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GoddessFootDomination – You’re So Small Compared to Me

Goddess Brianna is so powerful that she has the ability to command a submissive to shrink himself before her very eyes. She insists on being larger than a pitiful slave, both physically and emotionally. She can talk a man out of inches in more ways than one. Goddess Brianna looks down on you, laughs at your miniscule stature and teases you for that little pin dick. What a joke! You could never hope to truly please a woman with that thing, so you must learn to serve as a slave to have any worth at all. Goddess Brianna teases you with her sexy stockings. You are so small in comparison: you cling to her pantyhose as you work your way up to get in between the goddess’s toes. You better find a way to make your foot worship worthy or you’ll be squashed. You’ve become so small that you are pretty much useless to the goddess. You can’t even reach your arms and legs around her little toe to hang on. You continue to shrink at her command. You are a speck of insignificant dust on the floor. Goddess Brianna forgets you almost immediately; she can so easily find another slave to serve her better.
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DirtyTransDolls – Chastity rubber doll fucking part 2

Rubber Doll Jenna has no say in the matter. The dick is locked and the butt is at my disposal. I will bend this doll to my will and stretch that fuckhole with my strap-on cock.
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DirtyTransDolls – Creating My new rubber doll part 2

What a pretty rubber doll! It is just a prototype but any male features have been erased and the feminization progess is looking great. I wonder how slutty this new doll will be?
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GloveMansion – Milked at the cum extraction clinic part 1

The first patient of the day has arrived at the clinic for his morning cum extraction. Nurse Fetish Liza is wearing a pair of very soft latex gloves to promote an extremely hadr erection. She uses a sexy handjob technique to milk her patient until he is about to burst and spunk before her.
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Chateau-Cuir – Fishnet and leather fetish handjob

How hot is this leather mini skirt?Teamed up with a pair of fishnet tights and high heels, I am sure your cock is going to love this look. Of course I like teasing you and slowly draining your balls on to my leathers.
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DirtyTransDolls – Bi tranny slut training part 1

Being dressed up in female latex clothing was step one but these sluts have no idea how far todays training will go, ha ha. They are both looking so innocent and sweet as they are sitting on the couch…but not for long! We explain our plan to them and push them to start touching each others rubber tits and to stroke each others cocks. Oh yes, these bi sluts can not hide their true desires from us. We will expose them for the kinky whore that they are. We want to see those juicy male lips sucking off real dick.
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DirtyDommes – Gasmask strap-on fuck part 1

My male slut is fully dressed in RUBBER and masked, ready to feel my strap-on cock at any time. So welltrained, he knows his asshole belongs to me. I stretch his hole bit by bit and insert my cock, I love to fuck him hard!
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DirtyTransDolls – Chastity rubber doll fucking part 1

My latex doll is ready for me, wearing a heavy ribber mask, armbinder and chastity cage. It is always time for more whore training! My bbc strap-on needs to penetrate this slut’s ass hard, I love to make my doll take it all and make it moan and scream. Doggy and missionary, this anal whore will take it.
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Chateau-Cuir – Bootycall for leather pervert

He loves girls in leather, especially when combined with slutty fishnet and tight denim hotpants! So he has called himself a hooker for some fun! He gives her instructions on what to do with her gloved hands, he slaps her cute ass and tells her to masturbate for him in her kinky outfit whilst fingering herself with her leather gloves.
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Chateau-Cuir – Leather fetish fun in the office

After working on so many sexy leather clips, we deserve a little treat at the office, don’t you agree? It is time to have some fun with this tight leather skirt and make it all messy and sticky.
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Dirty Trans Dolls – Rubber dolls eat dick for dinner part 2

Final part in which Cybill Troy and Fetish Liza spitroast and fuck their Rubber Doll hard on the dinner table. Good TransDolls make sure to swallow and obey!
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Foot Fetish Petite – Alyssa Kayson – Dr. Pantyhose

Alyssa Kayson is an extremely sexy doctor who has had a long, rough day. While sitting in her office with a male nurse, wrapping up for the day, she mentions how sore her poor little feet are. When she slips off her black high heel pumps and starts rubbing her petite feet through her sheer nude pantyhose, the nurse can’t help but to get turned on by her sexy stocking covered feet. With her back turned, he picks up her shoe and sniffs it then offers her a foot massage. Watch as he takes her pantyhose clad feet into his hands, burying his nose against them and smelling them as he rubs them, pampering her sexy feet like they deserve.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Mistress Jinx – How Hard Will You Get?

Mistress Jinx has a slave kneeling at her feet. She wants to see how hard he will get just from looking and smelling her feet in pantyhose. She explains that he cannot touch himself at all. Jinx slips on the pantyhose very slowly and the visual gets the slave excited. Once the pantyhose is on, she rubs them on his face and chest; allowing him to smell her scent.
After getting him all worked up, Mistress Jinx consents to allow him to touch himself. She tells him that she is judging his love for her based on how hard he gets and how hard he cums for her. The goddess encourages him to lick her feet while beating his meat; working him into a frenzy. When he splurts a huge load onto her feet and shins Mistress Jinxs tells him how proud she is of him. He’s such a good boy for his goddess. Now he has to lick her pantyhose clean of his own juice.
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