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DirtyTransDolls – Lilly’s leather debut part 2

After worshipping my sexy heels, TV shoe slut will be fucked by them in her butthole. It makes her leak precum so much! But she is not allowed to cum.
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DirtyDommes – Stiletto shoe slave training part 1

Beautiful heels deserve to be shiny and polished at all times. Of course we have a shoe slave for that honour but this one needs to be trained still. As he kneels in front of us, we present him our stilettos and watch how he carefully uses his tongue to brush the patent leather and how he uses his mouth to suck the dirt of the heels.
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DirtyTransDolls – Lillys leather debut part 1

A blast from the past, the debut of TV Lilly Leather and as her name suggests this Tgirl adores leather. So I put her to work on my leather skirt and make her clean my plug heel shoes. Those heels will go deep inside her fuckhole later.
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GoddessFootDomination – Can He Take It? – Goddess Brianna

Goddess Brianna is seated before a kneeling slave. She instructs him to assume the default position. This isn’t his first time serving but he seems to have forgotten everything! The slave is told to assume the next position, bow, and makes several mistakes in posture.

Taking her crop in hand, Goddess Brianna seeks to correct her slave’s forgetfulness. The slave is made to count off ten strokes, thanking her with each lash. Still scatterbrained, the slave makes mistakes time and again. His bare ass is struck again and again as his behavior is corrected.

For the next phase of his punishment the slave is made to clean the heels of his Goddess. She’s walked all over in them, restrooms, parking lots, a dirty convention floor. He licks all of the filth off her shoes and recites aloud the positions he had forgotten. Goddess Brianna details how pathetic she finds her slave as he sucks on her heels.

A short while later, Goddess is relaxing with a glass of wine. Inspecting her heels, she finds a lone hair which the slave must clean off and consume as his snack. Goddess allows her slave to worship her bare feet next. She gives detailed instructions and presses down on his balls when his attempt is found wanting. As the slave has his tongue used as a foot wipe a knock comes at the door. The next slave has arrived and this disappointing one is summarily dismissed.
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DirtyDommes – Cruel slave audition part 1

We are holding slave auditions and the first one is about to get tested. How will he score on his boot and shoe worshiping skills? Will his ass be tight or ready to be fucked? And how good is he at sucking cock?
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YoungGoddessKim – Entertainment On Demand

I took this slave out of chastity this morning, made it kneel naked in a corner and handcuffed it while I went out for the day. I told it that maybe when I got back home I’ll let it have a much anticipated orgasm. Haha, we’ll see. I arrived home and I can see the pain and frustration on its face – but that is still not pleasing enough. I want to make it suffer even more. I uncuff the bitch and make it lick My soles clean first, then order it to start stroking its pathetic thing right in front of Me. If it wants to cum, it must try and convince Me just how desperate it really is. Making it stop just when it thinks I’ll allow it to cum is very entertaining, so I decide to make it a game for when My gfs come over later tonight. It becomes more and more pathetic and humiliated as I describe how We’ll use it tonight. I take pics of it while its on its knees licking My shoes to show My gfs how amusing having a slave can be. Well, they’ll find out later when I present to them My personal “Entertainment on Demand”
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Miss Tina is so cruel, she knows how much her TV shoe slut loves to worship her high heels and how horny she always gets, but Tina only wants to tease her. An orgasm is not allowed, a heel whore should be able to control her urges and fully focus on pleasuring the Mistress.
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DirtyTransDolls – Tranny teased by her heels part 1

Miss Tina loves her shoe collection and has a special TV maid for keeping them in pristine condition. She also loves to tease her with her bare feet and high heels. The maid must try to remain calm and unflustered, which is a hard task at hand when kneeling in front of such a beautiful Domme.
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FetishLiza – The ultimate luxury shoe worship

You have worked hard as my shoe licker to get in this fortunate position, you are now allowed to carefully worship these expensive and fragile Louboutin shoes. You will need to focus 100% and watch your tongue, teeth and the amount of spit you will use to map out these beauties. I will watch you closely as you lick my red soles and my high heels with care. You belong underneath my shoes…always.
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DirtyDommes – Shoe and latex slave milked part 1

Sluts need to have their cocks locked up! Only once in a while, when they have been behaving very good, they get unlocked for a much needed release. If they work for it and earn it, like this rubber slave. He must show his devotion and gently lick our high heels, he must suffer and feel the pain as his chastity cage gets tighter and tighter once we tease him with our legs, feet and shoes
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GoddessFootDomination – Who’s In Control Now? – Sophia Leone

Sophia wants to go party with her friends but Uncle Jack has other ideas. He has his niece bent over his knee receiving a spanking. She’s not going anywhere dressed like that so long as he’s in control. Squirming free of her uncle’s clutches, Sophia is hit with an ultimatum. Leave the house like that and she can forget all about her Spring Break trip. Sophia relents to Uncle Jack’s threat and agrees to stay in for the evening. Іhortly following this exchange, Uncle Jack is reading at the table. A freshly docile Sophia even bring him a nice cold drink. Oddly enough, he passes out face down after only a few sips…

Uncle Jack awakes to find he’s bound and gagged with duct tape along with having his cock locked securely in a chastity cage! He feebly tries to negotiate out of the situation to no avail. In control now, Sophia forces her shoes down her pervert uncle’s throat. Over his protestations, Jack is forced to extend his tongue as a nice foot wipe to get Sophia’s shoes cleaned for her night out. Much later, Sophia returns to find her uncle sleeping in her bed. She wakes him and regales him with the tale of her evening out. Sophia decides she wants her uncle to clean her sweaty feet from a night of dancing. Jack has to lick all over her feet, sucking on the heel as well as her toes.

The chastity cage is unlocked and Sophia tells her pervert uncle to stroke himself as he worships her feet. She taunts him and takes incriminating photos with her phone. Uncle Jack has to agree to not only keep her behavior a secret, he also has to fully pay for her upcoming trip!

Jack brings himself to orgasm, coating his niece’s feet as she videos him for safekeeping. She makes her uncle clean his spill off her feet with his tongue as a final act of revenge.
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FetishLiza – So Kate shoe licker

New slave, new shoes. He has brought me a lovely pair of So Kate patent heels as a gift and is the first to worship them below me. I love testing new shoe lickers and I can see how excited he is getting from being touched by those stiletto heels. He will be teased but not released.
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GoddessFootDomination – Goddess Brianna – Vulnerable Foot Slave

Goddess Brianna has her latest foot slave in quite a predicament. He stands before her, hands bound and balls painfully stretched by a five pound weight. She first teases him with her feet adorned in strappy high heeled sandals. A commitment to suffer for his owner is secured and immediately acted upon. Goddess Brianna doles out a lesson in posture, form, pain and humility. The slave is made to swing the weight between his legs and has it dropped by his Goddess. She then begins to kick the weight, showing off her beautiful pedicured feet encased in the sandals. Several kicks are administered as Goddess Brianna continues to admonish the slave for posture and flinching. Soon a very heavy kick leaves the foot slave doubled over and made to kiss the very foot that brought him low.

Next the slave stands before his seated Goddess in a chastity cage. She uses a vibrating wand on his cage that leaves him visibly trembling. Made to lie down, the slave is allowed a few opportunities to kiss her shoes between feeling the heels digging deeply into his tender flesh. Ultimately Goddess Brianna has her slave pledge continued suffering for the opportunity to one day worship her bare feet.
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Santa and Mrs. Clause are discussing the upcoming holiday excitement. This is the busiest time of year for this family and it can get a little stressful. They’ve heard rumors that the elves have been slacking off in the workshop, so the senior elf has been called in to report on progress. It is soon revealed that the elves are way behind on work completion. Mrs. Clause is furious and instructs the young elf to prepare for an attitude adjustment. The elf lies across Santa’s knee and lowers her head to kiss Mrs. Clause’s tall leather boots. Santa commences with a long series of slaps to the elf’s bare bottom. The senior elf cries out for mercy, but the spanking only intensifies. Mrs. Clause tells her to worship her boot to show respect. Santa takes several deep sniffs of the elf’s bare soles and can barely detect any foot smell: this is an indication that she hasn’t been working very hard. Mrs. Clause responds by paddling the elf’s butt as well as the soles of her feet with a large candy cane. Once they feel sufficient punishment has been administered, they dispatch the senior elf back to the workshop with a promise of more of the same if this pattern of failure continues.
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FetishLiza – Pay for My heel fetish part 2

After spending all his money on new shoes, my heel slut must now worship each pair whilst I sit back, relax and take pictures of his humiliated face.
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