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GoddessFootDomination – Fried Balls and Clean Boots – Goddess Kitty

Goddess Kitty Carrera has a submissive guy crawling across the floor for her. This is only the beginning of her games today. She locks the guys head in a facesitting box to remove his ability to see what she’s going to do next. His stress level rises quickly when he hears the menacing sound of her tens unit. Kitty laughs with genuine delight as she zaps the bound slave’s nuts, cock and nipples with the shocking device. He squirms and moans, but does not fight the actions of his goddess. He properly thanks her and begs for more. The slave really wants to worship mistress’s tall leather boots, but Kitty Carrera is having too much fun administering the electric shock treatment.
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EurasianPersuasion – Slapped Kicked And Ruined

Slave boy slim is bound to my bondage chair with legs spread open. In this brutal humiliating yet sensual video he gets slapped hard in the face, kicked in the balls, spat in the mouth and stoked in between. Too bad he cant see that I’m bra and pantyless but I smother him with my sweaty boobs to let him know. I enjoy teasing him about the cocks he has sucked while stroking him. Occasionally I make him smile for the camera. I make him lick my boots between kicking and punching him in the balls until he cries. His torture ends with an orgasm, a ruined one obviously.
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Let’s call her K for now. My new mistress partner surprised several boys lately with her slim-thick lines and well trained hands. Even better, she’s here to stay, and may be coming out on her own as a mistress soon. But first a little tease. Very comfortable and experienced around boys, I have her join right in on her first scene. The boy is here for a full day straight, my total plaything. K gets a little footjob training. A few pointers, some behind-the-scenes talk, and then its “Make the boy cum in 10 minutes or less.” Not easy, through latex. Of course, I help. He goes crazy. We laugh.
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A unique hospital, where the staff are highly trained to deal with a very specific problem: Abnormally tiny penises. We study. We stimulate. We handle your ‘little situation’ with care and diligence, and as you’ll see in this video, we take care of everything from your nightly milkings to determining if you’re allowed to leave… in the name of science!
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Role playing is like poker, don’t play the cards, play the man. I am the perfect taboo babysitter and I’m here to make sure you stay put and lost and DON’T cum unless I say. Okay cum for me because I want you spent and out of my hair when my girlfriends come over. They’re on the way over now so cum. Thanks bye.
Special note and diva update inside, to all my August session boys and any parties interested in future sessions.
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There are some men in this world who become excited by the thought of a beautiful woman like me abusing their cock and balls. Now I’ve trapped one of those men in my dungeon for my amusement. I love pulling and twisting those sensitive ping pong balls until you can see their exact shape through the skin. My slave loves it to. Without even touching his cock I can bring him to orgasm by just wrecking his balls. As he jerks away he looks longingly at the body that will never touch him fondly. When he’s about orgasm, I think I’ll kick the cum right out of his little sack. Just for the fun of it.
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A young Mandy fan becomes a Mandy slave. I have several ways to make you my bitch. This young fetish newbie asks for ‘release’ multiple times. What can I say, I’m unpredictable. He gets my most vicious tease and pump, building up to a cum countdown cumshot while he squirms and begs. Because I can. Starting from ten. Guess which number he makes it to. Feverish.
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The more sexually frustrated her slave becomes the happier it makes Mistress Chanel. She loves nothing more than seeing that desperate look on a slave’s face begging to release but never allowed the opportunity. His cock, his hands, his entire body are completely helpless leaving Mistress Chanel to do anything she desires to make him that much hornier.
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Don’t be fooled by the pretty colors and smiles. I am, at heart, a sadist.
And I will edge you in the middle of the night, and take you so close to cumming and then, when your eyes are filled with mine, I will leave you the fuck in the dark for hours with helpless thoughts of me so large in your head there is no one else you could think of. Scream if you want. I’m a little lost, too, at times like this.
I’ve multiple overnight sessions scheduled for August. You sure you’re ready?
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Session and other work progresses in studio. Meanwhile a boy is restrained. Occasional tease visits, culminating in the most vicious ruined orgasm in the history of Helix’s expert ruined orgasms. Extended, amazing highlights of Helix at her very best.
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A slave with a girlfriend (and a straitjacket fetish) has a choice and I’m in the mood to make it horrible. A) Choose her. A nice date, a relationship. Cooking and Netflix. Or B) Choose a goddess you’ll never have and always obey. Denial. Submission. You will suffer endlessly for my gain. Your dick’s in my hand, your fate’s in yours. Can’t have both. Decide now. An insight on how this scene turned out, inside.
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Helpless wrapped in plastic my slave must endure now a very kinky game… as more horny he gets as harder is the punishment for his dick… and he goes real horny when i start to wank him and then the sadistic game with my slaves dick is driven to the Max. He is allowed to smell my rubber heinie while i sit on his face… everytime when he get no air his dick goes bigger and harder… and he is so horny… but sorry… the only thing you will get is a maximum ruined orgasm… how nice he can moan that i go ahead when he start comes… but no mercy and no orgasm Now. we will pump only the sperm out…
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Fight me, toss and turn, love me, crave me. All I need to do is put on a few pieces of fetish gear and wet my hand. And you are totally mine. I direct. I command. You can’t think but to obey. With a finger, I own you. So easily, it really makes me feel like a goddess. I leave you in a hump. My, my, my.
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Miss Jasmine has a man on the bed and spits on his cock and strokes it lovingly. Wait a minute, this is no man, it’s a slave and soon she lifts her arm and places the pit over his face demanding that he clean her. She slaps his face and demands long eager licks. “I think we need more spit” she says, opening his mouth and spitting in it before he resumes his duty of licking her armpits. Jasmine again seductively starts to stroke his cock, spitting on it for lube. What sort of slave are you? Do you want to be in his place or do you want to be the lowest of slaves and forced to suck his cock while he licks Miss Jasmine? She now moves onto his face and ass-smothers him while continuing to stroke his cock.

Jasmine looks breath taking sitting upright on his face and now ignoring his dick. She loves seeing him fight for air. She climbs off and again spits into his mouth and then starts to slap his face. As she talks she continues to slap his face before again spitting on his cock and again stroking it. Next he reaches for a flogger and starts to punish his nipples, she really has him dizzy with pleasure and pain. She now decides she might let him cum and strokes his cock while again sitting on his face and then she feels a fart coming. She blows a nasty one right in his face causing the slave to gasp but if anything his cock gets even more erect. She strokes vigorously and tells him to shoot a load for her. His cock is rock hard and suddenly he feels his orgasm coming. He moans in ecstasy and Jasmine suddenly removes her hand, it’s a ruined orgasm as one long spray of cum shoots across the room. A slave should never expect to cum and if he does it should never be in a way that a real man would experience it.
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