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FemdomEmpire – The Pony Ride – Riley Reid

Mistress Riley Reid has a new pony in her stable who needs to be properly broken into submission…by a Big, Fat Dick!
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MeanBitches – Raven Bay 5

Goddess Raven Bay is back! She takes slave Jason into the dungeon and humiliates him while making him worship her ass and kiss her feet. This is one of our hottest dungeon scenes ever!!!
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Dirty Dommes – Training the new human pony part 2

Time for the real action now as the new pony is ready for it’s training. I want to make him sweat and work hard for me!
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Clubdom – Reagan Lush, Sasha Foxx – Whipping Their Pony Slave

Goddess Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush are using their pony slave to pull them around when they stop him and have him start cleaning their boots. They want him to clean them good, paying close attention to the dirty bottoms of their boots. Reagan Lush tells him to suck the heel like a good little cocksucker. Reagan Lush gets bored with the boot worship, and asks Sasha Foxx if she would rather whip their pathetic pony slave bitch. They tie their slave to a tree and make him beg them to get whipped. Sasha Foxx cracks the whip across his back, turning it from pale pasty white to a deep crimson. Goddess Sasha Foxx feels like he isn’t getting the enjoyment out of this whipping that he should, and demands he beg for more. Reagan Lush then takes over using her red suede whip to sting against his back.
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Clubdom – Alina Long, Raven Bay – Fuck Your Way To Freedom

Goddess Raven bay and mistress Alina Long find a poor excuse of a man tied up in the woods to a tree all tattered and torn the ladies decide to have a little fun with this looser they offer to cut him down but inform him that he will have to fuck his way to freedom by doing everything they tell him Goddess Raven hands him a blow up lamb and makes him fuck it and onk like the man pig he is completely humiliating him and making him lick his own filth up just to amuse them, and this is just the start of his day. Goddess Raven bay and Mistress Alina Long now have their new found slave back at the clubdom estate and tell him maybe he can lick his way to freedom by worshiping their thigh high shiny black boots, That’s right bitch you heard us start licking our filthy boots, Worshiping the ground beneath our feet licking our filthy dirty boots that’s right suck=ck the heel like its a big black cock swallow it up, deep throat it and maybe we will set you free, the ladies start to laugh at this eager boot slut, Goddess Raven Bay spreads her wet pink pussy and lets him get a look and then rubs it as she starts moaning and asks if he would like some ? yes, he replies and they both laugh, your not worthy slut back to the heel of my boots keep licking your way to freedom. Goddess Alina Long and Raven Bay are still having fun with their new pathetic slave boy the one they found tied to a tree, they made him fuck his way tp freedom by having him fuck a blow-up sheep Then they made him worship their boots and teased him with their pussy’s letting him breathe in their essence but never touching, so now they have decided to go for a pony cart ride and make this poor slave pull them all around the estate and Goddess raven hand the out of breath bitch a teaspoon, and tells him it’s time for his nourishment so he better start stroking that tiny little slut stick and fill the teaspoon up with his filth and then he will eat up every last drop
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Clubdom – Slave 032’s Day In The Dungeon

Mistress Dahlia and Domina Helena use their slave to give them a ride to their dungeon where they restrain him so they can whip him. They take turns turning his pale white back red with whip marks. Dressed in their latex stockings, they admire their artwork before deciding they need to work a little lower on their slave. Mistress Dahlia and Domina Helena want to continue their beating of their useless slave and make him beg to cane his pale ass. The two Goddesses bend him over and take turns caning his white ass and leaving bright red marks all over it. Now that Mistress Dahlia and Domina Helena have whipped and caned their pathetic slave, they want to milk the disgusting filth out of his useless balls. They restrain their slave in their dungeon and start stroking his slut stick to milk out his filth. After he finally spills his filth, they feed it to him as a reward. Disappointed with the filth production from their slave, Mistress Dahlia and Domina Helena want to pulverize his slut sacks since they are so worthless. They grab and twist his slut sacks and beat them with their crops. Maybe their pathetic slave will remember this and try harder to produce next time the Goddesses want to milk him.
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Clubdom – Dahlia Rain Strapon POV

Goddess Dahlia Rain knows how much you envy her huge black cock. She allows you to watch her stroke her cock in front of you while you kneel with your mouth open waiting to suck her big femdom dick. Goddess Lydia instructs you to shove three fingers in your slutty ass until you beg to cum.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Trained for the Cart

Continued from New Pony. Now that you’ve had a chance to be indoctrinated as a proper little pony, it’s time that you learn how to pull the cart. I show it to you and explain how you’ll learn to drag it about the grounds, carrying any Mistress who wishes a ride. You’ll be whipped mercilessly for not maintaining the proper speed or hitting too many bumps. Then, when you’re exhausted, you’ll be taken back to the barn and punished once again. This is how a cart slave is trained so that he loves to be used!
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