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GloveMansion – Sexy leather blowjob by Lexie part 1

Many of you love our french glove babe Lexie and in this clip she is extra horny! If you like sexy eyes, gorgeous leather gloves and her seductive lips than you will soon explode by watching how this beauty sucks cock. Want to be next?
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MeanBitches – Daisy Ducati POV Slave Orders 4

You are an accountant and your boss Miss Ducati wants you to change the numbers in the Profit & Loss Statement so she can get a bonus. You try to say no, but she tells you that you are fired and that she will make sure you never work again. You beg to get your job back… she laughs in your face and…
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GoddessFootDomination – You Only Wish – Ashlynn Taylor

Goddess Ashlynn Taylor is lounging in her dungeon. She knows just how much you adore her ass and her feet. Ashlynn teases you, kneeling there before her, dangling her heels off her stocking covered feet. Your Goddess doesn’t think you deserve to touch her, only to gaze upon her perfection. She deigns to let you get a nice whiff of her feet.

You strip naked at Ashlynn’s command. She beckons you to come closer and look without touching. Goddess Ashlynn tells you to begin stroking your cock to her. She warns you not to cum as she runs her fingers along her stockings. You’re stroking faster as she asks if you’ll be able to cum on command. Suddenly, you’re ordered to take your hand off yourself and to imagine having her in the way you desire.

Told to resume stroking at your own pace, you work yourself into a frenzy for your Goddess. She finally allows you to cum and you spurt all over yourself making a huge mess. Smirking and satisfied, Goddess Ashlynn dismisses you.
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SubbyHubby- Kiki’s Condom Surprise (POV) – Kiki Klout

You always wanted to swing with your wife. You have been trying to talk Kiki into it forever. In your head your were going to be able to bang all the chicks! Well your fantasy has come true. The only thing is that Kiki went “swinging” without you. Last night when you thought Kiki was out with friends, she was really getting banged by a huge cock! You will find out all about it when you stop by to say hello to Kiki in her office. She also has a surprise for you! She saved her lover’s cum in the condom they used. The condom is almost completely full! Since you are so pitiful, you would never be able to produce such a load. Watch as Kiki rubs the condom all over her pussy. Watch as Kiki empties the condom into her mouth. Open your mouth and drink her spit and his cum! You deserve this humiliation. You better get used to it!
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SubbyHubby – Learning to Suck (POV) – Kiki Klout

“On your knees, naked with your mouth open. This the way that you will greet me when I come home from now on!” Kiki Klout has just bought a new toy. It is sitting next to her in the car when she leaves this strange message on your voicemail. You are not man enough for Kiki. She has decided to turn you into her cock sucking bitch. You will learn to suck every inch of Kiki’s big black cock. You will learn to love it. You will become her cock loving whore. Or you will be replaced! It’s your choice. She knows you will be waiting for her cock when she gets home.
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FetishLiza – Leather and rubber bootjob part 2

My sexy flat boots feel so good on your hard cock, jerking it off from various positions. You get a great view of the rubber soles and my denimclad ass before I milk you on to my shiny boots.
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SubbyHubby – Training the Cuck to Take the Cock (POV) – Vanessa Cage

You are Goddess Vanessa cuckold now. You are too pathetic to please her yourself so you are forced to watch a real man fuck her. Well, this weekend your training is being increased a notch. For the first time ever you will be getting fucked by a real, human cock! The thought of he boyfriend fucking you like a slut turns Vanessa on so much! You want to please your Goddess. Don’t you? Goddess Vanessa wants to make sure that your slutty ass can handle his cock. So she has on her huge pink strap on cock. Vanessa is going to make sure you can take every inch of what her boyfriend gives you this weekend. Now that she has stretched out your ass with her cock. She wants you to take a shower and put butt plug number three in your slut hole to continue your training. Keep the butt plug in your ass as you make dinner and for the rest of the night. Her boyfriend will arrive soon for the weekend!
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Chateau-Cuir – Shiny leather and nylon JOI

Soft, shiny and so sexy, I love the combination of luxury Jitrois leather and Wolford nylons. I know how excited you get from watching me dressed in this outfit, my long legs in the best black pantyhose and sexy Louboutin heels to top things off. I want you to listen to my voice, my directions and the sounds of my leathers and nylon. Worship me, stroke your cock and follow my jerk off instructions. Cum share your leather fetish with me.
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FetishLiza – Black pantyhose smother

My pantyhose slave has been such a good boy, he bought me this stunning limited edition Wolford pantyhose, they have over 140 swarovski stones on the seams. I intend to make you recount each of them with your tongue. You will carefully lick my soft nyloned legs and admire my nylonclad ass. You know that butt is going to land on your face, don’t you? That is right my pantyhose slave, I am going to smothered you with my ass. I will use your face as my seat. Try holding your breath for as long as you can. I know it will be hard to concentrate when I sit on your face and you can feel that hosed up ass and pussy on your nose and lips.
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GoddessFootjobs – Purring Kitty – Kitty Carrera

Kitty Carrera is a pet locked in her cage. Her owner greets her and quickly gains her attention via control of a toy inside her pussy with his smartphone. She braces her feet up against the cage as the vibrations rock her tender box.

Her owner releases her from the cage and she presents her feet for his inspection. Kitty requests and is granted permission to play with herself. Ready for a footjob, Kitty’s owner tells her to lube her feet up with her tongue. Kitty then makes sure he’s nice and hard by giving him a nice sloppy blowjob.

Standing at full attention now, Kitty’s owner sighs in pleasure as she rubs her slick feet all over his cock. She strokes him up and down between her soles and he turns up the intensity once again with his sex toy app. Kitty keeps up a relentless pace stroking the shaft with her feet. Moving onto all fours, she continues the footjob from behind as the tip of the toy peeks out from her panties.

Ready for the finale, the owner summons Kitty to resume blowing him. She sucks and strokes his cock until he spurts waves of cum all over her hands. Kitty takes a taste and is told to return to her cage. Satisfied with his pet, he allows her to rub herself to a squealing orgasm as a reward.
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You’re going to stroke for me now. I’m even going to give you permission to cum. This sounds good, huh? So good. Too good. Almost too good to be true…

I’m not being deceptive. I really will give you permission to explode…but not until after I set a little trap for you. A frustrating, blue balling, ruined orgasm trap.

You will jerk yourself into oblivion. Tugging that cock up and down, drooling over my hot lingerie, my sexy stockings, my endless edging tease. The trap you’re in doesn’t deter you. It excites you. You’ll hand fuck yourself until an orgasm isn’t just a possibility, but an inevitability.

You cum. You let go. But what happens? Your orgasm is automatically ruined. You’re caught in my trap, with no way to escape your little denial predicament.
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MeanBitches – Lola Luscious POV Slave Orders 3

Goddess Lola is back! When you look into her eyes you will immediately want to sink to your knees and please her. She toys you and smiles and she wraps you around her little finger. You will happily do anything she tells you… now BOW DOWN, SLAVE! ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, JOI, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE!…
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Clubdom – The Training of Slave 47 Part 6 – POV

Mistresses Michelle and Lydia recap their training of slave 47 and discuss what it means to be a slave of the ClubDom Compound. They want to know who wants to be slave 48. Are you ready to be a slave at the level these Mistresses expect? Find out in this video.
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FetishLiza – The ultimate luxury shoe worship

You have worked hard as my shoe licker to get in this fortunate position, you are now allowed to carefully worship these expensive and fragile Louboutin shoes. You will need to focus 100% and watch your tongue, teeth and the amount of spit you will use to map out these beauties. I will watch you closely as you lick my red soles and my high heels with care. You belong underneath my shoes…always.
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SubbyHubby – Stroke Your Cage for Vanessa (POV)

You belong to Vanessa Cage! She owns you. Literally. The key to the chastity cage that you are wearing is on her bracelet. Isn’t it torture to watch her in her sexy black bra and panties? Isn’t it making you horny? Don’t you just wish that you could touch yourself? Well, maybe if you beg hard enough, Goddess Vanessa will let you out? Sorry, that’s just not going to happen. But you can try to stroke your throbbing cock through the cage. That’s right, use your fingers and stroke the little bit of cock that you can touch. It’s going to be painful but it’s the only way that you will ever be able to cum from now on.
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