Humiliatrix – Your Girlfriend Koby Lee Dumps You to Become Your Step-Dommy

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016
21254424_21253887_kobfkk.gif   "The only reason I hooked up with you was to get closer to the rich, handsome real man of your house. I used you to seduce dada. And now, instead of your girlfriend, I'm gonna be your step-dommy. My tight hot pussy belongs to him. But don't cry. You can pump your piddles into this fake pussy, like a good lil mama's boy..."   Koby Lee, wicked girlfriend, step-dommy, fake pussy taunts... Read More

Humiliatrix – Your Dominant Step-Dommy Danielle Lets You Piddle Her Panties

Thursday, June 9th, 2016
  "I'm not your girlfriend anymore, loser. You lost out to the big boss of the house. But I know you're still infatuated with me. You can't have my pussy but you can have these -- my dirty panties. Go ahead, crybaby. You can dry your tears and cream your pathetic little fist piddles into step-dommy's dirty panties..."   Princess Danielle, step-dommy, crybaby cuckold, panty humiliation... … Read More

Humiliatrix – Cruel Kendra Sissifies and Spanks You in Her Silky Stockings

Monday, September 21st, 2015
Humiliatrix - Cruel Kendra Sissifies and Spanks You in Her Silky Stockings   "Since you are obsessed with sniffing and fondling my stockings, I'm going to pull a pair of my lacy nylons tight over your chastity cage, beneath an adorable sissy maid dress I got for you, so that you can do your chores properly attired. First I'm going to scold and spank you, accross my silky lap, in your humiliating attire... Miss Kendra, step dommy, sissy maid humiliation, male chastity, spanking... Read More