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MistressT – High Class Sissy Trained

Not all sissy sluts are dirty little cum dumpsters. Some aspire to serve in a more refined setting. Finding the delicate balance between trashy and tasteful can take some training. This lucky sissy learns how to walk smoothly in high heels while carrying a serving tray. Then she practices her cock sucking skills while getting fucked in the ass with a huge cock. It’s important for her to be able to multi-task well and continue to keep her poise and technique.
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Kendra James – Disobedient Slut Pegging

Mistress Kendra James continues her training of slave Aubrey. Aubrey is on her hands and knees with Mistress Kendra controlling the fucking machine. Mistress tests her ability to take a hard fucking, then spit-roasts her. Aubrey is getting fucked in her mouth and ass at the same time!

After Aubrey is loosened up Mistress Kendra bends her over the cage for a proper pegging. Aubrey becomes more obedient as she surrenders to Kendra’s cock. Aubrey becomes very aroused while getting fucked on her back, Mistress gives her permission to pleasure herself while getting fucked. Aubrey spills a huge load all over herself then Mistress Kendra puts her back into her slave cage.
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DirtyTransDolls – Sasha’s obedient sissy slave part 2

Sissy slave Natalie needs to fully concentrate on holding Sasha’s make-up mirror straight…even when I spank her and stuff her butthole with a cock. She is such a good and obedient gurl!
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Good boy! You did a solid job sucking Kiki’s cock. Now it’s time for your next lesson. You will learn that Kiki wears the pants now. Kiki wears the cock now. You wear the sissy dress now. You will learn to take Kiki’s cock in your tight virgin ass. Kiki is going to stretch out your ass and make you her slut. You can pretend to be macho in the outside world but from now on, behind closed doors, you are Kiki’s bitch!
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SubbyHubby – Learning to Suck (POV) – Kiki Klout

“On your knees, naked with your mouth open. This the way that you will greet me when I come home from now on!” Kiki Klout has just bought a new toy. It is sitting next to her in the car when she leaves this strange message on your voicemail. You are not man enough for Kiki. She has decided to turn you into her cock sucking bitch. You will learn to suck every inch of Kiki’s big black cock. You will learn to love it. You will become her cock loving whore. Or you will be replaced! It’s your choice. She knows you will be waiting for her cock when she gets home.
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SubbyHubby – Becoming Vanessa’s Servant Part 6: Strap On

Goddess Vanessa’s bitch has finally made it to the last phase of becoming Vanessa’s servant. The final test is taking Goddess Vanessa’s huge cock. There are plenty of other applicants fighting for this position, so he better do a good job sucking and getting fucked by Vanessa’s cock. The bitch eagerly takes Vanessa’s cock in his mouth. Deep throating and gagging on her giant strap on. Once the cock is totally covered in the bitch’s spit, Vanessa bends her slut over the couch and rams her cock into his tight hole. Goddess Vanessa makes her sissy beg for her cock as she pounds and slaps his ass. Vanessa gets tired of fucking him from behind so she flips him over and fucks him like a whore with his legs spread and his feet in the air. Goddess Vanessa has trained this sissy to be her complete cock whore. He loves every moment of it! Now the bitch wants to know if he has passed the test to become Vanessa’s sissy servant. Goddess Vanessa tells her sissy that before she will tell him anything, he must clean her cock with his mouth and tongue. Tasting all of his ass juice! Next he must give his Goddess all of his credit cards. The bitch has proven that he really wants to be Vanessa’s servant. Goddess Vanessa dismisses her bitch, telling him that she will think about approving him as her servant. The bitch crawls out of the room, not knowing his fate.
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SubbyHubby – Becoming Vanessa’s Servant Part 4: Paddling

Goddess Vanessa is checking her bank account and finds out that the bitch’s first two payments have cleared but the third one is still pending. Before the bitch can move on to the fourth phase of becoming Vanessa’s servant, the funds must clear. Goddess is going to stretch out her sissy’s ass but now she has decided to paddle his ass first. Goddess Vanessa has her sissified bitch bend over her office table to receive his beating. Using her leather paddle, Goddess Vanessa begins warming up her sissy’s ass. The bitch cries out in pain with each blow but Vanessa makes her sissy beg for more. Goddess Vanessa mercilessly beats her bitch’s ass until it is bright red. Now that ass is ready to be fucked! However, Vanessa informs her bitch that the terms have changed. The sissy will now have to pay $1000 for the honor of going to the next phase of getting his slut-hole pounded. And if he doesn’t complete all of the phases then he will be released. The bitch agrees to Vanessa’s terms. What other choice does he have?
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SubbyHubby – Becoming Vanessa’s Servant Part 5: Ass Stretching

Goddess Vanessa wants to know if her sissy bitch is ready for phase 5 of his servant training. The bitch says yes, but Goddess Vanessa isn’t so sure. She is wearing a huge black cock that she is about to pound her sissy with, but first she wants to beat his ass some more. She already punished his bare bottom with her small leather paddle. But her servants need to be able to take more pain that that! She is now holding a larger wooden paddle with holes drilled it it for maximum pain. She bends her sissy over, on the couch and paddles her bitch several times. Just to give her sissy an idea of what will happen if he ever displeases her. Now that his ass is completely ready, Vanessa uses her large corkscrew shaped butt plug to open her slave’s ass. Her cock is huge and she wants him to able to take every inch. By the time Goddess Vanessa is done pushing and turning the corkscrew into the sissy ass, he is a blubbering mess. Too bad for him. Goddess Vanessa’s servants take everything that pleases her. Whether its humiliation, pain or pleasure. Finally, the pathetic sissy must clean his filth off the freshly used butt plug. How degrading it is for him to suck his own ass juice. Now the bitch is ready for the final test!
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SubbyHubby – Becoming Vanessa’s Servant Part 3: Foot Worship

Goddess Vanessa has her bitch fully dressed as a sissy on his knees in front of her, sitting on the couch. Her bitch is trying to become her servant and has passed the first two phases of his initiation. Now he has to worship his Goddess’s feet. Vanessa is talking to her bitch as she is dangling her high heel shoe off her perfect feet. She tells her sissy that before he can touch her feet, he must smell her shoe. She tells him to breathe in deep and smell her essence. Her servant must love her scent. Whether it’s her pussy, ass, feet or shoes! Now the sissy needs to show his Goddess his skill and enthusiasm while worshipping her feet. Watch as the pathetic bitch sucks her toes and licks her soles. The whole time Goddess Vanessa’s perfect pussy and ass is naked and right in front of him. Too bad he can only lick and touch her feet! Goddess Vanessa isn’t totally pleased with her sissy bitch, but reluctantly agrees to allow him to move on to phase 4. She warns her bitch that she isn’t going to be so nice from now on and paints his dick sucking lips with bright red lipstick. She informs him that in phase 4 he will learn how to take her cock and writes “cock whore” on his chest with the lipstick. The bitch tells his Goddess that he is ready to accept his fate in the next phase of training!
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Goddess Vanessa’s new potential servant, Gabe, who is now known as the bitch, has passed phase 1 of Vanessa’s screening process. For phase 2, the bitch is going to have to become a perfect sissy for Vanessa. Goddess Vanessa puts a wig and lipstick on his dick sucking lips. Then she has her bitch try on several frilly sissy outfits. Finally, Vanessa finds the perfect outfit for her bitch. Sexy black lingerie with matching stockings and garters. Gabe looks like such a slut! Now Vanessa has the bitch show off her new outfit by shaking his ass and twirling around as she smacks his bare ass with a riding crop. She tells the bitch that if he doesn’t shake his ass good enough then she will hit him harder. Vanessa humiliates her bitch even more by making him do a “sexy” dance for her. When Goddess Vanessa asks the bitch how he thinks he is doing so far, the bitch says “good.” Wrong answer! It doesn’t matter what the bitch thinks. But even though he is a pathetic bitch, Vanessa has been entertained, at least. The bitch passes phase 2 but we will see if he can handle phase 3!
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SubbyHubby – Kiki Trains the Bitch (Full Movie)

Goddess Kiki has her submissive sissy cleaning her house today. Kiki appreciates the good job that her sissy has done cleaning so she decides to have some fun! Goddess Kiki’s sissy bitch is wearing a hot pink dress, a pink collar and has a chastity cage locking up his little cock. Goddess Kiki begins the fun by teasing her locked slut with her pussy. The party continues as she makes him worship her ass. Imagine how much agony the sissy is in while he eats Kiki’s ass with his cock locked tightly in chastity. The torment goes on as Kiki pleases herself with a dildo and her Hitachi. Kiki orgasms and squirts her pussy juice all over her helpless slave. Later, Goddess Kiki gets horny again as she is watching her sissy clean the pool. She makes him fuck her with a dildo gag as he is still in chastity. Finally, Goddess Kiki trains her bitch how to take her big strap on cock. The sissy has done a good job today but he has a lot more work to do until he is Kiki’s perfect bitch!
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SubbyHubby – Kiki Trains the Bitch Part 6: Sissy Gets Fucked

What is a sissy that doesn’t like to be fucked? Obviously, part of Goddess Kiki’s sissy training is learning how to take cock. A good sissy loves to suck cock, loves to be fucked by cock and is good at sucking and fucking cock. Since the sissy’s cock is locked up until further notice, he will have to get his pleasure in other ways. Goddess Kiki tells her bitch to get on his knees and suck her big strap on cock. He better suck it good and get it nicely lubed or he will have to have his tight asshole fucked dry. After giving Kiki a blowjob the sissy is put on the bondage horse to be fucked. The bitch looks pathetic as he hugs the bench and cries while Kiki pounds his ass. Don’t worry, the slut will learn to take even bigger cocks soon. And he will love it!
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SubbyHubby – Husband to Whore – Crystal Rush

Crystal Rush’s pathetic husband is on his knees dressed like a complete sissy slut. He is wearing black frilly lingerie complete with stockings and garters. He is also wearing a wig and has “whore” written across his chest in red lipstick. How humiliating! Crystal reminds her submissive bitch that he has agreed to do anything she wants or she will divorce him and take half of his money and stuff. He agrees that he accepts these terms and accepts his new life as Crystal’s bitch. What Crystal wants now is for him to be her strap on whore! She commands him to suck her big fat purple cock. She doesn’t just want him to suck it. She wants him to enjoy it, love it and suck her cock with enthusiasm and gratefulness. After her slut has given a satisfactory blow job, it’s time to plow that ass! Crystal bends her bitch over the couch and fucks his tight sissy ass. This isn’t “making love” this is good old fashioned fucking! Crystal is laughing hysterically at her pathetic humiliated crying husband when she is done pounding his ass. Just another step towards becoming Crystal’s perfect sissy husband!
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Femdom Sanity

Lance is stuck in a padded room, and must undergo a little femdom therapy if he wants to get out. Rene Phoenix and Alice decide that his balls need some abuse so Rene slaps his nuts, grabs them and puts him on the ground. Alice straddles his face, muffling his screams with her pussy, smothering him with her perfect fishnet covered ass while Rene slaps, kicks and knees his balls.

It looks like so much fun that they trade places. Rene scissors Lance’s head while Alice pounds his balls with kicks and steps on his cock and balls with her high heels. When they are done with him them make him crawl across the room to suck on Alice’s high heel while they decide what to do with him next.

After some giggling, Alice tells Rene that she wants to see him get fucked hard with a strap-on, and Rene loves that idea…

After some heavy ball abuse and face sitting, Lance is on his back with his legs in the air and Rene’s big strapon deep in his ass. The two beautiful girls kiss each other while Rene pounds his ass. Just to fuck with his head, Alice puts her mouth on his cock while Rene pounds his ass, moving his dick in and out of Alice’s mouth, mixing amazing pleasure and complete domination.

They stand him up against the wall to get pounded harder. Alice holds him by the cock while Rene rails him from behind. They make him scream that he loves it and beg them to let him cum like a good slut.

Rene is still pounding Lance’s ass hard and Alice decides to be kind and let him cum. She gets on her knees and sucks his cock, which is being driven in and out of her smiling mouth from Rene pounding Lance from behind with her purple cock.

They break him and make him love the strapon in his ass and he finally cums all over Alice. Therapy is concluded.
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Description: Goddess Crystal has her whore sissy slave over to the house today. Crystal teaches her slut how to suck her cock. She rams her big black strap on down her sissy’s throat. Now that her cock is lubed with sissy spit, Crystal bends her slut over and pounds his ass from behind. After tiring of this position, Crystal has her slut lie down on his back with his stocking legs and feet in the air. She bounces up and down with her cock in his ass. This is the treatment that sluts need and deserve!
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