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Clubstiletto – Let’s See If You Can Get Me Into The Bedroom – Princess Lily

Sweet Princess Lily has made it a day of suffering for her slave. His mouth is secured open by a gag and he’s been wearing nipple clamps for hours. She tells him she’s going to up the ante by making him give her a shoulder ride. He’ll prove himself to be a strong pony for her, and if she’s pleased, she might even take him up to the bedroom. She gives you a perfect view of her perfect ass before she waves it in the pony’s face and reminds him just what he’s working for. He lustfully leans into her ass but she pushes him back; he must earn it, first.

As she mounts him, he struggles to get upright from his kneeling position. He manages to do so without any incidents so Lily starts to direct him around the house. She warns him that she’ll send him to the glue factory if he drops her, and after a trip through the house, she orders him to carry her up the stairs. The camera follows behind to show you how plump and delicious Lily’s ass looks. The slave does a few circuits of the upstairs hallway before she sends him back down the stairs. She’s just getting warmed up though! She sends him around the rest of the house and even makes him gallop. She sends him towards the fireplace to do some squats, at which point the pony starts to show signs of fatigue. “This weekend you will give me and my girlfriends rides,” she tells him, adding “and then soon you will be taking me through the forest trails for hours at a time.” She tells him to take her to the bedroom, where the pony imagines there will be some sort of kinky reward. He sets her on the bed in anticipation and she says “Okay, you can return to your cage.” As he crawls away, she leans over on the bed, again showing him her ass, and says “Pony, remember this is what you’re working for.” You can bet this pony will try even harder tomorrow!
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Clubstiletto – Higher and Harder – Princess Lily

This scene opens with Princess Lily already jumping on her carpet slave in her knee high boots. While her slave suffers beneath her you get some great views of her famous bubble butt. She steps on her slaves head and then places both feet on his chest and jumps some more. She tells him how lucky he is to have his view and it should be more than enough to make up for the pain he is enduring. She squats down on him so her ass is near his face but not close enough for him to reach with his mouth. “This ass is what you are working for” she tells him as she stands up and jumps some more.

Now the camera moves back to give you a wide view as she dances on her slave. “Should I invite my boyfriend over to dance with me on you?” she asks him. “Maybe he could fuck me while we are on you and then you can see all his cum running down my leg.” She then tells him he can’t fuck her or any woman and she wouldn’t be surprised if his wife is actually out fucking another man and that’s the reason she sent him to her to be used. She then moves to his stomach and jumps some more, along with some stomping. You can see the damage her soles are doing to his body and the slave is moaning and groaning in pain. Lily is so happy with her job and this time steps down on the floor and brings her ass right over his face. Just as he thinks he might get a taste she stands up and again brings her boots up to his body.
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Clubstiletto – 10 Men Came In My Ass, Smell It, Eat It – Princess Lily

Lily has a huge sex drive and one man can never really satisfy her especially when she knows she has a cuckold that she can humiliate and use for clean up after. The scene opens with her standing on her slave and saying she is about to give him her ass, looking at you and saying “Don’t you wish it was you?” She sits in a forward position and tells him to stroke his cock, she likes him fully aroused when she talks about her sex life so he associates his own arousal with her being fucked by other men. Soon the slave needs to breath and trying to catch a breath he literally snorts into her ass. “Don’t snort to much, because my boyfriend just filled me up” she tells him. “It’s probably better for you than coke though” she adds. Now she moves into a reverse position and tells him she will remove her panties so he can suck the cum from her ass if he pleases her first. “A dirty ass for a dirty bitch like you” she says.

Pleased with his commitment to following orders , she removes her panties and stuffs them in the cucks mouth before again sitting on his face. “Don’t swallow them whole” she tells him. Lily sits full weight and the slave is rock hard stroking away even as he kicks to breath. Now she gets on all fours and shows you her magnificent ass and sweet bunghole and tells her slave as a treat she’s going to let him sniff it deeply. He breaths it in and she says “You don’t mind that other men are fucking me, do you?” and the lustful slut naturally replies “no”. She reminds him that he never gets to fuck her as she waves her ass only inches from his face. She tells him to imagine fucking her right after 10 other guys have fucked her. He’d do anything for sloppy seconds but cuckolds don’t fuck, they just smell and eat cum from their owner. She gets into graphic detail about how she will sit on his face after those 10 guys have fucked her and how he will be ordered to suck the cum from her freshly fucked holes. She now moves back onto his face and leans forward so you can see him licking her asshole. “Can you taste my studs cum in there?” she asks him. Lily next lays on the bed and starts touching herself and says “I’m so horny now for my boyfriend.” She looks at her erect and frustrated slave and says “It looks like someone else is horny too.”
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Clubstiletto – Ass Lover Becomes Full Toilet for Lily – Princess Lily

Gorgeous Princess Lily stands over her slave in the bathroom and teases him with her amazing plump ass. “I know how much you love my ass, just lying there and waiting to be used as my dirty toilet slave,” she says. Some awesome slave perspective angles in this clip really show off Lily’s ass and you can easily imagine that it’s you submitting as her toilet. “You love being my full toilet, don’t you?” she purrs, and at that moment you would do anything to be in this slave’s place. Lily says she will be training her slave slowly. Today, she’s going to use the toilet and then the slave will lick her clean in order to get used to the taste. “This is as intimate as I get with a slave,” she says, but for a slave, this is a much greater desire than being in a traditional vanilla relationship. Being subjected to humiliation by a woman, lying at her feet, and being used as an actual toilet gives a slave’s life meaning.

If you like feet, you get some really nice shots of Lily’s foot as a bonus. She starts to relieve herself in the toilet and asks the slave if he can smell it. “Yes, Mistress,” he replies. She asks him which smells better, her shc1t or roses, and the answer is obvious. “That’s chocolate to you, isn’t it?” she asks. Lily talks about the way she loves her first movement of the day and that she no longer has the need to wipe herself because her slave takes care of that. “Toilet paper is so harsh; I recommend getting one of these instead,” she says, as she points to her slave. She talks about you becoming her toilet and being under her ass. As she does, the camera angles upwards to show her angelic face and her ass cheeks as they hang over the toilet. She even grabs her ass and wiggles it for you. Having completed her business, Lily now needs to pee, so she tells the slave to back off because she’s going to piss on the floor. and he will not only lick her ass but suck up the pee as well. She goes to the very edge of the toilet so you can see her pussy and her golden nectar as it pours onto the floor. “I’m giving you such a nice big drink. Now crawl in here, boy, my toilet.”
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Clubstiletto – Taste My Pussy, Taste My Lovers Cum

Princess Lily calls her slave husband out of the closet as she lays on the bed covered in cum. “I imagine you heard me, but I just had an orgy and there is cum everywhere so as a reward for working so hard lately I’m going to let you lick all their delicious cum off of me” she tells him. She explains that she asked the men to not only cum in her pussy but all over her body too just so hubby could lick it all up. He loves footwear and is thrilled to see cum on one shoe and eagerly licks it all up. The camera zooms over to her pussy and you can see the cum running out. She talks about how raw she is but the cum and her swollen lips make for an amazing visual. You might want to pause the video and masturbate just to that image alone and then shoot another load watching the whole thing because her hot verbals and sexy body will bring out your strongest cuck desires ever. This is the girl you will wish you were married too.

Now the slave is licking the cum up from her leg and she comments that it’s a full load from one of the studs. “I can feel it running into the boot so lick it up quick” she tells him. The camera scans and shows the cum all over her, her pussy, thighs, legs, so much CUM. “That’s what real mans cum tastes like and I’m so generous sharing it with you” she tells him. She asks if he can smell her cum filled pussy and then sticks her fingers inside herself and then into the slaves mouth. She talks about how her lovers never wear condoms because she loves the feeling of cum shooting into her. “Next time I want a line up of guys waiting to fuck me and you will be sending them in one at a time and making sure you have fluffed each guy coming in so they are rock hard and ready to ride me.” She talks about how she likes studs and how she likes them to fuck her and it’s even better knowing her husband is just outside the bedroom sucking her next lover. Now Lily uses her fingers to get cum from her pussy and sticks it into her mouth. She pushes hubby onto his back and makes him open his mouth so she can spit it all down his throat. “My spit and my lovers cum, lucky you, and you know what I think I’m going to call another stud over for you to fluff because I’m getting horny again.”
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Clubstiletto – Princess Lily’s Stool Bound Ass Licker Cums

Lily is home from a long day at the office and enjoying a glass of wine. Her slave has been bound to her kitchen stool all day just waiting for her to get home so he can give her asshole a nice tongue bath. The camera moves around and you can see the slave eagerly eating Lily’s ass and what an ass it is, hanging over the chair it’s absolutely delectable. You get some great angles of both her butt cheeks but her sweet little bung hole too. “It’s important to get your tongue deep up that asshole” she tells her slave. Lily remembers that her slave hasn’t cum in a few months so she decides to let him stroke himself. “Would you like to cum, asslicker?” she asks him.

She gets up and releases one hand, the wrong hand, and tells him this will be his only chance to cum for at least another few months so he’d better do it while still focusing on his purpose, pleasuring her ass. “After you cum you’ll be eating it” she reminds him. The slave is rock hard and still eagerly licks her ass. She comments that she never wipes herself properly because she knows he’ll be licking it clean when she gets home anyway. “Maybe I should just bring you to the office then I’d never have to leave my desk, I could just do it right into your mouth.” She tells him that she would probably start sharing him with the other girls in the office also. “Imagine being the office toilet” she tells him. The slave is now holding off from coming thinking of the prospect of being a full toilet to an entire office of women. She has him move his head back so her asshole can be inspected. Look how nicely it glistens from the slaves saliva. He tells her he has to cum and she gives him permission to do so. He explodes and cum sprays everywhere. He thanks her and she tells him to stop licking her asshole and to lick up all the cum. He goes on his knees and starts licking the floor.
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Clubstiletto – My Ass, My Farts, It’s All You Need – Princess Lily

Princess Lily walks into the room in bra and panties and starts to tease her slave. and you. with her amazing ass. She turns and gyrates and bends and works the slave up who starts to beg for her ass. Lily turns to you and says she knows who else wants to get their face up in her ass. you! “Maybe the two of you could have a competition she proposes, “I’ll sit on the winners face.” She adds that she will fart in the winners face while the loser is forced to watch.

She then goes back to her slave and calls him a loser and tells him to kiss her ass cheeks. She pulls his head in to obstruct his breathing but then pulls back to blow a pretty juicy fart in his face. The slave barely flinches as he breaths it all in. Now Lily lays on the bed and tells her slave to remove her stilettos and to worship her feet. One foot is rather dirty and she has him lick it clean only to call him back to her ass to release some more gas. She tells him that frequent farting can only mean one thing and that is him about to attend to his other duties as her full toilet. She blows one last fart and then tells him to crawl into the bathroom to wait for him. “I just love to degrade my little bitch boy” she says with a grin. Seems everyone is happy and what more could anyone want in a relationship!
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Clubstiletto – Smell Me Then Lick Me Clean

Lovely Princess Lily is doing her morning business on the toilet and says that when she’s not using a slave directly she likes to at least have him close. As the camera moves down we see she is using her slave as a foot stool. Her stilettos are in fact digging into his shoulders. She asks him if he is enjoying himself and says he should soon expect a delicious odor. The slave moans in anticipation. “When I’m done you will be licking my ass clean” she tells him.

The plopping sound soon occurs and she waves her hands downwards so he gets the smell. She makes him remove her shoes and then rests her feet on his face. The sound and smell excites the slave and Lily tells him he is lucky to be sharing such an intimate moment with her. She then sends the slave back so she can pee all over the floor. She kneels on the floor and lets the sweetest flow of nectar cover the floor. When done she gets up and shows the slave her ass, “Get in close and lick it” she tells him and then soon after adds “Now drink my piss.” There’s nothing more rewarding for a slave than to be his owners toilet.
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Clubstiletto – What Pony Gets When Pony Falls Down – Princess Lily

Princess Lily is stuck in the house on a rainy day and forced to ride her pony inside. As he moves from the living room to the entrance to the second living room she tells him to move smoothly so she does not slide off of him, “Or I’ll be forced to use the crop on you” she warns him. Lily’s jean glad ass looks tantalizing on the pony’s back as she directs him over the steps where she wants to test his strength. He is ordered to do lifts and as he move sup and down she compliments him on being strong and doing a good job.

When he is back on the floor she tests him out on a side saddle carry and again he moves rather gracefully. She then mounts him again in a traditional style so he can ride her across the house again. She tells him that after proper training they will take long rides in the country and if he does a good job she will stick a carrot up her ass for him to eat. Ultimately the pony starts to struggle a bit and she tells him that he will need a lot more work as she has girlfriends that will be coming over for rides and some of them are twice her size. The pony then stumbles and Lily is naturally upset, she takes the crop to his backside and sends him back to his cage. She looks at you and coyly says “Do you want to be my new pony?”
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Clubstiletto – His Pain Gives Me Such Pleasure

Princess Lily walks in from a hard day of work, well shopping actually, but tiring none the less. Her slave is waiting on the floor with his head on the chair. “I don’t know why but I just feel so much more comfortable when I know he is suffering for me” she says as she sits on his face in her tight blue jeans, the seam landing right on his nose. “How does that seam feel on your face, bitch?” she asks. She can see he is suffering but she tells him the smell of her ass alone should make the pain worthwhile. She sets her feet on his knees and settles in full weight, crushing his face but now also limiting his air intake.

She tells him the only way he will ever get that close to a woman, especially one as gorgeous as her is in this manner. The thrill of her ass combined with the pain of the seam and fabric. She switches to a forward position and bounces on his face before letting him take a breath of air so she can sit back down and ignore him. The slave holds on really well pleasing Lily but of course eventually they all need to breath and he starts to kick. Lily is pleased with his effort and decides to reward him by pulling down her pants and letting him kiss her ass cheeks. “Take one more breath” she tells him and then sits down one final time. As he kicks she just laughs at his sad state.
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Clubstiletto – I Know How You Hunger For It – Princess Lily

“There’s nothing more relaxing at the end of the day than having a glass of wine” says beautiful Princess Lily as she brings her beverage up to her lips. “Especially when you are using your slave as a toilet” she adds and as the camera pulls back you can see she her toilet table over her prone slave who is waiting with his mouth open to receive her gifts. She laughs at his lowly status and mentions that she has him on a carpet so he has to be sure not to miss anything, “but I do have him pretty well trained, he just opens his mouth and swallows everything that comes in his direction. As toilet time is generally a private thing she has her slave blindfolded so he can only taste but not see and he will have to sense where her waste is landing. “If he misses any he will spend the entire night licking the carpet clean” she says, adding that this is a high traffic area often frequented by friends and lovers and naturally a dirty carpet would be embarrassing for her. “Are you going to catch everything, slave?” she asks him and when he says yes she says she believes him “because I know how you hunger for my waster.”

Lily leans forward and pulls up her top so you get a view of her amazing ass along with her slave. She tells him to open his mouth wide and tells him to stroke his cock as she wants him to always think of this as a sexual moment, she even lets him cum as she is feeding him and through this training she has found he gets instantly aroused when she says she has to relieve herself. “I’ve trained him well to love what I give him” she says. She stands up and looks at him and comments how pathetic he is, she makes him open his mouth wide. The scene then rolls and now you get the slaves perspective, on the floor looking up at her ass and pussy. Well the slave can’t actually see but you can and you see why any sub male would long to be right where he is. “I can feel it coming” she says and then gets into some very nasty toilet talk so if you dream of being a human toilet you will not want to miss this clip. Lily will totally seduce you with her sexy voice, pretty face and divine ass.
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Clubstiletto – Princess Lily’s Golden Treats

If you like pee and love Princess Lily, you will want to watch this clip which shows her peeing in two different situations. In the first she’s standing by the toilet and pulls up her dress to reveal her gorgeous ass and then pulls down her panties to sit on the toilet. “I bet you wish I was peeing on your head” she says. Now you get a close up view of all that sweet delicious nectar coming from her body. “I’ll have you suck it out of the toilet once I’m done” she tells you. She wipes her pussy with toilet paper and stands up and calls you over to get your head in the toilet. “Eat that toilet paper too” she adds.

As the scene rolls over, Lily is now sitting on the toilet with a slave on the floor between her legs. She tells him she is going to piss on the floor so she needs him to back off. “After I pee on the floor you are going to lick up all the piss and then you are going to lick my ass clean” she tells him. She moves to the edge of the toilet and starts to pee. It looks amazing flowing from her tight little pussy and soon is all over the floor. “Crawl in her boy, my toilet” she says, this time looking directly at you. Drink up!
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This is the third clip in this series. Lily has previously blackmailed the school principal when he tried to take advantage of her as a new teacher. The relationship has now progressed and Lily has decided that she rather enjoys having the principal over and today she actually wants to dominate him. She tells him to get over the bench and she warms him up by spanking him with her hand. The poor fool is so rattled he can’t even count out the number of times she spanks him. Too bad, that means more punishment. “I am a teacher and it’s my job to teach you this lesson” she tells him. Lily looks scintillating in her all black pvc outfit and her gorgeous stilettos. Next Lily grabs a studded paddle and takes it to his ass. The principal starts to leak pre-cum from his cock and his ass is starting to get a rosy red. Now she decides to really go at him and fires off a volley of hits causing the principal to really yelp in pain. “Now it’s time for your final lesson” Lily says, “And this is going to be worth 50% of your grade.” She takes the flogger this time and starts to strike him with it, making him thank her after each hit of his ass. “Since we’re both kind of new at this, I’m going to need you to come back every day” she tells him, laughing when he pleads for no more.
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We open with sexy Princess Lily sitting on Her throne. “My legs are so sore” she complains, “and my feet are just aching and so sweaty and smelly.” She explains it’s from trampling and kicking another slave for hours but she’s happy she has a second slave at hand who will eagerly attend to her feet and make her feel better. As she speaks the slave crawls in and starts kissing her feet and licking the soles of her stilettos. She wonders out loud where these shoes have been but smiles and says “But you don’t care do you?” as the slave sucks and licks like it’s his last meal. Now she has the wretched beast remove her shoes and rubs her stinky feet in his face as he lays on the ground.

She pulls out her phone and tells him she is taking pics of him in this position and is going to send them to her boyfriend so they can laugh at how pathetically hard he adores her. She sticks a big toe in his mouth and reminds him that her pleasure is all that matters. “You don’t deserve any pleasure, EVER” she tells him. As he sucks her toe he reaches up and massages her legs. “My boyfriend just sent me some hot pics of himself, with his big dick exposed” Lily says as she starts to run her hand over her own body, her breasts, stomach and pussy. She mocks the slave for not looking like her boyfriend or being hung like he is. Now Lily is getting aroused and she starts to focus on her pussy. She rubs it and moans from the pleasure of her touch as well as that of the beast touching her legs and worshiping her feet. She tells the slave that if he does a good job she will let him smell her fingers after she has played with herself. Now Lily sets one foot across the slaves body to tease you. “I should have a second slave to attend to my other foot” she says. She curls her sole and spreads her toes and you can see her feet are as perfect as the rest of her. She runs her fingers through the toes and tells you how she would have you attending to her feet. Now the slave is told to stick his tongue through the toes of her other foot and Lily now pulls her panties to the side and really starts to rub herself. She moans in ecstasy.
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It’s a lucky day indeed when you find yourself at the feet of that amazing duo, Goddess Mia and Princess Lily. As they relax on the bed they feel a bit down because their slave has just been let go for poor behavior, so to lighten their mood they’ve decided to give you a chance to take his place! Look at these two! Who wouldn’t give up a nut or two to be their slave? “Do you want to worship our asses?” Lily asks you as she re-positions herself to stick her glorious ass right in your face. Mia laughs because she can already see you drooling. She gets on all fours beside Lily and the two of them wiggle their butts and slap them just for you. The girls hang their asses over the bed and tantalizingly bring them up and down right on your face. OMG what a sight. Lily tells you they’ll sit on your face for hours so it won’t be easy for you… but so rewarding. Mia runs her hands over Lily’s ass as the two continue to torment you. This is double booty at its finest! Lily says they might sleep in shifts so you’ll have one of their asses on your face all weekend long. “Your face will look like a pancake Monday morning” she adds, with a giggle.

You get some amazing verbals and great ass angles in this one, so if you’re a submissive who adores the thought of a gorgeous ass on your face, you’ll definitely want to add this one to your collection.
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