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Beautiful Miss Jasmine comes down the stairs looking ravishing in a short sequin dress. “Oh you “she says as she sees her slave laying there naked on the floor. She decides to trample him before going out dancing. She walks over his legs, stomach and chest and as the camera shoots overhead and down on her she asks if you would like to be under her instead of this slave.

The slave doesn’t make much noise which pleases Jasmine but she comments that if you look at his trembling body you can see that he really is suffering. Now she stands on his groin and uses her foot to play with his cock. She reaches with her foot for one of her stilettos and presses into his body before letting it fall back to the ground. Finally she uses him as a bench and puts her shoes on telling him to wait there until she returns from a night of dancing. As she is about to leave she turns back and steps full weight onto the slave with her heels. She wants to leave him something to remember her by while she is out.
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DominatedMen – Good times for his genitals

Extremely good times come for the unfortunate sex of the poor slave. Impact after impact the tied balls are allowed to endure to the delight of the Comtesse, full span with the stilettos into the genitals is announced, the paddle skillfully finds its target, the bound balls and that the extremely sensitive nipples also have their bright joy goes without saying. The Comtesse knows how to pamper the subject with tender touches before it is taken out of the hormone sky with hard slaps.
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It’s time to play with My toy again. I’m sure many scenarios are running through its head as it lays in the dark box hearing Me pick up the chain and handcuffs. I order it out and to its knees before Me to inspect My property locked in chastity. Hmm, will I finally use the key around My latex ankle to unlock it…. slave did not anticipate the unbearably hot release I grant it. In seconds of its released dick being near My latex feet and patent stilettos it becomes throbbing hard. you want to lick My shiny slick legs and feet so so bad…. I laugh as it whimpers while shooting its cum in a devastating ruined orgasm. And finally allow it to lick and polish My latex legs and feet – to clean up its own cum it squirted all over them! Now kiss My soles and thank Me.
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Clubstiletto – Pretty Trample – Mistress Kandy

Kandy can’t bring herself to trample a girl, but she does like the idea of looking at a pretty face while she tramples. So, she puts a female mask on her slave, and while his hairy chest is a bit out of place, the face is considerably more appealing to her. She likes the fact that the only expression he can show is through his eyes. and the grunting, too, of course. She wastes no time ramming her heels into his chest and stomach before she reaches up to fuck his slut mouth with one of her heels. She moves about his body and leaves some rather brutal marks that will remain for days.

“He sounds a bit gruff to be a woman,” Kandy says, and orders him to moan and groan in a more feminine manner. Halfway through the scene, Kandy kicks off her shoes and marches on the slave in her fishnet stockings. She rams one of her feet down his throat, then switches to some harsh jumping. She walks on his legs and all over his torso. The camera pans in to show all the marks she has left. “Look at that pretty bitch with her cock-sucking lips,” Kandy says. “I don’t have a cock but I do have my foot.” Finally, Kandy sits down to relax on her slave and rubs her hands over the pretty slut’s face, but not before slamming him repeatedly with her ass.
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Clubstiletto – Tongue Bathe My Stilettos And Feet – Mistress Irene

Mistress Irene relaxes on her recliner and exchanges dirty texts with one of her stud lovers. She calls her slave over to worship her shoes and feet. She tells him she wore her shoes to the club and that gay clubs seem to have a lot of interesting stuff on the floor, which she intentionally walked in. He’s ordered to lick the entire surface of both soles before she tells him to remove the shoes from her feet. Once they’re off, he’s required to sniff the shoes.

“Do they smell lovely?” she asks. When he says yes, Irene mentions that she isn’t opposed to spoiling her slaves from time to time. Now it’s time for some foot worship. She wrinkles the soles of her feet and spreads her toes in order to titillate the slave before she slaps his face with them. Now he’s ordered to lick her soles, suck each toe, stick his tongue between her toes, and to inhale the sweet odor of her feet. The slave clearly loves being this close to his Mistress and being allowed to put his tongue on her flesh. He eagerly worships her feet until Irene has had enough. She wipes her feet off on his mask and kicks the poor slave away. after all, there are surely some hot messages waiting for her from her man.
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Someone bought Miss Xi a pair of stiletto’s but they obviously didn’t realize her feet are tiny, only size 4. The shoes look massive on her feet and they fall off every time she lifts her leg. Better for you as she can’t wear them and that means you get to see her bare feet. She sticks her feet in front of your face and wrinkles the soles and bends her toes. She tells you to kiss her feet and her over sized shoes. She wonders if the guy who sent the shoes has a wife with feet that large.

Now she brings her legs up and holds them up with her arm. She sticks her feet in your face again and tells you to lick the soles and between the toes. Again she wrinkles her soles and bends her toes and then tells you to take each foot into your mouth. As her new foot bitch you will be paying for all expenses related to her feet, pedicures, lotions and new footwear. Now she sends you onto your back on the floor and waves her feet in your face. She tells you to open your mouth. “I should just trample all over you, make you my rug” she says and then starts to face fuck you with her feet. Complete screen closes up of her toes and soles before she sets them on your face and everything goes to black.
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Goddess Vivian Leigh is chilling at home when she hears a couple of burglars trying to steal her underwear. She catches them and threatens to call the police unless they do as she says. Goddess Vivian has them dance in front of her to prove who is the bigger fuck slut. Goddess Vivian Leigh has the winner of the dance off worship her feet. She forces him to lick the bottom of her goddess feet and lick them all over like a good little fuck slut subby. Goddess Vivian Leigh pulls out her strap on out and has her little subby bitch start to suck on it. She tells him not to be scared of her cock, to enjoy it. Goddess Vivian has him put the whole thing in his mouth and get it nice and wet with his spit. Goddess Vivian Leigh has her subby bitch bent over when she lines up her big wet strap on cock with his tight ass. She slides her big black cock deep into his subby ass.
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Princess Jemma has not done a lot of trampling and even comments she hopes she doesn’t do irreparable damage to the slave… but that doesn’t stop her from stepping on the slave with one boot on his chest and the other on his neck right from the start. She looks amazing in her one piece black leotard and stiletto boots and you can see her confidence as a Princess. She makes sure to tell the slave how lucky he is to be her dirt and makes him thank her. He eagerly does, telling her how beautiful she is. She giggles, because she knows it and knows she can do anything she likes to her mat. Jemma moves from standing on the slave to the ground where she makes him lick her soles. The upward angles give you a good perspective of what the slave sees. As she gets more comfortable she moves around the slave more and puts more pressure on her heels, moving to his stomach, chest and head. Famous Lady Bellatrix is visiting and comes into the play room at one point, greeting Jemma, and they make comments about the worthless slave, before Jemma continues to walk on him. “That’s where you belong, beneath me,” she smiles.
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Kandy has been having fun with her yard boy but decides she has been a bit too nice to him and thinks he should suffer as well. What better way than to kick the out of his balls? Kandy tells the boi she wants to build up his tolerance and then while kicking him notices that the pre-cum dripping from his dick has just splashed all over him. She wipes it up with her fingers and sticks it in his mouth. She can’t believe how rock hard the bitch is from being kicked. Solid kick to the nuts after solid kick to the nuts rain down on the yard boy. Kandy then grabs onto his dick and while doing so kicks some more. In light of his stiff cock Kandy tells him, “Forget the ass and armpit worship, I know what I’m going to do with you from now on.” She tells him that if she is ever stressed out she will just call him in and take it out on his balls. Kandy continues to kick and kick and she is amazed how rock hard he is. Eventually he falls to his knees but Kandy orders him back up and then makes him eat more pre-cum dripping from his cock. Kandy tells the boi her husband is annoying her so much, just a rich old fucker, and this ball kicking stuff is really helping her relax. Last night Kandy asked hubby for $50,000 and then wakes up this morning to find he has written a check for only $45,000. “That $5000 will come out of your pay.”, she tells him. After 100 kicks, or so, the boi drops to his knees, in a show of compassion Kandy make him lick her boots which are also covered in his cum. The break is brief though and soon the kicks continue to his balls until he finally falls again. Kandy makes him lick up some more cum and then says the abuse is making her horny, “Where’s my pool boy.”, she smiles!
Mistress: Mistress Kandy
Category: Ballbusting, Ball Abuse, Stilettos, Cum Play, Stilettos, Ball Busting, Kicking
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This is the second and last clip in this extreme trampling series. Gorgeous, and no light weight, Domina Ruby, has been playing a game with her slave. She has four pairs of shoes and boots and the slave is to change each for her while she tramples him. That means each time she lifts a foot, all her weight is on the other foot. She does not leave his body when the footwear is being changed. Ruby keeps the slave focused with her verbals, warning him not to make a mistake or else. By the time she is done, his body is well covered in deep stiletto marks, which the camera catches up closely. We open Part 2 with her standing on the slave with one stiletto on his face, the other on his stomach. The slave is anxious to prove his worth and helps guide her back foot so they are both on his face. As the Goddess steps back and presses both heels into his stomach the slave comments how he loves her weight. “I am more than my beautiful ass.”, she reminds him. Ruby then decides to switch to the next pair of shoes, these have a high red heel on them and you can feel the slaves pain as he struggles to get them on her feet. Ruby is very controlled but direct in speaking, she expects the slave to perform and is comfortable with his pain as she knows this is what he needs. She tells the slave to hold her legs to stabilize her and the slave comments how these heels feel as sharp as nails. “Yes, I like my heels that way.”, she says, adding, “You’re like a modern day Jesus, aren’t you?” She again steps on his face and leans over to make sure the full weight is on his head. Ruby tells him it’s time to switch into the last pair of footwear, the second set of boots. He tries to remove the front boot and then the back but the way her legs are spread make it incredibly painful and virtually impossible, but ruby does not move and tells him he has to decide which shoe to remove. He opts for the front one and then has the difficult task of placing knee high boots on both feet. “Making such a scene because he’s in such excruciating pain.”, she says to the camera, rolling her eyes. Once the boots are on, Ruby decides to have some fun by jumping on the slaves stomach, giving him a final kiss of her boot and then dismounting so the camera can pick up the damage her various heels have inflicted on the slave. Ruby looks down on him and says, “Hmm, it’s a start.” This slave is already thinking about his next epic encounter with this divine Domina.
Mistress: Domina Ruby
Categories: Trampling, Shoe & Boot Worship, Bbw, Stilettos, Verbal Humiliation
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