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GoddessAlexandraSnow – House Slave Vacancy

I’ve come to the conclusion that the day to day upkeep of my home and office should no longer be my problem. Why should I be doing all of the cleaning and organizing when there is a line of willing slave boys to pick up the slack? So I’ve come to you all with a proposal. I have rules and expectations required of a house slave and I will go down the list in this clip. Do you think you can handle such an intimate job like this with discretion and obedience? Are you sure? Keep watching.
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SensualPain – May 12, 2019: Acquired Redhead: DS Mind Managing | Abigail Dupree

This new redheaded female slave, recently acquired a few days ago from the reliable slave trading post here on the Portland Oregon south shoring docks, is in dire need of training.

Master James reflects after securing her in the tall standing cage after her morning cleaning task; She has only been here at the training yard for just a couple of days. She is still weak and frail from the long trip on the slow boat from the northern regions of Norway, One of my favorite types of fresh meat. She is pail and frail with no manners suitable for a Masters needs, but she is getting better. He is till confident that she will trim up nicely after a few weeks working and eating proper under His skilled heavy hand.

Training can thus be described as a deliberate process of transformation that not only permanently establishes a D ⁄ S constellation in psychodynamic processes, but can and should also permanently change perspectives, the reality of life and, last but not least, the personality of all persons involved.

In order to understand the functioning of each exercise, therefore, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between the routines (rules, dressage , training, etc.) as the activating instruments of a training and the subordinate levels of psychological convergence on which they operate. Every action, Every reaction is to be judged and weighted from this point of view. Sexual aspects are also to be judged from this point of view, and by no means of greater importance than any other element of training.

If training is understood in this sense, ie as an instrumental-operant mind-managing and carried out with the necessary discipline , even against oneself, the training will lead to the desired results.

In this second documentation of this new slave, the training consists of studying her temperament while being incarcerated in a standing cage, confined for a couple of hours as Master James attends to other projects, A slave will learn to wait till it is needed by those of superiority. Master returns to bring her to the main dungeon with a little groping to see how well she is responding. She is man handled by her vertical bar restraint to be restrained on the hitching post for the daily flogging. This helps her to get to out of the frail state. There was a small amount of verbal discipline and face slapping, a test to see how well she can escape here restraints and the reciting the slaves creed for the in-service type slave. Master James finds her progress to be better and will continue the training of strict enforcement, as you will see with clarity.
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MandyFlores – Boot Bitch II : FEMALE DOMINATION

Time for some advanced slave training humiliation.

you have made a suitable footstool, but I grow tired of such mundane slave activities. It’s time to have you crawl on your hands and knees, blindfolded on a leash, to teach you true obedience even when you are in pain. Of course you will be thirsty from your pathetic efforts to please Me, so I quench your thirst with one of the few liquids I allow you to have….. My spit. First directly into your mouth, then off of My boots that you have been cleaning with your tongue. Oh yes, suck on that heel slave! After that My precious feet have gotten incredibly sweaty and stinky inside those hot leather boots, so of course I take the opportunity to really bless you with some fresh, lint and sweat covered toes in your mouth! Suck them clean slave boy!

NowMy man is going to be coming home soon, and I know he will want you ready to relieve him of his load of spunk, so let’s have you practice sucking and licking My strap on. No gagging! How many times must I slap your face before you learn gagging and complaining is not allowed! Last but not least, preparing you to clean His asshole with your tongue. Push your tongue deeper so He may derive some pleasure from your services. Fuck it, I think you are going to finally get the treatment you have been dreaming of…. BEND OVER!! you have one chance to put some spit on your about-to-be-violated-asshole, so hurry up!

There you go… take My huge dildo right up your ass. I think Master may be pleased with you tonight, maybe next time you can watch us fuck and get your favorite treat… My anal creampie!….Mandy Flores
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AstroDomina – DONT FUCK WITH SYDNEY Part 2

Now that my slave is warmed up, time for the REAL action. He’s about to get an ass load he won’t soon forget! After binding her slave up nice and tight in Part 1, loosening his mangina with a butt plug and telling him what his future holds, Sydney finally decides he’s ready to take her strapon. This is her absolute favorite part, hearing her bitch boys moan and feeling them squirm as she shoves her big black cock up their ass! You can hear her excitement at watching it vanish inside their asshole, fucking them deep and hard.

The strapon session just keeps getting more intense as his struggles turn Sydney on more and more. She torments him about his locked up cock and says his cage will be staying on even though she’ll be fucking him all the time from now on. Yes, this is only the beginning of a long frustrating life of being her strapon slut.. She informs him that tomorrow she says she’s going to adjust to an even bigger strapon, and she’ll keep fucking him day after day after day while he just becomes her personal fuck doll stuck in chastity..
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FemdomInsider – Red Devil Slaps Harder

Miss Lesly looks all devilish in her red lingerie and matching stiletto heeled pumps for this brand new slapping feature. Her chubby slave just stares at her, completly under her spell, and lets her slap his face with anger, increasing the speed of her strokes until the guy begs for her to stop.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – My Giant Cock

I have some dangerous plans for your little slut hole today, slave. You see this cock? This cock is going in our ass. No use crying about it. This is the biggest cock I have that will fit on a strap on. I need to be sure that no mater who I bring home, you’re going to be able to service him. I mean, I know porn stars. I know guys with dicks longer and thicker than my arm. What kind of a Domina am I if I can’t lend my slave to any of my friends. How embarrassed would I be if I had to tell him “Oh no, your cock is too big. He can’t possibly take that.” Unacceptable. So lube up and bend over slut. You’re going to feel this dick tapping your adam’s apple.
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FemdomInsider – Stairway Footjob – Mistress Elizabeth

Mistress Elizabeth sits on her dungeon’s stairway, chilling out while wanking her slave with her delicious feet. In a rare moment of unselfishness, she changes her original plan of treating him to a long tease and denial exercise and lets the guy have a break and cum all over her sluttish stockings.
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It’s a new year, sluts! With the new year comes new years resolutions. I happen to have a new year’s resolution, but not for me. This one is for you. This year your resolution is the learn to suck cock and like it. See, I’m tired of these sissy slaves that always want to be teased and spanked but never want to do the real work. This year you’re going to do the real work. I’m going to describe to you how you’re going to accomplish this task all while a litany of cocksucking boys fill up the screen next to me. You’re going to work to love the idea of sucking cock for your Goddess. This is your one and only goal.
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There’s a sense of power with me that you don’t get with anyone else. You’ve watched my videos time and time again and you’re devoted to me utterly. I can see that in you. My voice is the inner monologue in your mind. My power can reach in and do as it likes inside that mind of yours. I want this control to be complete over you. I want to be able to snap my fingers and send you spiraling down into trance in a moment. No induction. No countdown. Instant. This is your ultimate goal. If my videos have not already brainwashed your mind for total control, then that is your assignment. You’ll be mine in an instant.
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FemdomInsider – Cane me, Mistress

Misstress Nataly is angry today and she gets rid of her anger by punishing her slave. She bends her slave over her spanking horse and she warms him up with a flogger. Once the slave’s ass is burning hot, she picks up her cane and punishes his ass ruthlessly.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Positive Reinforcement Trance

There are moments in your life where you feel downtrodden. You feel like the world has disrespected you, overlooked you, or dismissed you. For many of you there are moments of humiliation in your day to day lives that you never escape. Now some of you have turned this into a fetish. Feeding on a thing that would otherwise shut you down. But I know that this isn’t always possible. Sometimes a good slave needs a bit of positive reinforcement to bolster his confidence and set him on the path to be the best slave he can be. Today I’m going to do this for you. I’m going to walk you through this place where my words of encouragement are the only reality. I want to build you up. Your service is better and more efficient when there is some confidence in your that you can be a good slave. This is what I want from you. I want to encourage you to do all the things that make you better. You are my property after all. Don’t I deserve the best?
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FemdomInsider – Gorgeous Mistress, Brutal Spanking

Miss Dolce has to her slave in position bended over a small bench, exposing his butt and willing to be punished after a long day of misbehaving. The slave is writhing in pain with each heavy whack that Miss Dolce gives him with her paddle.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Anal Training for Tight Holes

I know you pride yourself in having a tight little slut hole. Unfortunately having such a tight little hole means that I can’t fuck you the way I want to fuck you. I want to be able to shove my biggest cocks up your ass and it’s so much easier when you get it nice and loose for me. You don’t want me to have to do extra work, do you? I thought not. So let’s talk about sizing. I’m going to show you the best ways to size up that slutty hole for me so I can fuck it with whatever size cock I want. I’m going to show you how to fuck yourself in the ass. You need to be ready for my cock, or whatever cock I tell you to take, whenever I want. Time to start sizing up your little pucker.
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FemdomInsider – Slapping Punishment – Mistress Soraya

Mistress Soraya the slave an extreme face slapping in the hall way of her house. She feels no pity for the slave as she continues to trash his face with full force face slaps. This is another fantastic face slapping clip from the angry Mistress.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Reducing Your Masculinity

It’s a shame there aren’t more women out in the world like me. Men require training to be fully functioning members of society. They need to be taught to think with their heads and not their cocks. It takes real dominant women like me to teach you how to be people. You all think they sexual aspects of my training are the most important, but that’s not true. I teach you how to listen and follow instructions. I teach you how to communicate your desires and be in touch with your feelings. You get caught up in the swirling vortex of toxic masculinity. The things I teach you are considered a taboo socially, which makes them inherently sexual to you. But it’s so much more than that. Luckily for you, you have me. Continuing your servitude and listening to my instructions trains you out of the unfavorable masculine traits you’re trained to have in the real world. Your servitude is not only a service to me, but a service to yourself and all of the innocent women who don’t have to deal with another asshole alpha male.
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