Society SM – Punishing the Cheater – Savannah Fyre

Thursday, June 30th, 2016
  Beautiful Savannah has been in submissive training under Simon for quite some time now...just another kinky girl looking for a sadist to show her the ropes...But Savannah forgot one of the main rules...She is not allowed to play with other dominants without Simon's say...She made the mistake of going out one night, to a place where Simon has many friends, and she played with another dom, right in front of them...Simon got the calls, and then called me. We hatched a plan to teach Savannah a good lesson...No cheaters are allowed...… Read More

Society SM – Getting What She Asked For – Savannah Fyre

Saturday, April 30th, 2016
  Savannah is a young and beautiful woman, but not so young that she hasnt had plenty of time to baste in her own unfulfilled desires...She always knew she was sexually submissive, but she also had the feeling that she might really enjoy BDSM, and like so many women with such desires, she never found a partner with the skills or inclination...But on this day, she does...Some Dominants like first timers better than others and Simon sees it as an opportunity to be the first to shape a woman's submissive experience with BDSM...He… Read More