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Clubstiletto – I Know How You Hunger For It – Princess Lily

“There’s nothing more relaxing at the end of the day than having a glass of wine” says beautiful Princess Lily as she brings her beverage up to her lips. “Especially when you are using your slave as a toilet” she adds and as the camera pulls back you can see she her toilet table over her prone slave who is waiting with his mouth open to receive her gifts. She laughs at his lowly status and mentions that she has him on a carpet so he has to be sure not to miss anything, “but I do have him pretty well trained, he just opens his mouth and swallows everything that comes in his direction. As toilet time is generally a private thing she has her slave blindfolded so he can only taste but not see and he will have to sense where her waste is landing. “If he misses any he will spend the entire night licking the carpet clean” she says, adding that this is a high traffic area often frequented by friends and lovers and naturally a dirty carpet would be embarrassing for her. “Are you going to catch everything, slave?” she asks him and when he says yes she says she believes him “because I know how you hunger for my waster.”

Lily leans forward and pulls up her top so you get a view of her amazing ass along with her slave. She tells him to open his mouth wide and tells him to stroke his cock as she wants him to always think of this as a sexual moment, she even lets him cum as she is feeding him and through this training she has found he gets instantly aroused when she says she has to relieve herself. “I’ve trained him well to love what I give him” she says. She stands up and looks at him and comments how pathetic he is, she makes him open his mouth wide. The scene then rolls and now you get the slaves perspective, on the floor looking up at her ass and pussy. Well the slave can’t actually see but you can and you see why any sub male would long to be right where he is. “I can feel it coming” she says and then gets into some very nasty toilet talk so if you dream of being a human toilet you will not want to miss this clip. Lily will totally seduce you with her sexy voice, pretty face and divine ass.
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Clubstiletto – Princess Lily’s Golden Treats

If you like pee and love Princess Lily, you will want to watch this clip which shows her peeing in two different situations. In the first she’s standing by the toilet and pulls up her dress to reveal her gorgeous ass and then pulls down her panties to sit on the toilet. “I bet you wish I was peeing on your head” she says. Now you get a close up view of all that sweet delicious nectar coming from her body. “I’ll have you suck it out of the toilet once I’m done” she tells you. She wipes her pussy with toilet paper and stands up and calls you over to get your head in the toilet. “Eat that toilet paper too” she adds.

As the scene rolls over, Lily is now sitting on the toilet with a slave on the floor between her legs. She tells him she is going to piss on the floor so she needs him to back off. “After I pee on the floor you are going to lick up all the piss and then you are going to lick my ass clean” she tells him. She moves to the edge of the toilet and starts to pee. It looks amazing flowing from her tight little pussy and soon is all over the floor. “Crawl in her boy, my toilet” she says, this time looking directly at you. Drink up!
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This is the third clip in this series. Lily has previously blackmailed the school principal when he tried to take advantage of her as a new teacher. The relationship has now progressed and Lily has decided that she rather enjoys having the principal over and today she actually wants to dominate him. She tells him to get over the bench and she warms him up by spanking him with her hand. The poor fool is so rattled he can’t even count out the number of times she spanks him. Too bad, that means more punishment. “I am a teacher and it’s my job to teach you this lesson” she tells him. Lily looks scintillating in her all black pvc outfit and her gorgeous stilettos. Next Lily grabs a studded paddle and takes it to his ass. The principal starts to leak pre-cum from his cock and his ass is starting to get a rosy red. Now she decides to really go at him and fires off a volley of hits causing the principal to really yelp in pain. “Now it’s time for your final lesson” Lily says, “And this is going to be worth 50% of your grade.” She takes the flogger this time and starts to strike him with it, making him thank her after each hit of his ass. “Since we’re both kind of new at this, I’m going to need you to come back every day” she tells him, laughing when he pleads for no more.
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We open with sexy Princess Lily sitting on Her throne. “My legs are so sore” she complains, “and my feet are just aching and so sweaty and smelly.” She explains it’s from trampling and kicking another slave for hours but she’s happy she has a second slave at hand who will eagerly attend to her feet and make her feel better. As she speaks the slave crawls in and starts kissing her feet and licking the soles of her stilettos. She wonders out loud where these shoes have been but smiles and says “But you don’t care do you?” as the slave sucks and licks like it’s his last meal. Now she has the wretched beast remove her shoes and rubs her stinky feet in his face as he lays on the ground.

She pulls out her phone and tells him she is taking pics of him in this position and is going to send them to her boyfriend so they can laugh at how pathetically hard he adores her. She sticks a big toe in his mouth and reminds him that her pleasure is all that matters. “You don’t deserve any pleasure, EVER” she tells him. As he sucks her toe he reaches up and massages her legs. “My boyfriend just sent me some hot pics of himself, with his big dick exposed” Lily says as she starts to run her hand over her own body, her breasts, stomach and pussy. She mocks the slave for not looking like her boyfriend or being hung like he is. Now Lily is getting aroused and she starts to focus on her pussy. She rubs it and moans from the pleasure of her touch as well as that of the beast touching her legs and worshiping her feet. She tells the slave that if he does a good job she will let him smell her fingers after she has played with herself. Now Lily sets one foot across the slaves body to tease you. “I should have a second slave to attend to my other foot” she says. She curls her sole and spreads her toes and you can see her feet are as perfect as the rest of her. She runs her fingers through the toes and tells you how she would have you attending to her feet. Now the slave is told to stick his tongue through the toes of her other foot and Lily now pulls her panties to the side and really starts to rub herself. She moans in ecstasy.
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It’s a lucky day indeed when you find yourself at the feet of that amazing duo, Goddess Mia and Princess Lily. As they relax on the bed they feel a bit down because their slave has just been let go for poor behavior, so to lighten their mood they’ve decided to give you a chance to take his place! Look at these two! Who wouldn’t give up a nut or two to be their slave? “Do you want to worship our asses?” Lily asks you as she re-positions herself to stick her glorious ass right in your face. Mia laughs because she can already see you drooling. She gets on all fours beside Lily and the two of them wiggle their butts and slap them just for you. The girls hang their asses over the bed and tantalizingly bring them up and down right on your face. OMG what a sight. Lily tells you they’ll sit on your face for hours so it won’t be easy for you… but so rewarding. Mia runs her hands over Lily’s ass as the two continue to torment you. This is double booty at its finest! Lily says they might sleep in shifts so you’ll have one of their asses on your face all weekend long. “Your face will look like a pancake Monday morning” she adds, with a giggle.

You get some amazing verbals and great ass angles in this one, so if you’re a submissive who adores the thought of a gorgeous ass on your face, you’ll definitely want to add this one to your collection.
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Gorgeous Miss Lily is relaxing in the tub and you are her cuckold, obediently kneeling listening to her every word. As she touches herself she reminisces about her gangbang party and how she loved making you suck all the cum out of her holes. She followed that with a workout to keep her ass perfect and reminds you that while your cock is to little to please her you did at least have the joy of the cum and then her body sweat after. “That was a nice treat for you” she says. She tells you that she needs to get your nasty spit off her body and then demonstrates how you will use the towel to wipe her clean. “But make sure your gross skin doesn’t touch mine” she warns you.

Watch as she runs the cloth over her breasts, over her armpits and up her arms and laughs as she sees you getting erect while commenting it is understandable as she rarely lets you see her naked like this. “As you have been in chastity for a few months and assuming you do a good job cleaning me, I’m actually thinking of letting you cum today” she tells you. She has found your constant dripping annoying so a release might be in order. She removes her feet from the water and orders you to worship them. “Suck every toe as if you’re blowing my boyfriend” she tells you. “Of course my toes are more the size of your cock, not that of my lovers” she tells you. Now she tells you to start stroking yourself, and tells you to think of all the things she has told you today about her gangbang. Now she gives you a 5 second count down and tells you to shoot your load on the side of the tub. After you’ve cum she gives you one final order, “Now, why don’t you show me how you lick that all up for me.”
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Today is exercise day for Princess Lily and she is working up a sweat on the elliptical. “It’s how I keep my ass perfect” she says as you get an amazing view of her divine butt. Her slave is kneeling at her side holding her water bottle. Next Lily moves to the weight bench where she does some bench presses, the slave again at her side. If you like sweaty armpits you will like this portion. She tells the slave that he is mainly there to lick her clean after she is done.
She then moves to the stationary bike where the slave has his head laying in place so she can use it as her seat. Again some incredible angles of her ass that will have you holding off an orgasm right there and then but try to hold off until the end. She tells her slave he is now going to be her towel. She lays on the mat and has the slave lick her from foot to armpits. “Getting licked clean is the best part of my workout” she says as the slave sucks her toes, licks her soles and works his way up her body until she rolls over so he can lick her ass cheeks and crack too. After he has licked one armpit she has him get on his back so she can pit-smother him with the other. Just a routine workout day for a Princess.
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Lily picked the neighborhood cuck out in a second and so now he is not only getting rejected by his wife but also being subjected to Lily’s abuse as well. She has him kneeling in front of her as this scene opens as she plans to torment him with her beautiful ass that he lusts for but never gets. “You are so pathetic that your wife won’t even fuck you”, she mocks him, “and now here you are because you can not resist my ass, what a pathetic excuse for a man.” She stands up and bends over to show him her ass and she asks him if it gets him hard. The lusty fool actually tries to reach out and touch her ass but she quickly swats it away. “Do you think you are worthy of touching an ass like mine?” she asks him. He confesses he is not. Lily tells him to show her that he has a big dick and makes him stroke it, if it’s big enough maybe he’ll get her ass. Unless his dick grew overnight they both know that won’t happen.
Lily then pulls up her skirt and waves her ass in his face and talks about the studs that fuck her, how big their cocks are and how they make her feel. She then takes his head and pulls it into her ass and the slave clearly likes it as he is now rock hard. Lily slaps her ass and waves it about and it looks soooo amazing. She leads him on that she might let him fuck her and as her ass moves in his face he is filled with desire. “Smell my ass” she tells him and then pulls her panties down. She tells him her boyfriend just fucked her but she wants him to sniff her anyway. He can’t resist. Now she removes her panties and stuffs them in the cucks mouth and she again pulls his face into her ass so he can smell her and her lover. “Sniff my ass while sucking my lovers cum out of my panties” she mocks him and he does as told. Lily’s ass just looks incredible in this scene and you can feel the heart break of the cuck when she tells him he will never fuck her. “Paying to sniff my ass is the best you can hope for” she tells him. “Your dick is just to little” she adds as she orders him to lay down so she can sit on his face. She settles in with no intention of ever getting up.
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The scene opens with a close up of gorgeous Lily. She explains that she has just started her teaching career, and while she loves it, there has been one problem. That problem is the principal. “He’s a real pig” she says, “I can see him staring at me and he makes lewd comments to me. He’s even touched my ass while I walk by him and it’s just not appropriate.” She explains that to deal with the issue, she has invited him over and given him the impression he’ll get lucky. The camera pulls back and we see the sleeping principal, hooded and locked in her cage. “I tricked the dumb fucker” Lily says as she slaps his face to awaken him from his slumber. The principal is dazed and confused as he tries to figure out what has happened. He denies trying to come on to her or that he was rude in any way, and demands to be released. Lily reminds him of his behavior, then squats down in front of him with her panties and pussy mere inches away from his face.
She tells him that while she would never fuck him, she does have a surprise – her boyfriend was just over has filled her with cum! She removes her panties to expose her pussy and the cum literally runs out of her before it drips onto the cage. “He’s ten times the man you will ever be” she says, as she scoops some of the cum up with her fingers and waves it in front of his nose. He protests but she simply rubs the cum onto his face and lips. She tells him to reach out with his tongue and lick it and he’s so pathetically aroused that he does! She pulls back and informs him that everything that’s happening is being recorded, and from now on, he’ll do as she says or she’ll reveal the truth to the school board, his wife, and everyone else in his life. She turns around and shows him her amazing ass before she sits down on his face. She pulls her panties aside and asks if he wants to stick his dick in her, and laughs when he says he does. She tells him to stroke himself, and when he does, she reminds him that it’s all on camera. “You jerking off in a cage while I stick my ass in your face… what will people say?” She explains that he’s to do anything she tells him from now on or he’ll be so unemployable he won’t be able to get a job as a garbage man. “The other teachers are going to wonder why I treat you like such sch1t and you let me get away with it” she says to him with contempt. Poor principal; he can’t take his eyes off Lily’s ass as she sits on his face again, settling down completely this time. “When you wake up again you’ll be back on the street” she says.
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Princess Lily tells you she has a surprise for you, you are going to have sex. “But don’t get to excited” she tells you, moving a pillow and revealing a huge strapon. “That’s right, you aren’t going to be fucking me, I’m going to be fucking you.” Even though you’re a virgin she says she does expect you to take the whole thing no matter how much it hurts. “I’m going to wreck you” she says with a wicked smile. “You’ll be so stretched out you’ll be wearing a diaper.”
Lily verbally humiliates you through this scene and also demonstrates how you will position yourself and how you will take her cock. She demonstrates the rhythm of her body and how the cock will fill you, then how you will get on your knees and lick the cock clean. Then you will be on all fours for another fuck, then you suck, fuck, suck, until you are the biggest slut in the neighborhood. Once properly trained Lily will invite all her girlfriends over and they will all fuck you too. Don’t worry there will be photos and blackmail threats. “Who knows who I will have fucking you once I’m done” she says. Lily then sits on the bed and tells you to get on her lap and ride her cock, she wants to see her 12” dick filling your ass.
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Princess Lily is on the elliptical and working up quite a sweat. She takes a drink of her water and then tells you to hold the bottle as she resumes working. She tells you to kneel there and hold the bottle and as the camera pulls back you can see she’s working out in a sexy black panties bra set with fishnet stockings. The camera moves down and behind Lily and you get a magnificent view of her plump ass gyrating on the machine. You can see the sweat start to run down her ass cheeks. She asks if you’re thirsty and then says that maybe if you are Lucky some of the sweat will drip off her ass and you can lick it up. The camera holds in this position for sometime so you can just admire her ass in motion and see the sweat continue to form and drip off her body. “I can feel the sweat beading down my skin” she says and then calls you in closer to see for yourself.
When she is done you will be licking her entire body clean. “And you’ll also be licking up the sweat that falls on the elliptical” she tells you. Now Lily tells you to bring your nose between her ass cheeks and to sniff her asshole. “Because you’ve been such a good bitch it’s going to be your afternoon snack.” Finally Lily brings the elliptical to a standstill. She gets off and lifts her arm and the sweat literally comes pouring down her arm. “Come up here and lick it all off” she tells you, “I don’t want to drip all over myself, I want it to drip into your mouth.” Next she leans forward and now her sweaty ass is right in your face. She orders you to lick that too. She has really worked up an amazing amount of sweat. Just when you think it can’t get better she leans forward again and slides her panties to the side so you get a birds eye view of her beautiful pussy and anus. She fingers herself to torment you, then takes off her panties and stuffs them in your mouth.
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It’s a hot summer day and Goddess Mia and Princess Lily are on the bed and talking about how badly they are sweating from the heat. Lily tells Mia she has just walked along way to get home and with the humidity is just sticky wet. Lily sniffs her pit and realizes she has a strong smell. She asks Mia to smell her and Mia says the smell is not to bad but in truth the cameraman’s eyes were watering. Mia smells herself, then Lily smells her and they agree that yes they stink. What a thrill for any slave to literally be able to lick all the sweat from their owners bodies and today that lucky bitch is you. Lily calls you over and lifts her arm for you to get a close look and smell of her pit. Then the girls expose all four armpits and Lily jokes that you probably wish you had four tongues so you could lick them all at once.
The two ladies look so hot laying on the bed in lingerie and now you are between them licking their armpits. “I did put on some deodorant today” Lily says and then tells you to just lick that up too. They direct you where to lick and how, they want it done just right. Mia is pleased with your enthusiasm, it’s clear you are a natural born sub and just want to please beautiful and powerful women. Lily says you will be badly beaten if you don’t do it right then Mia suggests that Lily lay on top of her so their armpits are together and you can lick both at once. She warns you not to touch their boobs though, that you are not good enough for. Now as the camera moves around behind the Goddesses you get an amazing shot of Lily’s ass and her sweet little anus, winking out from behind her g-string. If you do a good job you might be licking that in time too. Lily again lays on the bed and now they want final service. You are to lick up and down each armpit until you’ve done all four. They then smell and agree the odor is all gone… you however will be tasting it in your mouth all day. They send you back to your closet and say you had better get a good nights sleep because it’s supposed to be hot tomorrow and they plan to have 5 or 6 girlfriends over. You’re going to be busy.
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In this hot cuckold POV, you are the husband of gorgeous Lily, who loves sex often… just not with you. No worry though, you do have a purpose. Lily is on the bed and you are on your knees on the floor having just finished sucking cum out of her pussy after she returned from a gangbang. Having now rested, she calls you over because she wants to tell you about a black stud she met at the party. She reveals a massive black dildo and tells you it is molded from her lovers cock. “It’s like six of your shrimp dicks all in one” she laughs. She tells you that a lot of the cum you sucked from her came from her new lovers giant piece of man meat and then humiliates you further by talking about what a stud he is and how pathetic you are. “Imagine how his cock stretched my tight little pussy” she purrs and then laughs as she sees how that arouses you. She loves seeing your little dicklette stiffen in your chastity, which she reminds you is never coming off. “I don’t have a use for it” she tells you, “So the only coming you’ll be doing is the bit of leaking that happens in your cage.”
Now she tells you that she has invited her new man over so she wants you to improve your cock sucking skills by practicing on the dildo. She wants his cock all the way down your throat, far enough that you can then reach out with your tongue and lick his nuts. “Ramone is very aggressive and will be face fucking you hard”, she tells you. Then after they have both had a good laugh seeing you gag on it, he is going to slide it into her and fuck her like an anim@l. “And you are going to sit and watch and wait until he shoots a huge load into me and then you are going to come and suck it all out of me.” She tells you once that is done you will also have to lick up all the cum still on Ramone’s cock. All the dirty talk has your beautiful wife aroused again and she reaches behind the pillow and reveals a mouth dildo. You are now going to fuck her, one end in your mouth, the other in her pussy. This is as close as you will ever get to intercourse again. She makes sure to remind you that she finds your cock disgusting and then makes you put the dildo on. Next she hands you a blindfold and says you aren’t good enough to see her pussy and makes you put it on as well. “Only my boyfriends get to see my pussy”, she tells you. Now she lays on her back and says if you do a good job she might let you please her in this manner from time to time. “Oh, one more thing” she says, “I don’t want you to feel comfortable when pleasing me so I want this in your ass.” She reveals an inflatable butt plug. She starts to pump it and gets it the size of a small watermelon. “When Ramone gets here you can leave, but this stays in your ass.” You know you’re the luckiest man on earth.
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Princess Lily is on her throne, “I’ve just spent hours t0rturing a slave, trampling him, kicking him and now my legs are so sore, my feet are just aching” she says. She mentions that they are dirty and sweaty and she’s grateful she always has a slave in waiting that will come crawling with the snap of a finger to worship them. With that her beast comes crawling and lays at her feet. He eagerly kisses the stilettos until ordered to lay on his back so she can stick the heels into his mouth. He ultimately removes her feet from the shoes and he is instantly blessed with her divine essence.
He licks and kisses them, touches her legs, as pathetic as any school boy in heat on his first date. She mocks him for being so pathetic and snaps some pics which she says she will send to her boyfriend. “Do a good job so I can ignore you” she tells him. She sticks her toes in his mouth and rubs her soles over his face. “You don’t deserve any pleasure ever” she tells him. She tells the slave her boyfriend has just sent her some hot dick pics and asks him if he wishes his cock was that big. The cock pics turn her on so she starts to finger her pussy. She tells the slave if he does a good job with her feet she will let him lick her fingers after. She gets annoyed with his hands on her legs and kicks his arms away. She looks at you and says she should have a second slave to attend to her second foot and lays it across her slaves stomach and shows you were your tongue would be going if you were there. The slave licks between every toe and across the entire sole of each foot. Lily is now getting really worked up from playing with herself and you can see her pussy juices glistening as she moans in orgasm.
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Princess Lily relaxes with a glass of wine, her feet up and resting on a slave. “It’s great being Queen” she says. “Queen of everything where I can just put my feet up and relax.” She kicks her slave and asks if he agrees, which he naturally does, totally honored to be her human furniture. Lily enjoys having her feet up but they’re sore so she instructs her slave to get on all fours to give her a massage. First she torments him by having him sniff her feet, then he has to lick all the way up her nylon clad legs until she has him remove her stockings with his teeth. She talks about her sweet tender thighs and how lucky the slave is to have his face touch them. She has him begin with her toes and tells him he’s good for nothing but worshiping her feet. “Someone told me I have the sexiest feet in the world” she says, and the slave agrees.
She tells him to keep his tongue active and when her toes are all sucked, he’s to clean the dirt from the soles of her feet. You get great close up views of Lily’s amazing feet and the slave is clearly very eager to worship them. After a while she has him lie on his back so she can rub her feet all over his face. He must keep his tongue out at all times. She only stops to ram one foot down his throat and then it’s back to rubbing them both on his face. “Later when you’re alone in your cold dark closet, you can fantasize about licking my feet today. She tells him he can jack off to her feet so he begins rubbing himself, getting nice and hard while the taste and smell of her feet completely intoxicate him. She rubs them over his chest and says she might let him cum since it’s been almost a month. She tells him to imagine how many times a real man would have cum in the past month – probably 40 or 50 times – but he’s a slave and cums only when she decides. She counts him down: ten, nine, eight… will she let him cum or will she change her mind?
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