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Clubstiletto – Maybe Next Time You’ll Remember

Mistress Irene is in the living room sitting at the table which is loaded with various paddles and crops. She calls her slave in who obediently gets over her knees. She starts by spanking him with her hand until his ass is a nice rosy red before she reaches for a wooden paddle. Right from the first strike the little bitch of a slave is moaning and groaning and asking for mercy. Pathetic. She replaces the wooden paddle with a PVC one which seems to give the slave a bit of relief but not much. He squirms and kicks his legs in the air and she laughs at how pathetic he is.

Now she makes him count to 10 as she spanks him with her hand again and he likely thinks the worst might soon be over. Ha! Once she has reached the count of 10 she just reaches for another paddle, this one with a big heart in the middle and starts striking even harder. The little bitch’s ass is actually starting to look pretty beat up. Now Irene reveals why he is being punished. He did not clean a mirror in one of the bathrooms properly and that is just not acceptable. Irene spends the next 4 minutes subjecting him to every one of the paddles while telling him wicked things she has done to other slaves and what he might be subjected to should he screw up again. This slave is not going to forget this encounter anytime soon.
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Clubstiletto – The 60 Stroke Countdown – Lady Bellatrix

In one of her sessions at her dungeon in Buckinghamshire, Lady Bellatrix give her houseboy sixty final strokes of her cane – each one for various accrued misdemeanors. Decked out in a latex catsuit, she instructs him to count down from sixty and thank her for each stroke. Perhaps it is the searing pain of the cane or maybe he is just too stupid to be capable of counting backwards, but his struggle is visible. By the halfway point, Bellatrix admires her work and notices that his backside is nice and shredded. See how he shudders and shakes and the caning intensifies. Rotating sides, she continues to land solid blows to his deserving red ass. When she gets down to the final ten strokes, the caning intensifies leaving him with some welts to remember her by. long after the session is over.
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PantyhoseTherapy – When You’re Bad… – Christina QCCP

This isn’t something I film often, but you might be surprised at how often I have to remind a client that we are not friends, we’re not buddies, we’re not in a relationship where I might be willing to go easy. Backsass? Smack. Oh, forgot to tell me you’d be late? SMACK. Being a grabass? Hoooonooooo…
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Submissive cuck in a chastity belt lets his beautiful young mistress ride on his back. Like he has a choice! The military onesie-wearing goddess in fishnets then makes him worship her sexy boots before inflicting real damage on his useless ball. The ending sees her enjoying some facesitting while twisting the slave’s nips, hoping to rip them off.
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EvolvedFights – Billy Boston, Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte Sartre is Laughing at the fact that she is wrestling Billy Boston. She is small and got destroyed by Lance Hart but now that she is impregnated by Lances Power seed, she has a new set of skills and power to show off. Billy Boston thinks he just hasn’t been able to get a break with his match ups. Evolved Fights has been throwing him to the wolves his previous pairing with the likes of Cheyenne Jewel and Tori Avano who both have formal wrestling training. Billy is certain that because Charlotte is so submissive and small that he will finally be able to get his win and prove he’s not a worthless male. He shows off a little in round 2 which puts him in a good position for round 3. Round 3 is do it time for both wrestlers. No one wants this sex fight to go to the judges decision so they are going all out to inflict the coveted OOTM (Orgasms on the Mat). One wrestler fails completely and gets the utter humiliation. The winner uses the loser for pain only. The loser must endure over the knee OTK Spanking and painful camelclutch submission holds. The Winner Squats over the losers face as if they are sitting on a toilet and makes the loser like their asshole clean with their “toilet…
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CFNMEu – Jan 16, 2019 – Pomstychtiva Pritelkyne, Milen Petroff


Milen Petrof is subjected to great temptation as he sits at his desk and watches his girlfriend sleeping. He is writing in his diary as she moves around on the bed, and wakes up. She urges Milen to take a break as she feels so horny after a sexy dream. Milen is not easily persuaded so the girl turns over and shows her sexy ass. But as he watches he soon changes his mind and joins her on the bed. The girl tells him that he must do everything she tells him. Once he agrees she ties Milen’s wrists to the bedframe. Then she begins to suck on Milen’s nipples and rubs his cock in his underwear. She pulls the hard cock out and starts to suck it as she slaps his legs. Then she takes off Milen’s underwear and slaps his cock and balls before sucking it some more. She keeps slapping his thighs and wraps a band around his balls, hitting them as she sucks his cock. That cock is so hard as she works on it. Then she takes some clothes pins and attaches them to Milen’s nipples and belly hair. She uses one pin to pull on Milen’s ass hair too. Then she attaches pins to his balls too before sucking that cock some more. Milen’s legs are pulled in the air to expose his tight, hairy, hole. More pins are applied, this time to the hairy ass and the grils shoves a finger into Milen’s hole. His ass cheeks are red from her spanking him and her finger really explores his tight hole. The thumb slides in too and is then replaced by two fingers. Milen moans as he feels them. He is turned over, onto his knees, with that sexy ass still exposed. That ass is ready for more and a vibrator soon fills it. Then it is replaced by a nice, thick, dildo. The girl pushes the dildo in nice and deep, really stretching the hole. She then moves Milen onto his knees and wanks his big cock until it delivers the hot, creamy, cum. She milks every last drop of hot juice from that cock to end a great scene.
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DirtyTransDolls – Sasha’s obedient sissy slave part 2

Sissy slave Natalie needs to fully concentrate on holding Sasha’s make-up mirror straight…even when I spank her and stuff her butthole with a cock. She is such a good and obedient gurl!
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CFNMEu – Jan 30, 2019 – Rosta Benecky, Pomstychtiva Pritelkyne

Hard Workout

Rosta Benecky gives us a great dream set, which is a CFNM scene with a very sexy girl. We see him exercising with some weights when the girl arrives to help him. They spend some time exercising together and then the girl begins to seduce Rosta, soon having him naked and showing off his massive, soft, cock and his sexy ass. The girl gives him a few spanks on his ass and turns Rosta around to suck on that huge cock. It grows in her mouth as she sucks on it. Then she turns Rosta around and puts him on his knees so she can see his sexy ass hole as his massive cock and balls dangle between his legs. The girl spanks Rosta’s ass and pulls the cheeks wide apart. She slips a finger into his hot hole and fucks it. As she keeps up the fingering she also sucks and chews on Rosta’s big balls. Then she spanks that ass some more. With her mind full of possibilities she mores Rosta to another room, tying his arms to a beam so he is at her playful mercy. She alternates between whipping his sexy body and sucking on his huge cock. Then she adjusts his restraints to get his ass available and she takes a dildo on a pole and gets it ready for that ass. Rosta struggles to see if he can release himself, but cannot. The dildo is presented to his ass and she uses the pole to push it in nice and deep. She fucks Rosta’s hot ass nice and deep and sucks on his big cock too. Then she dons her strapon and fucks Rosta’s ass again. His huge cock stays nice and hard as his ass gets fucked deep. The girl lays down and makes Rosta ride her rubber cock. Releasing the ties she lays him on his back and fucks him some more as he wanks his big cock. She keeps fucking him until Rosta cums and then she picks him up, spanking his ass as she walks away with him.
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Clubdom – Kendra Heart’s Passion

Kendra Heart has just returned from a long day of supervising her stable slaves. As a reward for having done a good job, she decides to spend special time with her.
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Miss Kendra Makes You Cum Before Spanking You Over Her Knee

“I warned you that there would be severe consequences if I ever caught you with my panties again. And look at you! Caught red handed! You’re getting spanked, panty pervert. But before I punish you across my knee, you’re going to rid yourself of every drop of filth as I chastise and shame you…”
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DivineBitches – Apr 9, 2019 –  Mimosa, Corbin Dallas

I Dream of Mimosa

Corbin Dallas is jerking off in bed to the curvy bodacious goddess Mimosa. He cums hard imaging Mimosa smothering him under her glorious ass and drifts off to sleep–only to awaken under the very ass he was jerking off too! Mimosa is all for slutty boys who want to worship her. She spits all over Corbin. She crushes his face between her ass cheeks and has him lick her perfect pussy as she rides his face and inspects his goods. Mimosa tastes his cock and slides her fingers into Corbin’s eager asshole. Corbin moans as Mimosa has her way with him and commands him to the floor. He removes her shoes and worships her stocking clad size 12 feet. He can barely get her foot in his mouth and shivers as Mimosa wipes her foot all over his face. Mimosa can’t get over how cute and adorable Corbin is. She lifts him over her shoulder and gives his little ass a good hard spanking. Corbin squirms but is helpless in the arms of this Divine Goddess. He begs for her cock and she releases him to strap on her long fat cock and plow his asshole. Corbin is collared at the end of her leash with her hard cock stretching open his tight hole. Mimosa laughs as she takes Corbin’s ass in doggy and crops his back and ass. She flips him over and continues fucking him as he begs to fuck her. Mimosa grants his wish and Corbin gets to slide his hard cock into Mimosa’s juicy cunt. She uses his cock to cum over and over again as Corbin struggles not to cum. He begs to cum as she edges him, denying him for her own pleasure. Finally, Corbin is allowed to cum and wakes up suddenly in Mimosa’s robe. Maybe it wasn’t a dream after all…
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CruelMistresses – Caning Without A Stop – Mistress Ariel

Mistress Ariel, the young, sexy, blond dominatrix is about to give a good spanking to her useless slave, who is laying totally naked in front of her. She is wearing skin tight black leggings and mathing top with very strict looking shoes. She knows how to make the slave’s ass first numb and then so sore, that he won’t be able to sit on it for a few days at least. The slave is dreaming about a few breaths long pause, but Mistress Ariel has other plans in her mind. As long as she has time for this particular slave, she won’t stop caning his ugly ass with her hard cane.
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MenAreSlaves – Chillin With A Beer – Princess Jennifer

Princess Jennifer likes to take life slow and easy. Like even when she is torturing a slave, she prefers to occasionally chill with a beer. So as the whip cracks and his suffering builds she can sip a brew to relax and savor the moment, deciding what she will do next with this new male slave.
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Feminized – Punished Sissy – Lexi Sindel

Lexi’s sissy maid has been acting up, and sometimes sissy slaves need the firm hand of a man to set a sissy straight. Lexi informs her boyfriend of their misbehaving sissy slut, sissy is ordered onto her hands and knees to act as a footrest for her masters while they negotiate a punishment. The couple decides sissy will need to be physically disciplined for her actions. While chained to the floor sissy is ordered to bend oven and pull up her skirt exposing her pale unmarked ass. Lexi starts off the punishment with a riding crop, it is not long before sadistic Daddy wants in on punishing the slut with his leather strap. Sissy is ball gagged but still squeals in horrible pain while enduring the dominant couples punishment. When the sissies ass is red and marked Lexi and Daddy go in for some firm hand spanking. They take turns smacking sissy until she cries out in defeat. Daddy unzips his pants, there is only one way to make up for misbehavior…………..
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