Tag: panty thief

“Aha! I knew it! You stole my panties! You pathetic little dweeb. So. What were about to do with my panties? Hmm? I want to see it. Were you gonna pull them over your face and sniff them? Were you gonna pull them over that tiny trembling penis of yours and squirt into them? Show me, loser. NOW….”
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The English Mansion - Mistress Amrita - Hung Out To Dry
Featuring: Mistress Amrita
It is a beautiful summer day, Amrita has her lingerie drying in the sun, when the next door neighbour creeps into her garden and starts to touch and feel the sexy garments. Before long he is stripping off his clothes and slipping into the underwear, loving the feeling against his skin, with no idea that Amrita is watching from a hidden spot. When he is fully compromised she confronts him, wrestling him to the ground and showing her superior strength as she dominates him on the ground. He begs for forgiverness, she decides to administer her own justice, pegging him to the clothes line and making sure his cock gets plenty of them too! After a punishment spanking, he is put in rope bondage and left as her own personal clothes line, the humiliation of his position being something he will never forget.
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