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AmericanMeanGirls – Can I Borrow your Foot Slave

We are just sitting outside on the deck of the Mean Girl Desert Compund relaxing after a Smoke, and I ask Carmela if I can basically borrow her bitch-ass slave and use it to rub my feet. Of course, she agrees. I love how we can just use these idiots for whatever we want and basically pass them around like they are nothing more than fucking property. I fucking love it. I want my own bitch-ass slaves though! Who wants to serve ME and MY feet??! So then I can like trade you with the other Mean Girls for their slaves haha.
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Clubstiletto – My Waste Is his Nutrition – Princess Skylar

Princess Skylar has kept her slave locked in the toilet box all day where he waits for her to come and feed him. Food and drink, and it all comes from her glorious body. Skylar explains how the box can be used for both toilet functions and while doing so allows her slave to stroke his cock. She wants him to associate his eating time with sex to insure his hunger for her waste gets stronger every day.

“Do you like being my toilet?” she asks him. A muffled “Yes Mistress” comes from the box. Skylar talks about her healthy diet and how it keeps her regular and insures he is eating only the best. Skylar is ready to relieve herself and the slaves hard cock tells us he is excited to be her human toilet! Are you ready for your time in the box?
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Clubstiletto – FemCorp Office Foot Bitch – Princess Skylar

Skylar sits in her office at FemCorp and closes her laptop because it’s now lunchtime. She mentions how dirty her feet are and that even her nails are chipped. She asks the office slave who lives under her desk whether he can see her dirty feet from his vantage point. Up until now, he has remained quiet with his head bowed; the office slaves are expected to behave this way until spoken to. She tells him to attend to her feet with his mouth, and as he kisses, licks and sucks each toe, Skylar recounts the story of a mutiny that was held a few years back, where the women took over the office and moved all the men into various slave positions. Skylar orders the lowly creature to remove her shoes so he can service her feet properly. “I love seeing him on the ground constantly” she says, “at my smelly feet, eagerly licking them clean.”
She explains that because women are naturally more efficient, they only work in the mornings and take the rest of the day off, either receiving attention from their slaves or getting away for drinks at the beach. She says the slaves are all left naked in one office for the night without bedding, which forces them to huddle together to stay warm. “For our amusement we purposely keep the room cold” she says with a laugh, adding that when the ladies show up for work in the morning, they often find the slaves lying on the cold floor, fucking each other up the ass. She loves to throw verbal degradation at the slave while he works on her feet. She beckons him closer, then kicks him squarely in the nuts. When he continues to lick and suck her feet, she has him kneel before her so she can kick him repeatedly in the nuts. “Get under the desk until I return” she says, before she gets up to leave him alone in the dark with his dirty mouth and swollen balls.
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AmericanMeanGirls – How to Serve Princess Skylar

Princess Skylar is a brand-new Mean Girl. She is one of Princess Amber’s friends and she totally wants her own slaves to serve and worship her. So watch this video for the exact instructions on the process of how to meet and serve her. (And if you can’t afford the clip, then you DEFINITELY can’t afford to serve her!) -Princess Carmela
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Clubstiletto – I Don’t Normally Fuck White Guys But Because He’s Your Boss I Did

A hot clip featuring sexy lifestyle Cuckoldrix Princess Skylar. The scene opens with a close up of Skylar talking about how getting fucked by so many men lately has really had her hornier than normal. As the camera scrolls back we see her husband locked in his cage wearing a mouth dildo, only inches from Skylar’s raw pussy. She glides the dildo into her and mentions that he has never had his cock inside her and on their wedding night the best man fucked her. Hubby slowly glides the dildo in and out as Skylar moves to the steady rhythm. Skylar then mentions that the best man was not actually hubbies friend as she doesn’t allow him to have black friends. “Only white match dick friends for him in case I get bored with him and want to use a different cuck.”
She asks her cuck if he enjoys fucking her and adds that he can go to work and say he fucked his wife and not be lying. “Of course several of them know the truth though” she laughs and then breaks the news to him that she has been fucking his boss. “I don’t normally fuck white guys but because he’s your boss I decided to fuck him anyway.” You can really see the amount of cum that was in Skylar’s pussy as the dildo is covered in it and then she mentions “I think I’m starting to feel the cum drip out my ass as well.” As the scene rolls over we see Skylar now on her knees with cum dripping from her ass and down her legs. She has removed the dildo from his mouth and now has him licking up the cum. She mentions her ass is a real buffet of goodness for him as cum is not the only thing that comes from there. She then tells him that her boyfriend is actually coming back in a while and bringing a friend which will be the 101st man she has fucked since their marriage. “Someone will be going to bed with a full tummy tonight” she says and then whispers “I actually think he’s a fag.” This cuck has learned to hunger for thick creamy cum loads.
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Clubstiletto – Office Slave So Desperate To Lick My Asshole

Skylar has her office bitch on his knees, sniffing her ass. She makes him beg to lick it – and he does – he wants to lick it desperately. A well-trained slave knows that licking a woman’s ass is a great honor and a gateway to become a full toilet. Skylar gives you some back story on her slave. She explains that he’s not permitted to have traditional sex, that pussy is strictly forbidden, and as a result, he’s always desperate for ass. “He is the dirtiest slave we have at FemCorp” Skylar says. She tells the slave to remove her panties, and like a dummy, he reaches for them with his hands. She slaps him and tells him to use his teeth. When he finally gets them removed, she has him step back so you can admire her ass. She instructs him to crawl forward to spread her cheeks so he can deep tongue fuck her ass.
After a while, she tells him to stop, seats herself in her chair, and raises her legs so the slave – and you – get a magnificent view of her pussy. The slave dreams of pussy, but his pussy licking days are over. He only gets ass so is ordered back between her legs to give her a hard rimming. She torments him by saying she knows he wants to lick her pussy, but that it’s saved for real men, not pathetic worms like him. She asks if he can smell it but reminds him to not slack off from his ass eating duties. “I didn’t wipe it for you” she tells him and then admonishes him for not saying thank you. Skylar says her panties are soiled and that when the slave is finished with his rim job, she’s going to stuff them into his mouth and he’ll need to keep them in there all day. She gets up and kneels on the chair so the slave can come in behind to administer some long licks of her ass crack and hole. She makes him snort like a p1g and laughs at how pathetic he is. He continues to eagerly lick her ass. “When you go out to the office, when done here, I want you to make those same snorting sounds so the other ladies know you’re ready to serve.” S
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Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – Sometimes I Just Like To Kick Him

This scene opens with Princess Skylar talking about how she likes to kick her slave. It may be because he has been bad, or maybe because he has been good, or maybe because she can and just wants to. We see her slave standing with his legs spread, eyes covered, and waiting for her, knowing what is to come. She tells him to go to his knees and put his hands behind his back. She wastes no time landing a solid blow to his already battered cock and balls. Skylar has powerful legs and each blow is solid. She lands a few, then starts with a series of kicks until he goes to the ground. She pets him and tells him that he knows it’s good for him and to get back up.
She makes him take off his shorts and the poor bitch is rock hard, betrayed by his own cock. She gets behind him and with the camera in front of the slave you see each kick come up and hit him directly on his sack. After about 20 kicks Skylar sits down on her slave turning him into her human furniture. She threatens to put nipple clamps on him and when he begs her not to she says she will refrain from doing so but only if she hears no complaining from the pending kicks to his nuts. She them jumps up and starts her attack on his battered berries yet again. Next she has him turn to face her with his hands on his head and again starts to kick him. She kicks him super hard and he has the nerve to swear. Shame, this means more sever punishment. “I love busting his balls”, she smiles at the camera.
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Clubstiletto – Sniff What You’re About To Eat

Domina Ruby has great news for her two slaves – today, one of them will have the honor of being her full toilet slave! Any halfway decent slave longs to derive all of his nourishment from what his Goddess’s body produces. Ruby tells the boys she won’t be administering today’s beating, but rather, her friend Skylar will come over to do it. You hear a knock on the door and Skylar appears. As she leads them into the next room, she asks the bitches if they’re prepared to take what she has to give. “When they get back, one of them will get a nice feeding” Ruby says. She moves to the couch where the scene takes on a POV perspective. Ruby runs her hand across her butt and unzips the fly on her fetish pantyhose to reveal a perfect pussy and asshole. She explains that she’s been saving herself all day, and when she’s finished, one slave will be hungry and the other one full. “Maybe I’ll even fart in his face first” she says “and hopefully the other will smell it from across the room.” She goes into explicit detail about how she enjoys delivering her gift while she has the slave bury his nose in her ass crack. She displays a lovely view of her anus, and by now, you’re wondering how you can get into this slave competition to be her toilet. “I want him to first sniff what he’s about to eat” she says. The process involves more farting, the slave sucking her anus, begging for her chocolate treats, and being forced to ‘oink’. She’s very graphic in her description and asks if you can imagine being her toilet. “Would you eat it up like them?” she asks you. She says she may make the slave take a mouthful and show it to the other slave, or even have the two boys share it. She calls you and her other slaves dirty names, knowing how vile you all are. As the slaves continue to be disciplined, she clearly sees that you’re a human toilet, too, and tells you to crawl in and start licking her ass crack. She mocks you for being rock-hard and tells you to start stroking your cock; she wants you to cum on the count of ten, and while you’re obeying her instructions, she wants you to imagine that you’re eating her sch1t. She counts you down from ten to zero and tells you to cum like the pig you are. “You’re as disgusting as my other slaves” she says to you, and even though you’ve just shot a load, you cannot deny your purpose in life…
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Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – I Left It Nice And Dirty For You

“It’s that special time of day where my slave has to show his devotion by licking my ass” Skylar says. As the camera pulls back you can see that she is actually already sitting on her slaves face. She stands up and the slave gasps for air. Now you get some nice upward angles of Skylar’s ass as she tells her slave she has left it nice and dirty for him. He sounds genuinely honored. As she squats down the slaves tongue comes out to make love to her anus. She tells the slave to use his hands to hold her up and explains that multi-tasking is an important slave requirement. The slaves tongue is very active as he enjoys the feel and taste of his Goddess. Look at how his tongue goes to work. She asks him if he likes it and then says it’s why she hasn’t let him eat for the last few days, she wants him really hungry for what is about to come.
Now Skylar gets up and kneels on the couch and tells the slave to spread her cheeks and lick. “I haven’t wiped in two days” she tells him. She views the slaves task as a pre-wash before her shower and before her boyfriend comes over. Skylar talks about how her boyfriend loves fucking her up the ass and says that maybe she will let her slave clean up the mess next time he does. Anything from the Goddesses ass is a treat after all. The slave licks diligently and Skylar reminds him that he is extra lucky because he is so close to her pussy. So close but so far! Skylar tells the slave she is turned on knowing she has a slave to eat her dirty ass while waiting for a real man to come please her sexually. She pulls his head deep between her cracks making it hard for him to get any air. Now she has the slave lay down again so she can ass-smother him to sleep. The slave kicks but Skylar is lost in thoughts of her boyfriend and how he will be fucking her soon.
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Clubstiletto – See how Much Fun It Is To Whip Him

Domina Ruby and Princess Skylar are back and once again punishing the office slaves, the former CEO and new office boy. Watch as Ruby shows Skylar the art of whipping using the CEO as her target. First she demonstrates her skills and then hands the whip over to Skylar so she can sit down and have the boy attend to her feet. Ultimately the slave being flogged starts to sweat like a mofo, the girls humor themselves by making the new boy go over and lick his back clean. “Aren’t they disgusting?” Skylar says with a smile.
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Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – Skylar Ass Slams Him To Oblivion

Princess Skylar enters the room looking very sexy in a PVC dress. She addresses her slave, who lies on the ground with his head facing upwards on the couch. He’s in position to be brutalized by Skylar’s huge ass. “For my amusement I’m going to abuse your face with this big beautiful ass” she tells him, spinning around to reveal it to the camera. She steps over him and sits down hard on his face. This is a very uncomfortable spot for a slave as his neck gets pressed hard into the corner of the seat. Skylar bounces up and down, then swings her ass back and forth across the side of his head, like a battering ram. She reverts to ass slamming him and moves into a full ass-smother position.
She repositions him onto the floor, where she sits on his face. You catch a nice view of her ass as she lowers herself down to sit on him. Bracing her arms on the couch, Skylar lifts and drops on him repeatedly, saying this is better than the gym for her. By now the slave’s face is pretty battered but Skylar is just getting warmed up! She instructs him to crawl over to her discipline bench, but as he does this she slams his head with her ass, making him work just to get there. She has him lie on the bench and sits side saddle on his head, as she bounces and grinds his face with her ass. She continues to straddle him and slams his face some more before she has him turn around on the bench so his head is at the foot of it. She continues to slam him side saddle then decides to reverse face sit him. Her big ass seals his nose and mouth perfectly, and as he kicks for air, Skylar only chuckles.
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Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – Desperate Office Foot And Ass Sniffer

Skylar is loving her new job at FemCorp and also loves her perk of an office slave that lives under her desk. Other Dommes like Jasmine and Kandy have worked in this office and moved into larger offices as they have advanced, this office always reserved for the new girl. Skylar needs no experience in treating men badly, she’s been doing that her entire life and soon has the office boy licking her stilettos. She mocks him and says she knows he wants to lick her ass and calls him pathetic. She tells him she even avoided wiping her ass in the event he does get that duty. While the slave licks and kisses her feet, Skylar talks about how this slave gets shared around the office and how disgusting he is in every way.
Now Skylar has her office bitch remove her shoes. He first sniffs each shoe, then sniffs her musky feet. Skylar has really sexy long feet and toes and any man would want to be on his knees to worship them. “Suck my big toe likes it’s a big fat cock” she orders him. While he sucks she shares some of her philosophy about slaves and things they should be prepared to do. She has her slave lick between each toe and while he does you get some nice visuals of her toes and soles. She asks the slave how many asses he has licked today and she laughs when he tells her. What a disgusting pig! She does however tell him that number will grow through the day as there are 20 women in the office. No woman goes through a day without using a slave or two in one manner or another. Now Skylar stands up and bends over. She orders the slave to her ass to sniff it. “Tell me how much you want it?” she tells him and like any good desperate slave he begs, he begs for all he is worth, sniffing deeply the entire time.
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Clubstiletto – An Old Fashioned Cum Off

The Goddesses Ruby and Skylar have their sluts blindfolded and lying on the bed. Ruby explains that neither has cum in a month, and as a result, they’re going to have a cum-off! Tell an alpha male it’s a contest to ejaculate and he’ll probably blow a load in seconds, just knowing it’s a competition, but with these two limp-dicked losers, you never know what might happen.
The first one to cum gets sexual gratification, while the other slave will be locked back into chastity for another month, but not before he licks up the other one’s mess. The slaves stroke themselves but are thrown off by the distractions the ladies throw at them, such as flogging, nipple pulling, cock and ball slapping, tickling, and ass smothering. The ladies discuss how they enjoy seeing slaves eat cum and how pathetic these slaves are in general. All the distractions make it hard for the poor sexually frustrated slaves to get hard, so the ladies decide to gently play with their balls. The slaves flail away, so anxious to cum but so useless in the presence of such powerful women that they just can’t get the job done. Skylar talks about the way she used a slave last night to clean up after her black lover, and you can see how her words get the poor boy extra hard. Eventually, the Mistresses decide that these low life creatures are not worth their time and that neither will be permitted to cum… better luck next month, boys!
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Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – He Hopes He Wakes Up

This scene opens with cuckoldress Princess Skylar sitting on her cuck slaves chest, him in chastity as always. She tells him she is happy with his progress as a cuck and recently as her toilet too. Today though she wants to test his ability to manage her weight as she would like to lay on him the next time her boyfriend fucks her. She sits on his chest which he manages fine so she moves to sitting on his face. Her giant ass smothers his head and she mentions she is wearing pants that don’t breath. She settles in for a nice long sit but he doesn’t last a full minute as she wants. She tells him to take a deep breath and this time wants him to last a minute. She gives him a count, and he starts to struggle at 30 seconds. She reprimands him and starts over. She sits full weight. He starts to kick as she says he is at 30 seconds, then 40, he starts to thrash, 50 seconds, and then 60, and she finally lets him breath.
She tells him she is proud of him and reverse facesits him, telling him she expects another full minute. This time the slave doesn’t start to move much up to the 30 second mark but then suddenly seems frantic to breath, but Skylar does not relent, she does not budge until a full minute has passed. As she lifts up the slave lets out a frantic gasp as he sucks air into his lungs. While pleased she tells him he has to build to two minutes, her boyfriend might need that much time to cum inside her and they won’t be thinking of him when they are fucking. She suggests that even when locked alone in his cage he practice not breathing and then she sits on him for the final time. “I want two minutes” she tells him “and if you go to sleep don’t worry, you’ll wake up eventually.” She looks at the camera and whispers “He hopes he wakes up.”
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Clubstiletto – Lick It Up Cucky Before They Come Back To Fuck Me Again

Nothing turns Skylar on more than taunting her husband about her many lovers… with the exception, of course, of actually being with her lovers. She made good on her promise to keep him caged all day while lovers come and go, or should we say cum and go. As she sits on her seat with her crotch in his face, the smell of cum fills the air. She asks if he got excited hearing the way her black studs fucked her. As she spreads her legs, you see a hint of cum on her pussy and leg, but most of it is still inside her pussy, there for hubby to suck up… every last drop. During this scene Skylar graphically describes how her lovers fucked her, and she discusses the importance of having hubby suck up all the cum so she doesn’t become impregnated by a black man. How would hubby explain that to Mom?
As the slave eagerly licks her, Skylar tells him how aroused she gets when her boyfriend exercises his right to bring his black friends over with him, to fuck her. Skylar mentions that her slave has learned the taste of each lover’s cum. Today will be a challenge though, because she’s been fucked by so many guys, including the 100th lover she’s had since she and hubby tied the knot seven months ago. In fact, she was blindfolded by her main man today and isn’t really sure how many men she actually had. Soon the cum starts to flow and hubby has a lot of it to deal with. “That’s all you get to eat for today” she tells him, adding “Well, after drinking at the bar they’ll probably come back for more, so maybe it’s not your last meal.” Skylar suddenly remembers that one of them also fucked her up the ass and tells hubby he’s going to have to suck that out of her, too.
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