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Madam Cat - Bratty feet after running
While Jack is hanging at his place enjoying quiet moments, this girl just runs in and immediately starts to bother Jack with questions and poking. She puts her feet into his lap and bothers him on and on and Jack feels really helpless. She’s so bratty, like a mean little girl poking and bothering without stop, she wants Jack to take of her shoe and smell it to find out whether it smells or not. After a while Jack does what she wants just to get rid of her but that’s not the end for her. Now she wants him to smell her feet with her nasty running socks still on! “Oh my god, give me a break! If I smell your socks than will you let me be?!”. “Maybe :-)…”. He can’t just beat her like a little child….What can he do other than smell those feet? Damn!
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