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AstroDomina – Sock Boy Subjugation

I have a soft spot for my foot boys and my sock boys. This time, you get to watch me parade in front of you and tease you with my feet and socks.

You get to hang out with your favorite Domme again. As a loyal foot boy, you can never escape those gorgeous feet and socks. Today Sydney has you on a cock leash. She wants to add a collar as well, before you can get rewarded. If you want some sock action, you better take it, and do what Sydney wants you to do. It’s been a while since you’ve been in the presence of Sydney and you’ve missed those calves, and legs, and feet, and all you can think about is smelling those socks. Your eyes are fixated on her feet. There is no way to hide your excitement. Sydney has you wrapped around all her body parts. And as long as you follow along with her, you will get your reward.
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FemdomEmpire – Adore Her Scent – Summer Day

There is nothing more rewarding than being given the pleasure of worshipping a Woman’s feet…especially when they are ripe with her scent of being in pantyhose and leather boots on a hot and sweaty day. Before he knows it the slave will become completely addicted to Mistress Summer’s extra smelly size 8 feet.
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Femdom Empire – Ariana Marie – Foot Temptress

After a long day of walking in leather boots and stockings Mistress Ariana’s feet need some extra care and attention by her loyal foot bitch.
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Dreamgirls In Socks – Cassandra’s Perfection

Cassandra knows about your high addiction on her sexy feet so she takes advantage of you and uses you as her personal slave! She wants you to bow down on your knees and watch her take her boots off because she wants to rub her smelly socks all over your face! She notices that the smell drives you crazy so she wants you to stick your tongue out to lick the bottom of her socks! Don’t you like that strong smell in your face bitch? Cassandra also takes her socks off to dip her delicious toes on your tongue! She wants you to take some deep breaths on her feet and lick the sweaty bottom of her soles!
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Femdom Empire – Tiffany Tyler – I don’t cheer for LOSERS!

Miss Tiffany doesn’t cheer for losers.. she punishes them! Tiffany humiliates the loser football player by making him massage, lick and worship her feet after cheering for him. She wipes her feet against his tongue making him lap up the sweaty bottoms of her feet. If he had won the game maybe he would be getting pussy tonight, but instead this loser will spend the night with a foot shoved in his mouth.
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Femdom Empire – Alexis Monroe – Stinky Stripper feet

Miss Alexis has been feature dancing which gets her feet stinky & sweaty. She orders her submissive to unlace her boots for foot worship & massage. Alexis orders he lick her pungent feet.
Featuring: Alexis Monroe
Categories: Blonde, Foot Worship, Smelly: Feet, Shoes, Socks
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Femdom Empire – Anna Deville – Intoxicating Overdose of Stink

Mistress Anna keeps only the most obedient boys around that are willing to worship any part of her, and that includes her dirty sneakers and smelly sock covered toes. She orders the slave to light her smoke and start licking away as she trains him to be the best stinky foot slut he could possibly be. There is no escaping the intoxicating aroma of her extra smelly sneakers, socks and cigarette smoke as the slave proves his devotion while trying not to choke and gag from the overbearing stench.
Featuring: Anna Deville
Categories: Humiliation, Smelly: Feet, Shoes, Socks, Smoking
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Femdom Empire – Heartless Cheerleader Humiliation

Kat Dior and Lyra Law are two very cruel and snobby cheerleaders who love making fun of the pathetic bitch boys who will endure any humiliation just to be near their beauty. After a long day of cheering, their shoes, socks, and feet are all very smelly and sweaty – perfect for humiliating the poor bitch kneeling before them. The cruel cheerleaders make him smell their stinky shoes and socks, then order him to lick their feet clean as they make him gag on them and use his tongue as a footwipe. The entire time the two mean cheerleaders make fun of their foot bitch, making him sing humiliating songs as they degrade and laugh at him. Of course, no matter how hard he tries to please them, he keeps earning nothing but their derision and scorn.
Featuring: Kat Dior, Lyra Louvel
Categories: Foot Worship, Humiliation, Smelly: Feet, Shoes, Socks, Uniforms
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Madam Cat – Bratty feet after running

Madam Cat - Bratty feet after running
While Jack is hanging at his place enjoying quiet moments, this girl just runs in and immediately starts to bother Jack with questions and poking. She puts her feet into his lap and bothers him on and on and Jack feels really helpless. She’s so bratty, like a mean little girl poking and bothering without stop, she wants Jack to take of her shoe and smell it to find out whether it smells or not. After a while Jack does what she wants just to get rid of her but that’s not the end for her. Now she wants him to smell her feet with her nasty running socks still on! “Oh my god, give me a break! If I smell your socks than will you let me be?!”. “Maybe :-)…”. He can’t just beat her like a little child….What can he do other than smell those feet? Damn!
Keywords: Madam Cat, socks, sneakers, smell, sniff, smother, foot smother, footdom, domination, bratt, forced foot, dirty socks, running socks, smelly socks, smelly feet
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American Mean Girls – Princess Cindi – My Gym Foot Licker

American Mean Girls - Princess Cindi - My Gym Foot Licker
Princess Cindi


Come here my sweaty foot worshiper! Im gonna tie you up a bit and make you lick my feet and sniff my socks after my workout! Do you know how much fun I have sticking my sweaty socks on your mouth and making you r lick the inside of my shoes, LOL! I think I will even lick the bottom of my gym sneakers Thats what youre here for isnt that right, my sweaty foot worshiper??? Your reward is to lick my bare feet and make sure you get your tongue between every toe!

Princess Cindi
Categories: Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, Femdom POV, Socks.
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American Mean Girls – See My Legs at The Mall Princess Beverly

American Mean Girls - See My Legs at The Mall Princess Beverly
Princess Beverly


What would you do if you saw me and my legs just walking around the mall? What if you got up the nerve to talk to me and worship me and my perfect ass and legs? Well, this is the view from behind me on the escalator and this is the view of me bending over to pick up new shoes. Oh and speaking of shoes I think those store are making my high heels a little dusty so I would need you to get down on the ground and clean my heels. And since you came up to me to worship my body you can stake my shoes off and start worshiping my bare feet too! Enjoy!

Princess Beverly
Categories: Foot Fetish, Socks, Office Domination, Financial Domination, Humiliation, Femdom POV, Brat Girls, Findom
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American Mean Girls – Sock Sniffer Princess Beverly

American Mean Girls - Sock Sniffer Princess Beverly
Princess Beverly


It has been a long day at work today in these high heels and I think we need to change a few things around here. My feet have been sweating in these shoes and my socks would look so great in your mouth, haha! I know you secretly want this. I am going to make you my sock sniffing foot loser and you are going to be my office bitch from now on. Now get down on your knees and start worshiping my sexy secretary socks!

Princess Beverly
Categories: Foot Fetish, Socks, Office Domination, Financial Domination, Humiliation, Femdom POV, Brat Girls, Findom
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Femdom Empire – Stinky Stocking Cock Treat Gigi Allens

Femdom Empire - Stinky Stocking Cock Treat Gigi Allens
Gigi Allens


Goddess Gigi has trapped a years worth of her essence into a pair of sheer stockings for her chastity slave to fully consume. To her slaves surprise she unlocks his caged cock and milks out a load of cum with just her feet. Gigi knows he can never have enough of her smelly stocking covered soles and makes him lick up every last drop.

Featuring: Gigi Allens
Categories: Foot Worship, Pantyhose & Stockings, Smelly: Feet, Shoes, Socks
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