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Clubstiletto – I Don’t Need Counselling Anymore – Raevyn Rose

It’s hard being a young and beautiful woman, listening to catcalls and warding off unwanted advances from men. Fortunately for Raevyn when she gets frustrated she just takes it out on her blackmailed brother. Today she is busting his balls. As the scene opens Raevyn is dressed in a sexy black dress while her chubby brother is completely naked and standing, as she has taught him, with his legs spread to take her foot in his groin at any moment. The kicking starts quickly and as he bends over in pain she proclaims “You know, which sister doesn’t like to kick her brother in the nuts after a sh1tty long day.” Raevyn scolds her brother when he doesn’t thank her for kicking him and says that if she ever feels he doesn’t appreciate her enough she will have no choice but to show dad the video of him sniffing her and moms worn panties.

She tells him to thank her after every kick. After kicking him while he stands she tells him to stay on all fours after she has dropped him to the ground. She goes behind him and starts kicking him from there. She then makes him beg her to kick him in the balls and since he asks so nicely she has no choice but to kick him as hard as she can. When he goes to the ground she steps on and over him and then spits on him. “Get back up on your feet” she tells him. Again she kicks him and then rotates between kicking and hand slaps of his cock. She laughs that he is getting hard from the attention and she decides that from now on he will be in permanent chastity when he is not in her presence as she wants him aroused 24/7. Now she gives him a volley of kicks to the balls until he collapses. She sits down on him and says “You’re my possession in every way.”
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Humiliated Coworker

Honestly, I don’t even know how you still have a job. All you do all day is sit at your desk and watch the women of the office walk by and you get literally nothing done. I’ve had to invite you over to my house away from all of those beautiful women just to get you to even be slightly productive. I know it’s hard for you. I and the other women in our office are just so hot. But our boss is coming here now and she’s going to straighten you out. She and I are going to give you the sexual harassment seminar of a lifetime.
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Clubstiletto – He’s Dumb and Obedient – Raevyn Rose

Miss Raevyn’s slave is dumb and obedient, just the way she likes them. The scene opens as she wakes up, her nose close enough to her armpits to alert her to the fact that she smells, having worked up a sweat earlier from beating her bitch. She lifts her arm up to give you a close up view of her pit. Mmm, it’s so close you could almost reach out for a taste! The camera swings around to show Raevyn’s slave, who has been kneeling by the bed the entire time, awaiting an order. She tells him to start licking her armpits, and as he does, she calls him a stupid beast not even capable of talking, just grunting. “This is as intimate as it will ever get between us,” she says to him, as she describes the other tasks that will be expected of him, which include sniffing her farts and being her toilet.

She verbally directs the slave in order to ensure that every inch of her pit is properly licked. While the slave licks, the camera pulls back to show you Raevyn’s deliciously plump ass. What torture! She says she prefers dumb slaves because they just do as they’re told. She flips onto her back and says she’s going to close her eyes and think about her lover while the slave licks the other pit. She touches herself and talks of the way her boyfriend will be making love to her and all the slave will get is stinky armpits. “You must feel so inferior,” she says to him. The slave just grunts and continues licking, and you can clearly see that he loves the taste of her sweat and having his tongue on her flesh. She wouldn’t give him a second look if he tried to be more than what he is, a lowly slave, doing whatever she tells him to. She sniffs her pits again and says that while the sweat is gone, now she has the slave’s nasty breath on her and she’s going to have to shower. First, she rolls back onto her stomach and tells the slave to kiss her ass. There are some nice feet shots for you, too. “Such a pathetic worm” she says to her slave. or maybe to you. who knows?
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