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DominatrixAnLi – Bound, Burned, & Battered HD

My slave has his hands tied behind his back and his genitalia exposed for My entertainment. With his cock and balls locked up in chastity, he knows exactly who he belongs to and of course I’ll take My liberties in remind him who’s the boss. I strike up a cigarette and get started, leaving burns all over his balls while smacking, grabbing, and twisting them to make sure he is in constant agony. My twisting is so vigorous that one of his testicles pops out of the chastity device, so I take the moment to free him…temporarily. All that really means is that his cock and balls are more susceptible to My tortures. Noticing his disgusting ball hairs, I set them on fire with My lighter under his saggy balls, slapping and punching him in the groin for being disheveled and slovenly in My presence.

Never yours, An Li
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FemmeFataleFilms – July 10, 2019 – Slave, Mistress Akella

Never Say No – Day 2

No matter how hard the treatment, the slave must remember never to utter the word no. This proves a little difficult when the punishment level is ramped up. He is chained to the dungeon wall is this session and subjected to an extreme flogging and whipping ordeal, to make the most hardened of slaves fall to their knees begging for mercy. When Mistress decides to take a break, she makes her slave hold her booted legs up whilst she enjoys a cigarette. He must serve as a human ashtray and spittoon, inhaling her precious smokey exhales and serve his purpose as a receptacle for whatever she wants to dispose of.
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FetishLiza – Smoking in Leather Chap Boots

How do you like my leather chap boots? Aren’t they just delicious? They accentuate my ASS so perfectly. I am going to relax with a cigarette as you watch me SMOKE and admire my leathers. I know this gets you so hard and weak. Follow my cigarette on my chap boots and adore my smokey mouth and lips. Adore your Fetish Mistress.
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Clubdom – Kendra Heart’s Ash and, Spit Boy

Kendra Heart is smoking hot. Literally. She lights her cigarette and, ashes all over her slave’s face and, in his mouth. She takes long, slow spits onto her slave’s face.
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KinkyMistresses – Kennya`s Sissy Smoking Slut

Mistress Kennya´s sissy slut is the perfect human ashtray. She has so beautiful big red lips and her mouth is all the time wide open to recieve the ash from her Mistress
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Natalya And Veronica – Sorority Girls Share Human Ashtray

It’s Veronica’s first week at college and she’s met a new friend, Natalya. Natalya invites Veronica back to her sorority house and shows her around. The sorority house is full of slaves, each of which has been assigned a specific role. Natalya shows Veronica the ashtray slave. They keep him out in the cold garage of the on-campus house. Natalya explains that they keep the ashtray slave’s face covered because he looks poor. The ashtray slave swallows the cigarette ash of the rich, bratty, girls. This is what happens to puny beta males who get into college with a needs-based scholarship. Wealthy sorority brats turn them into human ashtrays in the opulent sorority house. The girls giggle while they put their cigarettes right out on the financially challenged beta male’s tongue. They even make him chew and swallow the butts.
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DirtyDommes – Nasty human ashtray part 2

Enjoying a cigarette is extra fun when you have a human ashtray around you can fill up with spit and ashes. Mistress Courtney and I, Fetish Liza, make good use of our smoking object.
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YoungGoddessKim – Disregarded Ashtray

You are nothing but an ashtray to Me. That’s the only way I allow you to serve Me. you get the best view from under My desk, looking up to your Goddess as I enjoy My cigarette. Admiring My stocking clad crossed legs as I pull out a cigarette and casually smoke while completely ignoring you. I only acknowledge your existence when I need to flick My ash into your mouth. Open wide ashtray!
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MistressGaia – Ultimate Bootdoms

I’m with my beautiful friend at the House of Sinn. We have a slave that is going to enjoy the luxury of worshiping our boots. He is already on his knees, and we are using him as our footstool. His cock is also in chastity, and perhaps he can raise a throbber for us. Of course, it won’t mean he will enjoy any freedom. As we allow him to lick and worship our boots, we both decide to enjoy a relaxing cigarette. Our slut has to remain on his knees on the floor, and make sure he continues with his licking. Eventually, we decide to use him as our human ashtray. He has to make sure he keeps that mouth of his open as we both flick our ash into his mouth. Our bitch chokes even more, as we take turns blowing delicious clouds of smoke into his face. As we finish our cigarettes, we stub them out on his tongue making sure he chews and swallows the butt ends. Before we are finished with our bitch, we give him some slaps on his ass and balls to make sure he remains obedient. He’s a fortunate slut to have been used and abused by two beautiful bootdoms…
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MandyFlores – Extreme Smoking And More W/ray

Slave ray has been residing in my dungeon bathroom for 2 long nights. I thought it was time to feed him a special treat!! Of course with him being a non smoker it was important I let him sacrifice for me by allowing him to inhale my 2nd hand smoke…. and then flick my ashes on his tongue, and put the cherry on his tongue, and then find a nice safe place to put my cigarette out before I feed him the main course.
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