Sado Ladies – Ella Kross – Ashtray Slave In Chains

Monday, January 16th, 2017
  This is how a cruel lady relaxes: Dressed in skin tight leather, enjoying a cigarette and a slave chained to a wooden post in front of her.   Mistress Ella Kros sits on a leather couch and lights up a cigarette. She inhales the smoke and blows it into the slave's face.… Read More

Sado Ladies – Spoiled And Cruel

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016
  The old butler of the house is just cleaning one of the rooms as the spoiled daughter of the house owners enter the room in a very bad mood. "I told you to clean and polish my car!", she hisses at the confused man.   It is Jenna, the spoiled daughter and young lady who is used to see the butler as her private slave. She was on her way to the stables because she is dressed in dominant riding style. The butler is a very reliable servant and he assures the angry lady that he has cleaned and polished the car 5 times. But,… Read More

Sado Ladies – Expose Your Ass, Slave!

Friday, December 12th, 2014
As Empress Victoria leads her slave into the room and attaches his hands to chain, everything is clear. There will be a good caning now and this will become an unfair game. The tall goddess vs that little slave. While she grabs his shoulders gently she says with a soft voice, that she is going to color his ass now. He can't see her devilish smile. Her legs seem to be endless in that skin tight… Read More

Sado Ladies – The Perverted Uncle

Friday, December 12th, 2014
There is a little secret between Chanel and her uncle: He is a fetishist and loves to lick leather boots. And Chanel know how to make use of him, oh yes! Chanel is waiting for her uncle, already dressed in skin tight, black leggins, a tight blouse and knee high leather boots. She wears a bitchy make up and she knows her look will drive him crazy. Her uncle falls to his knees and as always he… Read More