Men Are Slaves – Princess Mischa – Feed The Bitch | Release Date: Jul 7, 2017

Saturday, July 8th, 2017
  The priority of Mischa's slave is serving her. That's what his every waking moment is for, to make sure her life is comfortable and that all her needs are tended to. She can be very strict in that regard, but she will make sure her bitch is fed. That's why she kindly tosses food on the floor for him to eat while she munches at the dining room table. Read More

Men Are Slaves – Piggy Eats Princess Katie, Princess Mischa

Thursday, December 10th, 2015
Men Are Slaves - Piggy Eats Princess Katie, Princess Mischa   The slave under the table is kept there for a reason. That's because this is how Princess Katie and Princess Mischa prefer to feed him, by randomly tossing scraps of food to the ground at their feet. This way the girls can eat and chat at their leisure, and feed him in a suitably humiliating manner whenever they see fit. Read More

Cum Countdown – Mischa Controls Her Piggy

Sunday, January 18th, 2015
Cum Countdown - Mischa Controls Her Piggy Who controls piggy? Princess Mischa controls piggy! That’s right, your cock and wallet are always under her control, for her to use and manipulate at her whim. She loves to let you pay and stroke getting close to orgasm only to stay stop and deny you, over and over again. And as frustrating as it is you love it, you love her having complete control over your orgasms and will pay her for the honor time and time again. Read More

Cum Countdown – Lust After Princess Ass Princess Mischa

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014
Cum Countdown - Lust After Princess Ass Princess Mischa It’s unknown how much money Princess Mischa has extracted from her countless male paypigs around the world, but the dollar amount is indeed substantial. That’s because her ass is perfect, a nice round plump size that makes men kneel and pay in a matter of seconds. You are such a slave, enslaved to her ass and completely powerless against it. So kneel, beg, praise and worship her ass while she laughs at you and takes your money. Read More

Thank You Princess Mischa

Sunday, April 27th, 2014
Duration: 00:05:22 File size: 382 Mb Format: mp4 You’re in for a very special treat today! Princess Mischa will let you adore her ass. Yes you can stroke your dick as you gaze at her perfect ass cheeks wrapped in tight jean shorts. Don’t forget to thank her for the honor she is bestowing on you, she loves to hear her pets thank her while she teases and ridicules them.… Read More

Obedient Puppy

Thursday, April 10th, 2014
Duration: 00:04:00 File size: 234 Mb Format: mp4 Such a good puppy you are, waiting at the door for your master to come home. Princess Mischa finally returns from her shopping trip, and now that she has enjoyed spending your money she can give you some attention. While stroking your cock think about all the money you have spent so far on her, all that hard earned money shifted from your bank account to hers. Sucks doesn’t it, but then again that is what makes you hard, being financially enslaved to young girls. … Read More