Goddess Harley – Leggy Job Applicant

I’m your new applicant for the job at your company… and I already know that I’m getting the job! I see you staring at my stocking legs and feet… Kneel and learn that you belong beneath me. Worship my shoes, My legs and me stocking feet.
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Men Are Slaves – Inhale Their Stink

Foot bitch is still busy cleaning all the high heels of Princess Sara and Goddess Jessica. It’s a lot of work to remove all that filth and stink, but the crack of their whip will get him working at a faster pace.
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Ella Kross – Slaves Licks My New Thigh-High Leather Boots Clean!

Do you like my shiny new thigh-high leather boots? I think they’re quite sexy, and my slave here happens to agree. I have an obsession with keeping my boots clean, even if they’ve barely been worn, and put him to work polishing them with his mouth. “Put your tongue out!” I demand, and make him lick them while I take a seat and watch. “Clean them… up and down!” I tell him sternly as I supervise the job he’s doing. I watch him like a hawk, making sure he’s giving me his best effort and not slacking off. It appears he needs more lube, so I have him open his mouth and spit directly into it before having him lick my boots again. I have him suck one of my heels, then the other, and spit into his mouth again to make sure it remains properly lubricated. He’s not allowed to stop cleaning these boots until I say he can!
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Clubstiletto – You Like That Don’t You Part 2

This is the second and last clip in this extreme trampling series. Gorgeous, and no light weight, Domina Ruby, has been playing a game with her slave. She has four pairs of shoes and boots and the slave is to change each for her while she tramples him. That means each time she lifts a foot, all her weight is on the other foot. She does not leave his body when the footwear is being changed. Ruby keeps the slave focused with her verbals, warning him not to make a mistake or else. By the time she is done, his body is well covered in deep stiletto marks, which the camera catches up closely. We open Part 2 with her standing on the slave with one stiletto on his face, the other on his stomach. The slave is anxious to prove his worth and helps guide her back foot so they are both on his face. As the Goddess steps back and presses both heels into his stomach the slave comments how he loves her weight. “I am more than my beautiful ass.”, she reminds him. Ruby then decides to switch to the next pair of shoes, these have a high red heel on them and you can feel the slaves pain as he struggles to get them on her feet. Ruby is very controlled but direct in speaking, she expects the slave to perform and is comfortable with his pain as she knows this is what he needs. She tells the slave to hold her legs to stabilize her and the slave comments how these heels feel as sharp as nails. “Yes, I like my heels that way.”, she says, adding, “You’re like a modern day Jesus, aren’t you?” She again steps on his face and leans over to make sure the full weight is on his head. Ruby tells him it’s time to switch into the last pair of footwear, the second set of boots. He tries to remove the front boot and then the back but the way her legs are spread make it incredibly painful and virtually impossible, but ruby does not move and tells him he has to decide which shoe to remove. He opts for the front one and then has the difficult task of placing knee high boots on both feet. “Making such a scene because he’s in such excruciating pain.”, she says to the camera, rolling her eyes. Once the boots are on, Ruby decides to have some fun by jumping on the slaves stomach, giving him a final kiss of her boot and then dismounting so the camera can pick up the damage her various heels have inflicted on the slave. Ruby looks down on him and says, “Hmm, it’s a start.” This slave is already thinking about his next epic encounter with this divine Domina.
Mistress: Domina Ruby
Categories: Trampling, Shoe & Boot Worship, Bbw, Stilettos, Verbal Humiliation
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Clubstiletto – Earn Your Way Up to My Feet

Princess Skylar is all decked out in her sexy, strappy sandals, but the weather has turned and she has to abandon her walk. Instead, she uses the time to train a slave. He has a foot fetish, but must earn his way up to her feet by worshiping her shoes first. He is made to lick the heel, the dirty soles, and then is permitted to lick the tops of her feet through the lacing of her sandals. Of course, he must take care not to get the leather of her expensive shoes wet! Then Skylar orders her slave to thoroughly lick her toes and consider any toe jam he may encounter between them, his lunch. Next, she makes him remove her shoes with his teeth- and he struggles with both the zipper and the laces. Skylar is left to finish the job, but informs him he will be punished. First he must lick her bare feet clean, then as punishment, he must lick an even dirtier part: her ass.
Mistress: Princess Skylar
Category: Foot Domination, Shoe & Boot Worship, Sandals, Foot Worship, High Heels, Foot Slave Training
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American Mean Girls – Laughing At The Shoe Licker

To get this clip for less money click here Laughing At The Shoe Licker (1080 HD)After we beat the slave, we allowed him to whimper at our feet as a reward. There is no Real Man on earth that would allow himself to be treated this way. After Princess Beverly and I remind him that we are superior we make him lick the bottom of our boots. Princess Bella and Princess Beverly
Category: Foot Worship, Shoe & Boot Worship, Shoe Fetish, Foot Domination, Female Domination, Princess Bella, Princess Beverly
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Ella Kross – Having My Feet Worshiped in My Back Yard!

Soaking up some sun in my back yard, I summon a slave and he quickly comes crawling on his hands and knees. When I instruct him to kiss my shoes, he wastes no time doing as told like a good slave. Next I make him lick my shoes clean, reminding him that it’s the only way he’ll be able to taste my perfect bare feet. He immediately gets to work polishing my white high-heels with his mouth, and when I’m satisfied with the job he’s done I finally allow him to take them off. I demand that he sniff my naked feet before letting him run his tongue over them, then have him suck each of my adorable toes one by one. He hungrily mouths my feet, eager to please me by acting as my foot slave for the afternoon. “Try harder!” I scold when I feel he’s not doing a good enough job, and rub my feet into his face while smiling in cruel delight. Do you think you could worship my pretty feet better than this jerk?
TAGS: foot domination, foot fetish, foot slave training
Categories: Female Domination, Foot Domination, Foot Fetish, Foot Humiliation, Shoe & Boot Worship
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Ella Kross – Slave Worships My Beautiful Feet Outside!

“Lick my shoes, slave!” I command after guiding him into my back yard by his leash. I take a seat outside and watch as he immediately gets to work cleaning my high-heels with his mouth. I look gorgeous in my pink and black corset, watching with my long, toned legs exposed as he runs his tongue all over my shoes. I make him take them off so he can worship my beautiful bare feet with his mouth, and he eagerly sucks my adorable little toes while I jam them down his throat. “Try harder, slave!” I demand as he continues to worship my perfect feet. I enjoy the warm sun beaming down on my flawless skin as this slave uses his mouth to please my feet until I finally decide I’ve had enough. He’s such an obedient foot slave!
Categories: Barefoot, Female Domination, Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, Shoe & Boot Worship
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Ella Kross – Slave Licks Our Shoes Clean Featuring Mistress Anna!

When my gorgeous friend Mistress Anna comments on how dirty her black high heels are, I assure her that it’s not a problem and summon a slave with the clap of my hands. He quickly comes crawling to our side and I put him to work by making him clean Anna’s shoes with his mouth. I remind him that he’s only allowed to lick her shiny high heels, and that his tongue isn’t to touch her flawless skin. Together we sit on my sofa and watch as this pathetic loser polishes Mistress Anna’s shoes using only his mouth. “Do you like the taste?” I laugh as he licks the bottom of her dirty heels. When he’s done cleaning her shoes I have him clean mine as well as Anna rests her feet on his back!
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American Mean Girls – Why Travel To Mean Girl Manor

American Mean Girls - Why Travel To Mean Girl Manor

Look at these boots You have the intense desire to be dominated right here at Mean Girl Manor. What is your fetish, huh? Ballbusting, Whipping, Trampling or Whipping? Or maybe you are just a foot freak that wants to throw money at our feet! Plan your vacation for Los Angeles, CA and we will take good care of you, LOL! Mean Girl Manor is your best boot licking destination! Beg to be our servant in real life by using the email address at the end of this video! Muah!
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