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AshleyFiresFetishClips – Lick and Love it

I catch Lance using my Magic Wand on his back! He thought it was really a back massager! Like anyone actually uses it for their back! He must be punished for his lack of common senses! I grab his head and thrust it into my juicy butt! He will be punished by my Ass! I make him worship it through my red tights. Then I smother him while I use the “Back Massager” on my pussy! I take off my tights and put his face in my ass! I make him breath thru my beautiful asshole! I sit on his face and completely smother him with my booty! Then he is forced to lick and tongue fuck my asshole! I get off on his face as he slowly loses consciousness!
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TheLaughingLatina – Xmas takeover! HD

You are a secretary at a local large company at Christmas.Your boss has asked you stop by his house on the way home to finish off some paperwork. Your boss secretly has a thing for you and you know it. You have dressed in your sexiest work wear and have on a Christmas hat as you have had a little Christmas party at the office. Your boss lets yo in and you sit on the rather grand throne that he has in his front room . He sits on the couch as you get out the paperwork. You notice he’s a little nervous this close yo you with it just being you & him. You decide to tease him by opening your legs and flashing your panties at him. He cant help but notice and pretends to drop his pen on the floor in front of you.

While crawling over & picking it up he is looking up your skirt. You see this and decide its time to take advantage. You pretend to be shocked and ask what he is doing. He is speechless, so you go to him and force him to lie back using your feet. You s tep astride him and tell him how you have seen him looking at you in the office and you have wanted to be his boss. You sit down on his chest and ask how he likes you being in charge. He does! You ask as he was looking up your skirt would he like a closer look at your panties and inch up to sit on his neck, pinning his arms under your knees. You ask how it feels to have you sat on top on him. Then you ask if he would like a closer look which would mean you sitting on his face. He’s not keen, but you’re not bothered, so you squat on his face trapping his wrists under your heels.

You like sitting on your boss and had this planned as you have in your bag a document transferring 75% control of the company to you. You tell him that as you are sat on top of him and he is helpless that you are going to sit on his face for progresily longer periods, in all positions, until he signs the document. He is shocked so you get on with the plan, which involves grin ding and bouncing on his face and smothering him to near suffo-cation. Near the end you sit back on his neck and tell him that you will sit on his face every day if he signs the document, which he does. Once signed, you tell him that he is now the sleeping partner but you are going to put him to sleep permanently. You sit back on his face in the squatting position, with his wrists pinned and tell him you will sit on him until he passes away. When done you thank him before collecting the document and leaving.
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KinkyMistresses – The Fitness Slave – Mistress Susi

Here is our brave slave! Brave for not having done his homework(out)! To first give him some inspiration, the ladies have him lay on the floor while Mistress Susi is sitting on his face in her shorts.Then Jet Setting Jasmine is sitting on his face,white Mistress Susi is stepping on his cock with her leatherboots.

The next idea is to strengthen his core.He has GREAT motivation to do so! Mistress Susi is bending over letting him kiss her ass everytime he does a situp.Of course he is cheating, swinging with his ellbows,because he is so weak!! Then he gets to do situps to get to kiss Jet Setting Jasmines crotch.

Oh well,maybe we should open a gym!!
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DivineBitches – Apr 9, 2019 –  Mimosa, Corbin Dallas

I Dream of Mimosa

Corbin Dallas is jerking off in bed to the curvy bodacious goddess Mimosa. He cums hard imaging Mimosa smothering him under her glorious ass and drifts off to sleep–only to awaken under the very ass he was jerking off too! Mimosa is all for slutty boys who want to worship her. She spits all over Corbin. She crushes his face between her ass cheeks and has him lick her perfect pussy as she rides his face and inspects his goods. Mimosa tastes his cock and slides her fingers into Corbin’s eager asshole. Corbin moans as Mimosa has her way with him and commands him to the floor. He removes her shoes and worships her stocking clad size 12 feet. He can barely get her foot in his mouth and shivers as Mimosa wipes her foot all over his face. Mimosa can’t get over how cute and adorable Corbin is. She lifts him over her shoulder and gives his little ass a good hard spanking. Corbin squirms but is helpless in the arms of this Divine Goddess. He begs for her cock and she releases him to strap on her long fat cock and plow his asshole. Corbin is collared at the end of her leash with her hard cock stretching open his tight hole. Mimosa laughs as she takes Corbin’s ass in doggy and crops his back and ass. She flips him over and continues fucking him as he begs to fuck her. Mimosa grants his wish and Corbin gets to slide his hard cock into Mimosa’s juicy cunt. She uses his cock to cum over and over again as Corbin struggles not to cum. He begs to cum as she edges him, denying him for her own pleasure. Finally, Corbin is allowed to cum and wakes up suddenly in Mimosa’s robe. Maybe it wasn’t a dream after all…
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Spandex Figure 4

Mysteria pins Kevin and facesits him, then puts him in figure 4, her strong legs and ass squeezes his face hard, Kevin taps, but she is not ready to let him go yet….
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FemaleWorship – A Good Place For Your Face – Raven Hart

While miss Raven Hart enjoys a nap, she typically expects her men to be busy tending to their chores around the house. But another perfectly acceptable place for them is with their face buried in her ass.
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Clubstiletto – Prison Box Asslicker

When we switched servers a few years back some clips were lost in the shuffle. This is one of those clips that was previously in two parts and in wmv format. We’ve redone it in the highest MP4 quality possible so do enjoy… Imagine being the lucky guy that gets locked into the prison box and forced to provide entertainment for the beautiful Mistress T and Mistress Samantha. The Ladies sit on his face endlessly while they chat and drink wine. Mistress T pours a little wine down Her ass crack for him to lick up before She settles Her ass on his tongue for some deep probing. She moves through a multitude of facesitting positions to take advantage of his helpless face and tongue. When Mistress Samantha climbs onto his face, the slave is completely engulfed in Her gorgeous round ass while Mistress T enjoys grinding Her shoe into his groin. The Mistresses have so much fun abusing the slave together. To add to the amount of weight on his face, Mistress T lays on Samantha’s lap and they stay there, and stay there, and stay there. Any volunteers to go into the prison box for these two Ladies?
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As Miss Xi enters the house with groceries we see her slave bound to the discipline bench awaiting her return. “Oh you’re still here” she says with disdain which quickly turns to rage when the slave replies “Yes Mistress.” She calls him an idiot and asks him how many times has she told him that she hates that word? She pulls bananas out of her bag and as she sets her foot on his face she threatens to stick them all down his throat or maybe up his ass before giving him a kick to the head.

She peals one of the bananas and after slapping his face repeatedly she sticks the banana down his throat making him gag and cough. She strikes his cock and balls repeatedly and then scissors his head making his breathing even more difficult. She yanks on his nipples, letting go only so she can strike his cock and balls again. When she gets up she forces the rest of the banana into his mouth with her shoe and laughs as he struggles to eat it especially as she hits him in the balls again. She wipes the banana goo off her soles onto his cock and then just jumps up and walks all over it. One foot on his balls and the other on his cock. Serious mistakes by a slave call for harsh discipline and this slave certainly gets what he deserves. Now she makes him lick the rest of the banana and his ball sweat off of her shoe. She tells him that she might have his junk removed all together as it serves no purpose. As his final punishment she sits on his face, laughing as he kicks to breath.Read More & Watch ON-LINE »

Goddess Jewels looks super sexy in her PVC top as she sits on her slave’s chest and stuffs her panties down his throat. They’re soaked in her pussy juice and her boyfriends’ cum. “You’ve been a good boy; that’s why you get this wonderful treat” she tells him. She pulls the panties from his mouth, has him sniff them, and says she’s going to ass-sm0ther him. She lifts herself up and comes down full weight on his face, in a forward face-sitting position. When he starts to squirm, she says it turns her on and her hand goes down to her wet pussy. This slave holds his breath pretty well, and when she does let him breathe, it’s only for a second. “Ram your tongue up my ass” she orders him, and adds “I’m going to play with myself while you lick my asshole.” She has him stroke his cock and really stretches his limits without air. She moves into a reverse position and tells him to lick her ass. She soon gets distracted by the pleasure she gets from his licking her pussy instead, before she remembers that slaves don’t get pussy. She sits back on his face and tells him she wants his tongue up her ass. “I can’t believe you thought you were good enough for pussy!” she scolds. She sits full weight on his face again and soon he starts to kick, but she’s in no rush to get up and just laughs at his predicament.
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Goddess Roxi delivers a very hot ass worship point-of-view clip as you stroke your dick. She also has two of her own slaves kneeling before her stroking their dicks although her attention if focused on you the viewer. She wants you hot and bothered. She wants you cumming at the mere thought of licking her beautiful Black ass. Then as a treat she squirts her breast milk at you and also at her slave’s faces as they try to catch every drop with their mouth. Check it out!
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This is one of the most dominant facesitting clips! Sadistic and sexy Stefania uses her slave as a furniture, sitting on his face and smothering him. She humiliates him verbally and she kicks him when he moves. She sits on different positions on his face and keeps kicking him hard while she sits on him. The poor guy is in handcuffs and he cannot protect him self from the hard smothering and the kicks that are falling like rain and they are absolutely painful, as he cannot even see when they come!
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As Mistress Irene relaxes on her discipline bench, she calls the little man-slave into the room. He crawls, in dragging ten pound weights by his balls. She tells him that his training is still in progress and this means more face sitting. While any man would love to be under Irene’s ass, it’s not all fun and games when she sits full weight on this puny slave. She’s just too strong and powerful and he’s immobilized. The slave lies on the bench and when Irene sits on his face, you can see there’s very little give to it, and he gets the full weight of her ass and body. He starts to cry and thrash almost immediately, and if you look at his face, you can see it getting crushed as flat as a pancake.

“The puny slaves are always the most fun,” Irene says. When she stands up, you can see the trauma on the slave’s face but she tells him he’s having a good time, whether he likes it or not, and sits down on him in a forward facing position. Here, you get some tremendous upward shots of her ass as it bounces and gyrates on the slave’s little head. Irene now moves to a backward sitting position, and it’s hilarious to watch the slave kick his legs up and down while she sits firmly on his face. She shifts back to sit on his chest so his chin actually touches her pussy. which is something he’ll never get. She finally repositions herself on his face again, and in no time he is pounding his feet against the bench, thrashing and twisting his body; everything but his head, which is firmly planted under Irene’s glorious ass. What a way to go!
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Serve up a disgusting drink to Miss Zoe, after she has put her trust in your judgement and this is what you’re likely to get… the drink thrown in your face, your body crushed and trampled beneath her high heels, your mouth full of her spit and that’s just for starters, all with the added humiliation of it being in a public bar. After a good trampling both in heels and without, the stupid bar steward is made to sniff, kiss and lick her hot sweaty feet. He won’t be forgetting this ordeal for some considerable time!
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A slave agrees to a little game. Dolls don’t move, so if the doll moves, the scene is over. If the dolly doesn’t move, it get played with. And if you know ONE fact about Helix, it’s that she like to play. Supreme slave discipline is rewarded. Great hands and feet T&D, freeze, manniquin, statue themes. Slave training.
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