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Clubstiletto – Your 60 Hour Week Will Be Extended

Miss Xi and Miss Jasmine have again called their employee aka slave into the office for some more verbal and physical abuse. The disdain they have for him on Monday morning is only washed away by the joy their treatment of him brings them. They first look at his shabby office attire, dirty tie, wrinkled shirt, ill fitting suit, and talk about him in a degrading manner as if he isn’t even there. The slave bows his head in humiliation, needing every penny he gets paid and also knowing if he ever stood up for himself the ladies would tell his wife about his online dating profile not to mention video of all the horrible things he has been subjected to at their hands.

As the camera pulls back, lol, we already see the employee is standing with pants and shorts around his ankles. They pull up his shirt and both break out laughing when they again see his miniature cock. “A serious spanking is in order” Jasmine says. Xi adds “Beatings will continue until moral improves.” They make him lean over the desk and they take turns flogging his ass and while doing so tell him they expect him to work over time everyday this week as they are not happy with earnings from the last quarter. “As an added bonus since you will hardly be home this week you won’t have to worry about explaining to your wife why you have these marks all over your ass” Xi tells him. The slave starts to squirm and moan but it only makes the Ladies hit him harder. “This hurts me more than it hurts you. just kidding” Jasmine comments. The slaves heavy breathing and crying only makes the women want to hit him more and harder until finally he begs them to stop and says if they stop he will stay as long as they want and do whatever they need. Jasmine orders him to the ground where he is told to kiss their feet. “Your 60 hour work week is just not enough hours” Jasmine says, “After all there are 168 hours in a week.”
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KinkyMistresses – Spanked On The Military Base – Goddess Severa

Goddess Severa has taken a slave to an abandoned military base somewhere in the desert of nevada to punish him there for his misadventures as a chaffeur. The little man is hopelessly inferior and gets spanked by the Amazon’s very hard and without any merci
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GoddessFootDomination – Discipline and Maintenance

Sorceress Morgana is awoken by the sound of loudly clattering dishes. She is furious that her slave is making so much noise after she warned him that she’d be recovering from a late night out. The sorceress commences with a tongue lashing then commences with the punishment. She bends him over her knees and slaps his bare ass hard with her palm. In his current position, the slave has a great view of Morgana’s feet. He counts the licks on his ass and begs for more.
After the grueling punishment, Sorceress Morgana instructs the slave to prepare her bath. Once she is seated in the warm tub with a glass of red wine, the slave is told to worship her feet. The sorceress provides continual instruction and reminds the slave to only perform exactly as told. Once the complete tongue bathing of her feet is done, the slave sponges them clean with the bath water. This slave is fare from perfect, but Sorceress Morgana knows how to train him.
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TinyChaste – Whiney Hiney – Goddess Valora

Goddess Valora is an expert at punishing and humiliating a slave. Throwing open the curtains to our hotel room, she orders me to stand in front of the window and allow the entire world to see my locked cock. Then she proceeds to punish me with a flogger and her pretty pink paddle. She even made me wave to some of the people who stopped and watched me being displayed and beaten.
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AmericanMeanGirls – Whipping My Horses

This was a custom where I ride 2 slaves around, whipping them as I go. I give them both a turn at carrying me to see who can do the best job. The winner will get the most amazing award EVER…my SPIT! Haha.

And the loser?? It gets WHIPPED TO SHREDS! A very simple and fun game I think, don’t you? Watch to see how cruel I can be. And there is even an outfit change after I take a break and come back later to punish my slaves even more…
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FemmeFataleFilms – Stretching Limits – Mistress Serena

Mistress Serena likes to challenge her slaves and this one has been doing his best to please her in the ball stretching area. He’s taken some hefty weights before in an effort to please, but just how far will he go now. Mistress Serena notches up the stakes in this session and an almighty amount of weight is strung from his already stretched and swollen testicles… When she starts to put her weight on the ball parachute, via her exquisite thigh length boots, in addition to the dangling weights, the agony and the ecstasy is almost too much for the long suffering slave to bear!
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AmericanMeanGirls – Caning Madness

This particular clip is JUST the CANING portion of this slave’s Torment test…it was really struggling to survive this haha. Which made us enjoy tormenting it even MORE, tbh lol.
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Clubdom – Goddess Sheena Ryder Punishes Her Slave

Goddess Sheena has her slave on his back, naked on the floor. With her cane in hand, she proceeds to have a little “discussion” with her slave. She is toying with her prey prior to her attack. It doesn’t take very long before she can contain herself and has him restrained and ready for his beating. Goddess Sheena lays into his backside quite viciously, with a huge smile the entire time. You can see in her wicked smile how much Goddess Sheena enjoys punishing a slave, especially with a cane. Hopefully this slave learned his lesson, and next time Goddess Sheena wants her wine, she better have it.
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Clubstiletto – Extracurricular Activities – Princess Lily

This is the third clip in this series. Lily has previously blackmailed the school principal when he tried to take advantage of her as a new teacher. The relationship has now progressed and Lily has decided that she rather enjoys having the principal over and today she actually wants to dominate him. She tells him to get over the bench and she warms him up by spanking him with her hand. The poor fool is so rattled he can’t even count out the number of times she spanks him. Too bad, that means more punishment. “I am a teacher and it’s my job to teach you this lesson” she tells him. Lily looks scintillating in her all black pvc outfit and her gorgeous stilettos. Next Lily grabs a studded paddle and takes it to his ass. The principal starts to leak pre-cum from his cock and his ass is starting to get a rosy red. Now she decides to really go at him and fires off a volley of hits causing the principal to really yelp in pain. “Now it’s time for your final lesson” Lily says, “And this is going to be worth 50% of your grade.” She takes the flogger this time and starts to strike him with it, making him thank her after each hit of his ass. “Since we’re both kind of new at this, I’m going to need you to come back every day” she tells him, laughing when he pleads for no more.
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KinkyMistresses – Whipped In Berlin – Mistress Courtney

Mistress Courtney is visiting the famous dungen “Avalon” in Berlin. Her private british Slave accompanies her and on the first day in the dungeon she love´s to try some germen whips on his ass
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Clubdom – Megan Jones and her gorgeous friend Sophie

Megan Jones and her gorgeous friend Sophie decide that it’s time for a nice thorough whipping of their slave. They need to get the slave to the point where he is begging. Will he beg for them to stop? The women do not know but they want to find out and see.
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FemmeFataleFilms – Cruel Confinement – Mistress Vixen

The slave has been condemned to wearing a chastity device for what seems like an eternity, however Mistress Vixen gives him the glimmer of hope that he might be released if he can take fifty strokes of the cane. He has little choice but to accept the cruel conditional release and so the ordeal begins… but not with the cane at first. The first weapon of Mistress Vixen’s choice is the heavy flogger, followed by a viciously wielded single tail whip, paddle, crop and then finally the cane! The slave gets an extreme beating long before the cane is adopted and in true sadistic fashion, it’s clear that Mistress Vixen loves every moment of his suffering!
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