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The best way to get a man to follow every instruction to the T is by locking an electric shocking pet collar around his precious balls. Once locked on tight any man will obey your every command in total fear of that bright red button being pushed. Princess Chloe loves having her tight, young pussy pleasured every day but her current slave has fallen short in the skills of making her orgasm. With her new training method, her slave will become the best cunt worshiping bitch she could ever ask for. A few intense shocks to his manhood along the way will keep him servicing to his best possible abilities.
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Chloe’s loser slave is on his way over and he thinks he is getting out of chastity. Chloe has a surprise for him. She has changed her mind and decided not to let him out of chastity. Instead, she wants to go shopping with her friend, Alyssa.

Chloe’s slave arrives, and she demands her tribute. She counts the money. The slave thinks its enough to get him out of chastity, but Chloe tells him, “Not today.” The slave complains that it isn’t fair, but fairness does not matter to the girls. They will do as they please, and the locked-up chastity slave has no choice in the matter.

Chloe’s boyfriend loved the outfit the slave bought Chloe last week. This week, she wants her loser to buy her another new outfit that will make her boyfriend even happier. Alyssa teases the slave’s chastity device with her perfect butt. The slave must admit that he wants to make Alyssa happy. Then, Chloe teases the slave. He must admit that he wants to make Chloe happy, too. He agrees to never tell the girls, ‘no’ again. The girls talk about things they want from the mall while the slave humbly kisses Chloe’s ass.

The girls tell the slave how it will be. It will increase Chloe’s tribute next week, it will not get out of chastity, and it will immediately take both girls to the mall. The pathetic slave crawls away to retrieve its wallet for the girls to ravish.
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