her RED word very well and tell her to communicate when she needs to...and I decide to keep a close eye as I put her through many tests...I hold back a bit on the impact play as I find how sensitive newbie skin really is...Holly does a great job, abosorbing… Read More

Strict Restraint – Split and Bent – Caddy Compson

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016
  Caddy is the closest thing to a mascot that DungeonCorp has...She's an LA girl, born of the LA fetish scene, trained by many a hearty Dom...she's a player...and she's hot...very hot...her body is and fragile...Sir Nik is methodical in his treatments as he puts her body through his own regimen of part of her body is left untouched. Read More

Strict Restraint – Front and Back – Cheyenne Jewel

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016
  Cheyenne is such a great one to play with...she's not at all a pushover or weak-spirited woman...she is simply the type of person who will let you take control of her and do very mean Doms would like to think she does this for us...and I'm sure there are only certain folks that Cheyenne trusts...but, she is battling with herself...I just add the stimulation...floggers, single tails, dragons tails, a cane and an anal hook...I discover that Cheyenne is truly ticklish and it… Read More

Strict Restraint – A Stroll Through Angel Pt II – Little Angel

Sunday, June 19th, 2016
  Angel is deep in subspace and the screams and moans flow from her like a broken faucet...I don't mind...let the girl have her beautiful moments...From time to time, it does annoy me, but it inspires me to break her subspace with overload as I ramp up the instensity...At one point, it seemed Angel couldn't stop cumming...with her ass hole plugged, pussy stuffed and the magic wand working her clit, it became way… Read More

Strict Restraint – Randy’s Journey Continues – Randy Moore

Sunday, June 12th, 2016
  Poor Randy Moore can't help but look absolutely hot all the time...and not just hot, classy is such a burden...often, it can become a jail of sugar and spice and everything nice...but that is not Randy...this woman has a dark side...she is very kinky and very open to new experiences...and she has a partner in darkness in Alexander Payne...These two live a very kinky life together and I'm sure that part of thier journey through the extremes of BDSM occurs during our shoots together...All kinds of interesting things… Read More

Strict Restraint – An Intense Exam – Melanie Monroe

Saturday, March 26th, 2016
Strict Restraint - An Intense Exam - Melanie Monroe   Melanie Monroe is a sweet smilling woman...and a sex pot...a naturally blonde and blue, charmer of a gal...we pair her up with the dark, seductive and sadistic Sir there any real reason to restrain the rabbit for the wolf? We do it anyway...Melanie is locked into cold steel cuffs which allow for very little movement...Nik keeps it pleasure...tight clamps in predicaments, bastinado...and of course, his harsh and relentless use of impact toys...that's… Read More

Strict Restraint – Mahina Meets Jordan – Mahina Zaltana with Meister Schmerz

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016
Strict Restraint - Mahina Meets Jordan - Mahina Zaltana with Meister Schmerz   By this time, Mahina had proved her submission and tolerance on so many levels that frankly, we were all ready to see her suck a cock...Schmerz bends her over in stocks and enjoys her backside as Jordan comes around front for oral service...Schmerz flogs her ass as Jordan fucks her face, then she is brought to orgasm...then… Read More

Mahina Meets Schmerz – Mahina Zaltana with Meister Schmerz

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016
Mahina Meets Schmerz - Mahina Zaltana with Meister Schmerz Mahina Zaltana   After Mahina's debut on SocietySM, we received many comments and notes about her...I wasn't surprised at all....I knew Mahina was a phenom...So I made it a point to get her back in for another tough shoot...And I brought back Meister Schmerz to Dom her...Schmerz is yet another Los Angeles pervert and fetishist who lives the life...By… Read More

Strict Restraint – A Brave Soul Pt II – Ashley Winters

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016
Strict Restraint - A Brave Soul Pt II - Ashley Winters   These are the last two scenes from Ashley's first bondage shoot ever...When you shoot a newbie model for a site like StrictRestraint, you just kinda have to ramp up the intensity slowly until you find her sweet spot...and if you do it right, by the end of the shoot, you feel like you're playing with a pro...the back bending position in the first scene here has sent many a seasoned contortionist running for her red word...Ashley took it like a walk in the park until… Read More

Strict Restraint – A Brave Soul – Ashley Winters

Friday, February 19th, 2016
Strict Restraint - A Brave Soul - Ashley Winters   Ashley is a blonde bombshell with a penchant for submissive sex...this however, is her first BDSM experience...another interested and eager newbie with no idea of what I'll be putting her through...armed with a safe word and stripped of her clothes, she bravely agrees to let me have my way with her...we find out almost instantly why Ashley would have been better off shooting for SocietySM...her hands and wrists are nearly the same size and she can slip right out of tightly… Read More