Humiliatrix – Amy and Amber Dump Their Drinks Down Your Dork Pants

Saturday, June 18th, 2016
  "Excuse me, loser, were you talking to US? You with the pencil arms and boy boobs? You want to buy us drinks, maybe get to know us, is that it? Sure you can buy us a couple of cocktails. Make sure they're doubles and make sure they're the top of the top shelf and make sure they're ice cold, got it?..."   Princess Amber, Princess Amy, bikini bitches, poolside humiliation... … Read More

Humiliatrix – Princess Amy – Prove That You’re an Ass-Kissing Jerk Pig for Amy and Amber

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016
Humiliatrix - Princess Amy - Prove That You're an Ass-Kissing Jerk Pig for Amy and Amber   "When most normal guys see a hottie in a sexy bikini they think about getting into our bikini bottoms and fucking us. But when a pathetic, hopeless jerk-pig like you sees us in our bikinis, you think about getting on all fours, oinking, kissing our asses and jerking your pigtail. And now you're gonna prove it to us, oinky-bitch..." Princess Amy, Princess Amber, bikini bitches, jerk taunting, ass kissing... Read More