Humiliatrix – Scolded and Spanked in Sissy Panties by Bossy Step-Brat Brooke

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016
  "You have two choices: you can either put on these crusty, disgusting panties of mine that I found hidden in the trash, so that I can spank you in them. OR, I am going to tell on you: that you are nothing but a filthy, dirty, panty-stealing, panty-wearing, panty-creaming little sissy. Ready for your panty punishment?..."   Bossy Princess Brooke, sarcastic step-brat, panty humiliation, scolding, spanking... … Read More

Humiliatrix – Princess Heather Punishes Her Naughty Chastity Puppy

Friday, July 1st, 2016
  "You are a very bad little puppy, trying to hump my leg and make your dirty little boner sputter all the time. That is why Princess Heather has to keep puppy in his penis prison. How can I wear cute outfits like this if you're going to make puppy squirts all over the place? No! Bad! Naughty puppy!.."   Princess Heather, male chastity, puppy training, cockteasing, scolding... … Read More

Tease And Thank you – Time-Out Chair

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015
Tease And Thank you - Time-Out Chair Shiny babysitter, humiliation, baby-talk, duct tape bondage, scolding, cockteasing, leg show, wittle-baby stroking cause you're just so whiny Download: Download file - 128.1 MB Read More