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Chateau-Cuir – Voyeur cums on My leather skirt part 2

I call him out, tell him to get closer and make him a deal. If he can cum on my leather skirt I will forever have enslaved him, if he fails I will expose him as the pervert that he is to the world. I know he will go for option one…
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MeanBitches – Alexis Fawx POV Slave Orders

Mistress Alexis Fawx is merciless! As you lay on the cold floor of her dungeon, you hear the sound of her high heels and you tremble with fear. Mistress Alexis walks over you as if you are piece of dirt and then spits in your face. She makes you crawl to her and worship her like the Goddess she is…..
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Chateau-Cuir – Leather shine service

Damn I am looking good in this vintage leather skirt but it is lacking a bit of lustre and shine so I call in my leather polish slave. I show him the spots that are dry and since I have not allowed him to cum for ages, his balls are nice and full with the kind of natural polish I am after. He is just a dispenser of cum to keep my leather scirt soft and shiny. I make him work for it and enjoy the feeling of spunk dripping down my skirt. Once he has fullfilled his task it is back to being chaste again.
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STROKE TO MY ASS CONDOM feat Astrodomina

I love wearing my latex pants, and you will too!…

Sydney is going to mesmerize you today with her shiny latex ass.. she knows you already love her ass, but you especially love seeing and hearing her ass squeeze into latex, looking like the absolute perfect ass. She says you get to jerk off to it today, but with one condition – you’re going to have to ruin your orgasm! Ready, ass slave?

She orders you to start jerking.. as she waves and wiggles her latex-clad ass right in your face. You get the most amazing view and closeups, her ass just looks too good in them! This is such a treat for you! Keep jerking! Don’t get TOO excited, she wants you to last throughout the entire video.

It’s going to be a challenge, for sure. Her ass looks too hot in those pants. Can you imagine if she were to sit on your face with them? Slowly lowering her Goddess ass right on your face, covering you up, not even letting you breathe.. her ass just might swallow you whole! She constnatly teases and toys with you, ordering you to jerk the entire time and controlling your pace..

Can you last until the end? If you do, don’t forget – you had better RUIN that orgasm! She will instruct you at the end how to do it and give you a cum countdown, so make sure you follow her commands!
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GloveMansion – Handjob in rubber boots and gloves part1

Whoops! They have been caught masturbating again! It seems Tina and Coco cannot stop playing with their rubber gloves and now they have a big cock that wants to join in.
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Chateau-Cuir – Obey your leather Goddess

So you want to be my slave? My leather slave? Do you have what it takes to satisfy me? Start by crawling towards me and begin at the bottom, lick and admire my perfect leather boots. I will show you what and where to worship. I am going to control your tongue, your cock, your mind. You will have to obey your leather goddess and follow instructions.
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You hired a new personal assistant… you wanted one that is aggressive and will organize your life but you may have chosen too well. Victoria is super-aggressive. She’s also bitchy and bossy. She also is superior to you and thinks you should be her personal assistant instead of the other way around….
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Chateau-Cuir – Voyeur cums on My leather skirt part 1

Love getting dressed in leather and satin…but I can feel somebody is watching me and I am right! There is a pervert in my room and I bet it is that guy that has been following me around town all day. I call him out, tell him to get closer and make him a deal.
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You are competing against your co-worker Sofia for a job, but you know you don’t deserve the promotion. You are a better worker, but she is genetically superior to you in every way and she knows it. She is powerful and you are weak. She easily puts you in your place: on your knees begging to serve her!…
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GloveMansion – A specimen of your cum part 2

Milked, edged and drained by nurse Liza as she needs to extract a specimen of your cum. Are you feeling excited for this type of medical treatment?
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GloveMansion – Handjob in leather catsuit

Check out my tight leather catsuit, isn’t it hot?! I bet your cock is getting hard just by watching my ASS in these fine leathers. Let me have a look at that cock of yours. Do you like the touch of my leather gloves on your balls? Be a good boy and let me tease you until you are allowed to CUM.
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MeanBitches – Kennedy Kressler POV Slave Orders 2

According to Urban Dictionary, a succubus is “a female demon who appears to be a very beautiful woman and has sex with men to feed off their sexual energy.”. Today is your lucky day…. you met one! Her name is Kennedy and she is going to seduce you, enslave you, and drain the life out of you. And when…
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