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“Look at you! All dressed up for a date? Too bad. I WAS going to let you worship my feet tonite after work. Maybe even give you a foot job. But I guess you need to go on that date, huh. Or you could get down on your knees, kiss my boots, suck my heels and sniff my toes thru my pantyhose. It’s up to you, weakling…”
Princess Katie, dominant office intern, leg tease, foot worship, cum commands…
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Humiliatrix - Tiny Pecker Losers Get Blow Job Humiliation from Princess Katie


“Remember that night back in school when I tricked you into thinking that I, Princess Katie, was going to give you a blow job? Do you remember what I did to you after I pulled your pants down, loser? I ruined you with girls for the rest of your life. And now you’re about to live that humiliating night all over again…”

Princess Katie, blow job taunts, tiny pecker humiliation, sissy face, J/O commands…
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Men Are Slaves - Piggy Eats Princess Katie, Princess Mischa


The slave under the table is kept there for a reason. That’s because this is how Princess Katie and Princess Mischa prefer to feed him, by randomly tossing scraps of food to the ground at their feet. This way the girls can eat and chat at their leisure, and feed him in a suitably humiliating manner whenever they see fit.
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Men Are Slaves - Dirty Panties Princess Katie


This slave is supposed to keep Princess Katie’s panties clean. Most importantly that includes prewashing them with his tongue to get out those stubborn stains on the crotch area. Now he will just have to clean them all over again, naturally after being scolded and slapped.
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Men Are Slaves - Meet My House Pet Princess Katie


For this clip we’re going way back! It’s a very old clip from years ago that we somehow never posted, one where Mischa is doing the recording as she shows Katie her new house pet. Together the girls laugh at this bitch and how stupid he looks in his French maid outfit, and how pathetic he is for getting harder the more they ridicule him.
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Cum Countdown - Beg Me Properly Princess Katie


As a man, to be granted an orgasm typically means you have to beg. Girls like Princess Katie like to look on as you beg while they casually determine if they will grant you any relief. Even if she does deny you though at least you can take solace in that fact that your begging and denial has pleased her.
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Humiliatrix - Princess Katie Screams with Laughter as u Cum into Her Ankle Sock

“I made a bet with one of my girlfriends on the cheerleading squad that I could make you get a boner and squirt out all your loser cum into my stinky ankle sock — after I shove my other ankle sock into your mouth and make you worship my feet. She has nooo idea what a foot-kissing dweeb you are…”

Princess Katie, bossy cheerleader, foot fetish, sock tease, jerkoff commands…
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Humiliatrix - Princess Katie Grants You a Charity Fuck -- into Her Fake Pussy

“Tell the truth. You’re probably a virgin. Well, scaredy cat, I know you dream about my tight hot pussy, but you’re too intimidated to hit on me. So I’m gonna spread my legs for you and let you put it into my pussy. My FAKE pussy. As I taunt and laff at you. And when I make you cum? You’re gonna lick it all up…”
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Men Are Slaves - Housekeeping Princess Katie

It can be hard to find good slave help sometimes. Princess Katie has this pet who is useful in some ways though. He is a bit dumb but he is good at maid service and making sure the house is clean at all times. Likewise he is good at fetching things for her when called upon like getting her a drink or a snack, and then diligently returning to his male duties like a good house maid should. He’s not the best male maid around but he will do for now.
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Men Are Slaves - He Suffers While Licking Her Princess Katie

It’s rare that a slave gets to lick Katie without some sort of pain element attached. That’s because licking her womanhood is the ultimate reward for any slave, therefore it’s natural that a slave must suffer to earn it. Katie likes to use the cock shocker on slaves that orally pleasure her because it serves the dual purpose of reminding him that he must suffer to earn her pussy, and because as it turns out slaves lick better when their cock is being electrocuted. So it’s win-win all around.
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Humiliatrix - Dork Destuction: How Snarky Katie Turned u into a Jerkaholic Loser

“Before you met me you didn’t stutter, steal panties or slime your dork-pants every time a mean girl sneers at you. I guess you have me to thank for all that, LOL, huh, dorkbutt. Do you remember what I did to destroy your confidence and turn you into a fist-creaming fucktard for the rest of your life?….” 15 emasculating minutes

Princess Katie, step-brat, caught jerking, verbal emasculation, jerk taunting…
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Cum Countdown – Beg For Katie’s Attention

You want attention? Then beg for it. Princess Katie could be nice to you of course and simply offer you that attention you so crave. But then again it’s so fun to watch you beg and grovel for it. It’s even more fun knowing that you are paying her and yet still have to plead for attention. How sad. Well keep begging, it’s the only way you’ll ever get permission to cum.
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