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Sexually Broken - Jan 16, 2015 Abella Danger | Maestro | Jack Hammer


Newbie Abella Danger has a quiet exterior that hides the wanton slut beneath. All that changes once she gets some dick into her. The dick is the key that unlocks the sexual animal behind those big brown eyes. Bondage and breath play and multiple orgasms are the overload that will show this newbie the true definition of Sexuallybroken.

Bound in a classic fuck me position on her back that points her toes up towards the ceiling, both ends of Abella are completely exposed and wide open. We start off with some caning as a warm up before introducing her to the dick. The hard cock owns both holes, dipping back and forth as it sees fit. The tight bondage keeps our newbie firmly in place as she drools like a leaky faucet.

Fingering and a vibrator add to the overload as Abella’s eyes gaze over. Orgasm after orgasms rip though her bound body, leaving our dungeon pet shuddering and moaning. This perky teen is reduced to a bag of holes for our use and she loves every single minute of it.

By the time we have had our fill, our pet is destroyed. Her makeup is long gone and drool coats her curls. It is a good look on her. We will be having this one back very soon, she is too much fun to not go another round with…

Tags: Belt Bondage, Blow job, Breath Play, Brunette, Caning, Choking, Curly Hair, Deep Throat, Dildo, Drool, Long Hair, Natural Breast, Newbie, Rough fucking, Teen, Vibrator, Young Teen Bondage
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Hardtied - Jan 14, 2015: The Rope Slut | Jessica Ryan | Jack Hammer


We pride ourselves on being men of discriminating taste, so while we get a lot of girls in here that love to be bound, beaten, fucked and forced to cum, we rarely bestow upon any of them the honor of being called a genuine rope slut. It takes more than just a banging body and a willingness to try some kinky things to be a rope slut. It takes being able to not just endure, but enjoy strenuous bondage positions that would break other girls physically and mentally.

Enter Jessica Ryan. If you want an example of how much this rope slut loves to be tied up, take a look at what she goes through for Jack Hammer. The way her back is arched we could call this a hogtie, but that would be doing it a disservice. He has her on her knees, her tits tied to the ceiling, while she is bent back like a bow. It’s an incredibly beautiful position to leave her in. It’s an even better one to whip her in.

That’s what it takes to be a rope slut in our book. And Jessica Ryan lives up to the hype.
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Sexually Broken - Jul 25, 2014 - India Summer, Matt Williams, Jack Hammer


They don’t get any better then India Summer. Tan, toned and blessed with a sexual drive that leaves most in the dust, this cougar is a force to be reckoned with. This AVN award winner approaches fucking with a raw animal abandon that is breath-taking to witness. She craves the sort of rough handling that Sexuallybroken specializes in. Today we will give her exactly what she craves so deeply.

Bound down on a custom made wooden bondage device that shows off her flawless body to perfection, India is wide open for use. Face down, ass up is a very good look for her. Her fit flesh is oiled up to a high gleam that brings out her muscles. Her pussy exposed on one side, her well trained mouth is on the other. The plan is simplicity in itself. We are going to stuff India full of cock until she can not get her eyes uncrossed.

We step right up and make full use of India’s facepussy. Her dedication to the dick is undeniable, and she takes it balls deep. The level of deepthroating India brings to the table is testament to the time she has spend perfecting her skills. All the while the other cock is owning her tight shaved pussy. We never let up or slow down, we never give India a chance to get on top of it. This is an overwhelming of her senses in the best way possible-sex, bondage and multiple orgasms. India cums hard on the cock, gasping with pleasure. Her toned limbs struggle in the shackles as the orgasms wash over her flesh.

Drool pours out of her well used mouth. Her makeup is destroyed, her eyes are glazed, 10 inches of BBC are jammed in to the hilt. Her shrieks echo off the rafters as the dicks own her holes. We use this fucktoy until she is limp, drool and cum flowing out of every hole. Only her bondage hold her up, the dicks have turned her bones to jello. It is a good look for her. We most definitely will have to have this cougar back.
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Real Time Bondage - Jul 22, 2014 - Simone Sonay


In the conclusion of Simone Sonay’s live BaRS show, this stunning blonde MILF finally gets the assfucking she so richly deserves. We have been building up the pace to the frenzied conclusion, in which Simone’s flawless ass runs into Jack Hammer’s 10 inch dick. Repeatedly.

Taming cougars is a tag team business, and we start of with shackling this slut over a cage. This position leaves both ends wide open and ready for access. The finishing touch is our back up bitch Darling waiting her turn in the cage. Darling gets to listen to every moan and gasp over her head as Simone gets her ass throughly plowed, knowing that it is her turn next. A blindfold cuts off Simone’s vision, she can not see or anticipate the dick, all she can do it experience the sensations as her holes are used fast and hard.

Simone is already dazed and loopy from the painful suspension and deepthroat she has gone through, now it is time to seal the deal on this tanned swinger. Two rock hard cocks step up and make full use of Simone’s wide open holes. We rip off her blindfold so that we can see those big blue eyes looking up at us past a mouthful of fuckstuck. The glazed look on her face shows just how appreciative she is for her serving of dick. All 10 inches of BBC slide home home in her ass balls deep as Simone responds with an earth shattering orgasm. One after another the cocks own her ass.

We dick her down until she is a limp puddle of flesh draped over the cage, held up only by her shackles. She has had so many squirting orgasms she can no longer see straight. Drool and lube and cum leak out of every hole. Darling cowers in her cage, knowing she will be hauled out and used next. We are all done with the cougar, bring us the next fucktoy…
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Top Grl Dixon Mason


I am glad that you are here. Even though I consider you a friend, I’d like to get to know you better. So I ask you some questions.

“Do you believe that bondage allows for a more true expression of the self?”

You explain that, for you, bondage creates a space where you feel able to express feelings that might otherwise be difficult, unacceptable, problematic, or too just vulnerable. The bondage creates a safe space to roam where you usually don’t.

It might seem funny to remember those words you spoke as you are zip-tied to the front of a cage with a leather hood over your head, your panties pulled down, and some bitch biting the fuck out of your tits. Or when you’re tied bent-over the back of a chair, legs for the taking, head locked in place, and your tits swinging with each stroke of the cane.

I know I laughed at the hilarity. The clarity. The hilarious clarity. Irony. Dichotomy. Free to express only when you can’t physically move.

“What, then, do your bondage expressions say about your own inner self?’

I feel we finally arrived at a bit of clarity for you. Your sobbing suspended body would at times be overtaken with bitter tantrum rage. This seems important for you to be able to express. To let it out.

You felt that sex in general can allow for a truer, more vulnerable expression of the self. Your response to the suspended, hair-tied, ball-gagged ass fucking was very honest. I appreciate it.

Are you still my friend?
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Perfect Slave - Can't Move Her Hips - Emily Addison
Perfect Slave


By now, you all must know Emily from other DungeonCorp updates…she’s a hottie, and a charmer and a flirty, teasey, wild child…we love working with her…she knows how to behave on a BDSM shoot, although some people have noted some annoyance in her habit of looking into the camera…I get it…but sometimes, I dig it…Looking into Emi’s eyes is a trial…that type of sexual energy is hard to stare down…not for me, but i’m a monster…I like it when she flirts with the camera even if she throws an inappropriate glance…the thing is, Emily is not a submissive…she is a power brat…we could whip her all day and she would never change…at least, I hope not…ok, she probably would…but that’s not her thing…she wants to be objectified…she wants you to look at her hot, helpless body and masturbate…that much I do know…and that’s a pretty good fucking attitude…and I dont think it ruins the realism of her scenes…like this one, for instance…The Pope rigs her legs spread and hanging from four points…Emily just doesnt have much leverage to move her hips…side to side or up and down…which means we have her little pussy just where we want it…helpless and perched against the magic wand…She reds out a couple times from massive pussy overload after orgasms, but she finds the will to go on…our little blonde trooper..
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Society SM - In the Screaming O Zone - Cheyenne Jewel
Society SM


We met Cheyenne about a month ago when we booked her for a FuckingDungeon gig…at that time, the Pope definitely got the idea that Cheyenne was ready for more…SocietySM is really where we feature our most rigorous scenes, so it does represent the cream of our crop…it’s a rope slut sorority of sorts and Cheyenne fits in well and takes her hazing like a champ…the Pope keeps the ties simple, yet restrictive and tight…pussy hook predicaments…bent over, ass up…a flying hogtie that Cheyenne probably could have slept in, until he ties her hair back in a neck bender…and a final spread eagle…the Pope takes his time with Cheyenne and the mood of the shoot becomes mellow and serious…I have to say, Cheyenne looks like a lot of fun to play with…she boldly lets you take her where she has not gone before…In the hogtie suspension scene, the Pope breaks out a mini cattle prod…he blindfolds her and works the prod up and down her body…a fantastic scene that the Pope ends with a dildo jammed into her pussy with the magic wand on her clit…when Cheyenne cums you get the feeling that something is truly being unleashed…almost like a siezure…and you’re glad she’s restrained well…The Pope pulls off some advanced impact play during the bent over scene which turns out to be great foreplay for the next round of screaming Os…I especially enjoyed the Dragon’s tail…watching it snap through the air at her perfect, helpless ass-target…hearing it slap and seeing her body cramp from the quick sting…then snapping on the soles of the feet…that aint easy…but very effective and a bit more wicked than a caning…in my mind, anyway…in the end, the best part of the shoot is watching Cheyenne’s hot little body bound in ropes…she’s a natural squirmer, but she doesn’t get there easily…the Pope wins her over early and keeps the preasure on until the end…
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Society SM - She Demands More - Emily Addison


Emily is back at DungeonCorp for her first SocietySM gig…I think the Pope was waiting for this moment for a few weeks…who can blame him? She is a dreamgirl who likes to live the nightmare…how do I know? All the models have a safeword and they are encouraged to use it in times of discomfort…of any sort…rule number 1 of BDSM play…and it must be followed…rule number 2? for us, it’s stop the model and ask if she is allright, even is she hasnt said a safe word, if she appears to be in discomfort…Well, Emily enjoys the challenge..she is a strong woman…strong enough to let us break her down and go on with the shoot…she isn’t afraid of facing the emotions she goes through while bound…lots of models are…it’s all in the head, even pain…Emily never called a safeword during this shoot…and at the end, you can see her exhaustion…what a fabulous morsel of a woman, under the influence of subspace…I dont think she could have walked a straight line…the Pope, on the other hand was like satan incarnate…models like Emily demand a more skilled Dom…he rose to the occasion and then some…
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Real Time Bondage - Jan 03, 2015 - Candy Caned


What did Delirious Hunter want for the holidays? Lots of bondage, maybe a suspension, and of course, a ton of orgasms. But those things really add up to her one big wish, some wonderful marks to show off in public when she is done with this encounter. She brought us presents, too. It’s clear she is angling for an epic beating today.

Not everything we do is going to leave a mark but it’s all going to be fun. We’re going to ask her a few questions, loosen her up as always, but it’ll be pretty quick that we switch to bondage and just straight up fucking with the girl. She has some pretty sensitive feet. We’ll see how well she can answer the questions while Rain DeGrey is taking her teeth to them.

Over time we’ll reveal more of our canvas and show you exactly what we’re working with today. We don’t like to unwrap our gifts too quickly or people may think we’re too eager. We’re going to savor this girl, and you should, too.
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Society SM - Another True Slave - Charlotte Vale
Charlotte Vale


Acting tough is one thing, and so is bragging about how tough you are, but Charlotte does neither. She shows up quiet and keeps to herself. She is polite and respectful, and after talking to her I find out that she is this way, because she has a full time master and he has trained her to be this way. I work out the day in my head and aim to find out how well trained she really is and how much she is willing to take for the sake of her master. There is orgasm denial, over the top ties that would have most girls screaming thier safe word, heavy pussy torment, and lots of impact, but she hangs in there and rolls with it. She is finally rewarded with one orgasm at the end of the shoot, and believe me it was worth the wait. You see her falling into sub space as the day goes on, and it makes me wonder if she forgot for a minute where her loyalty lies…The Pope
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Strict Restraint - Sir Nik and Slave - Caddy Compson
Caddy Compson


Sir Nik is a hollywood BDSM legend…an icon even…he was strutting the Sunset Boulevard sidewalks, whippin and screwin Motley Crue chics when I was a zitty faced senior in high school jacking off about tyin up and screwin Motley Crue chics…he’s had more slaves than most pharohs and he pretty much helped define the entire BDSM subculture in Los Angeles…Caddy is one of Nik’s girls…You may notice the riveted-on steel collar…Caddy wears that everyday…she never takes it off…You may notice her large amount of labia piercings…That is so Nik can lock her vagina shut…You may notice that Caddy can endure some wicked treatment…All of Nik’s girls learn to play as hard as he likes…it’s very hard folks…We can’t even shoot and sell the types of things he does on a weekly basis in his personal life…Our shoots remain a bit light for the likes of Sir Nik actually…We can’t show blood or piss or even raised welts…we can’t shoot tears and crying…All of which you can catch him doing in LA clubs and parties…I love this town…back to Caddy…So we met Caddy through the scene in LA…not through an agency as a model…through Sir Nik as his slave and fuckdoll…and she is a hot one…for those of you who like hard, tiny little bodies with tiny tits, flat tummies and a perfectly round ass…like I do…Caddy is a real treat…under that fragile exterior and claims of shyness, I think Caddy is on fucking fire…and Nik is in sadistic-prowl mode…a dramatically sincere update…whip lovers will dig this one…actually, if you have an opinion about whipping, let us know what it is..
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Perfect Slave - Seeking Perfection with Miss Cole - Jayden Cole
Jayden Cole


Jayden is back in our grasp and our ropes….what a total babe she is, but not until she’s naked, tied up and gagged…in my mind, no female form reaches the hieghts of eroticsm until it is bound and helpless…Jayden is the type of model that we want to feature on PerfectSlave…we started it out that way and I want to get back to it…Every woman is beautiful, but not every woman represents beauty the same way…and PerfectSlave will focus on models who represent the text-book definition of magazine-cover hot…less tattoos, less silicon…more natural bodies, long legs, thin profiles….perfect skin, perfect pussies…1980’s hot….rich girls, groomed and bred by hot, rich parents….untouched by us savages..until they become a model…and show up for a light bondage shoot at DungeonCorp…now, we still dont get to touch them much…but we do get to tell them what to do…strip, gag yourself, spread your legs…and we do get to bind them…I love getting the classy hot chics all tied up and gagged….and I got that feeling with Jayden….the ole “we got you now, the savages finally have control of your pretty ass” mentality…it’s all in good fun and Jayden perpetuates the tease…she knows what we’re all thinking…then again, maybe not…she knows we drool after her perfect image and long to do “things” with it….but I honestly dont think her imagination can comprehend the “things” some of us would like to do to her…it might scare her…but it’ll be very entertaining for me…so drop me a line and let me know what youd like to do with a model like Jayden…lots of your sicko ideas, like mine, will be beyond what we can shoot and sell due to blurry laws about such material…dont worry about that though….I’d like to know your truest and most depraved scenerios…
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Dungeon Corp - Bent, Spanked and Jammed up - Adrian Maya
Adrian Maya


She may have thought that it was over…But Damon has more in store for Adrian…He gags and bends her over, showing her lucious rump, he spanks and whips it as she struggles for freedom…then jammed up the pussy with a dildo and pleaasured..
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Infernal Restraints - Jul 18, 2014: Hot Poke Her | Delirious Hunter

Foot torment is a fine art. People’s feet take enough of a pounding on a daily basis that they tend to disregard them as a means of inflicting suffering. OT doesn’t have that problem. Delirious Hunter does. Her feet are locked in stocks, exposed to whatever OT decides to do to them. She thought a brutal whipping was bad. When he pulls a red hot poker out of the fire she isn’t sure what to call it. It’s an absolutely amazing bit of edge play that Delirious was completely unprepared for.

OT has two whips. One is called the single tail, the other is called the dragon tail. They look entirely dissimilar but they feel the same. Or at least that’s what he thinks. To make sure, though, he is going to have to use them on a beautiful, unbiased submissive. Again, Delirious is here, close and hand, and in the perfect position to let us know the difference between two of our favorite toys.

We have some canes, too, that need to be tested. Her ass escaped most of the punishment from the whips but that is just so OT could see the marks that the canes leave across her back side. They crisscross her ass with bright red welts that stand out immediately.
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Sexually Broken - Jul 16, 2014 - Ava Devine, Matt Williams. Jack Hammer

If you were to look up “insatiable” in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Ava Devine. Ava is a true nymphomaniac in every sense of the term. Rather then be ashamed of her desires, she has fully embraced it. She even got into porn to get order to get her hands and eager holes on all the dick she so deeply craves. Today we destroy this slut. Well, we try. This one can take a licking and keep on ticking.

There is an art to the proper pacing of the breaking of sluts, and we start off with some throat training. Blindfolded and bound with leather belts, Ava is dropped to her knees like the good little whore she is. Her huge tits are in full display. The blindfold ensures that she can not see or anticipate the dick, only when her throat meat is being reshaped by cock will she know what is happening. One after another the cocks own her face.

Shifting her up onto the fuck table, we use both ends of holes. The bondage keeps Ava in a tight bundle, totally tied but easily shiftable. Her mouth and pussy are stuffed up to the brim with rock hard cock as Ava adjusts to her new purpose in life-to be a bag of holes for our use. it is a purpose she lives for. She cums hard, over and over, as the dick plows her pussy. The dazed look on her face shows how deep she is wallowing in sexual subspace.

Time to bring the hammer home. Bound in a classic fuck me position and the gag wedged back in-between those giant blow job lips, Ava’s legs are spread open and wide, her pussy making the perfect target. We make full use of that tempting target, and proceed to destroy her with dick. The ponding is relentless and without mercy, and Ava cums hard, squirting over and over in a massive orgy of wet and messy orgasms. By the time we are done dishing out the dick, there is a huge puddle of cum all over the floor we are slipping in and Ava can not get her eyeballs uncrossed. THAT is how you break a bitch.
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