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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Cocky Intern

You thought you were being clever, didn’t you? You showed up in the night at the house of your employer under the guise of needing to sign some papers. But she knows there’s nothing so important that needs doing this late at night in her home. You’re just a lowly intern anyways. She calls you out on your little plot to gain entrance into her home. She knows you’ve had the hots for her. Who wouldn’t? She’s powerful, beautiful and intimidating. Your gall has caught her attention though. She’s going to take this opportunity to teach you a few lessons that interning would never teach you. As her shirt slides off, you realize you’re in for a lot more than the job description described.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – Couple’s First Kiss

Won’t you be a dear and give me a foot massage? You always do such a good job for Mommy. I know you love pampering Mommy’s beautiful feet. Until you have a girlfriend of your own, why don’t you practice on Mommy’s feet? You make such a cute couple with my feet! You’re such a good boy for Mommy.
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Jerk To My Feet – Ginger Bytes – I Know What You Want | Release Date: Feb 28, 2017

Sweet and merry Ginger Bytes has a Christmas surprise for you. She comes to you wearing a revealing little Santa Claus outfit. Her breasts are spilling out from her tight, red bra and her tiny, fur-trimmed skirt barely covers her little ass. Ginger’s long, tan legs are wrapped in red, glossy satin ribbon, swirling down from around her thighs to the bottom of her slender calves. She picked out this lingerie just for you, and now she wants you to be a good boy and jerk it for her in appreciation. Ginger wiggles her perfectly pedicured toes and spreads her legs wide as you watch her show off her body. Imagine yourself licking those slender legs up and down like a giant candy cane, taking your time to suck off each of her pretty toes. Cum for Ginger’s smooth, sexy soles and dainty arches when she guides you to, and you’ll go from being a naughty boy to finding a place on her ‘Good Boy’ list.
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Clubdom – Femdom Militia: The Jug Torment

Jean Bardot, Natalya Sadici and Paris Knight instruct their slave to crawl the punishment post with heavy jugs of water tied to his balls. He whimpers and struggles but Paris points for him to continue and get moving to where he has to go. The Guardesses take turn kicking the jugs over and over and as water flies everywhere, the captive male suffers just as he should. His balls could almost come off of his body. Jean just threatens him with more torment while the women watch and grin
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Subby Hubby – She Has You By The Balls Part 1: Pussy Licking

Inga is a special housewife who only wants the good things in life, including her big shot husband to be her total slave. While he polishes her toenails in his collar, she pulls out a large syringe and decides to tell her husband about her plan. She will inject his balls and as soon as he cums, his balls with harden and fall off, leaving him castrated and even more obedient than before. He agrees to this, after all, it could be a joke right? Or maybe it isn’t but still, she should be happy, she is his whole world. She injects the warm liquid and he starts to panic. She goes inside for her bath and he has no choice but to follow, towel her off and eat her gorgeous pussy for her. Wait a minute, is she trying to get him so horny that he cums? He can’t cum, or she will have his balls in a jar.
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Subby Hubby – Parker’s Bitch Part 3: Blackmailed Fluffer

Parker is not done teaching her employer’s handsy spoiled son Toby a lesson. Her stud lover is now fucking her hard and deep with his huge cock while she forces Toby to watch with his face right up into her lover’s ass. She then makes him lick her lover’s balls while she gets fucked properly. She shows Toby that she would never be with a pathetic little spoiled small dicked loser like him and that THIS is the type of man that can pleasure her. He’s nothing more than a sissy fluffer. What a bitch. Parker is so turned on she can’t help but cum from her lover’s huge cock and her lover cums a nice huge load all over her pussy. She forces Toby to lick it all clean, after all, she WILL TELL HIS PARENTS if he does not do as she says. It tastes so awful but he has no choice.
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Clubdom – Caught Byt the Guardesses Part 2: Edged and Force-Milked

Paris and Jamie have their captive spy restrained. He still will not talk so they decide to clear his head a little more by forcing all of the man-filth out of him that is clouding up his brain.
Paris uses a milking device and she has it on a setting that is JUST edging him enough to drive him crazy. She wants to make sure that he has a chance to build up all of that filth in his balls, ready to expel later.
Jamie taunts him and dominates him with her hands and her sharp words. Eventually the two Guardesses milk him together, smearing his filth all over his face. They are not finished with him.
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