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St Mackenzie’s Brats – Pretty School Girl Natalia Makes You Worship Her Gym Panties Until You Pass Out

Natalia is waiting outside Headmistress’s office; she has come straight from her netball lesson and is still wearing her sexy little netball dress with cute white gym panties nestled underneath! As she waits she sees you lurking, but what is worse you are obviously trying to get sneaky peaks up her skirt! You are nothing but a panty pervert and Natalia is not impressed, she will punish you and make sure you think twice before you next perv on a girls panties! She orders you to worship her perfect white panty clad bottom, which you are keen to do. However this is not going to be enjoyable as she grabs the back of your head and pushes your face deep into her panty ass crack! As she pushes her ass further onto your face, rubbing it up and down, you can feel it taking your breath away, and all you can see & smell is her sexy gym panties. Every so often she lets you come up for air but not for too long as she is enjoying punishing you too much! Finally as she pushes your face deeper into her panty ass, and as she holds your head in place, you can feel all the breath escaping you and you are very close to passing out completely…
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Mistress T – Morning Panty Sniffing

I know how much you love our intimate quiet time in the morning. How you love to sniff my crotch and ass after I’ve been sleeping in these panties all night. You love my personal aroma. It’s your favorite thing in the whole world. So go ahead, nuzzle your nose right in there & breath deeply…
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IwantLindsey – Lindsey Leigh – My Sissy Husband

Honey, I really took your concerns regarding our sexual relationship to heart. I know we haven’t been fucking lately and our romance is kind of dying out. So I came up with something that will spice up our marriage. I want you to be my sissy husband. I want us to buy matching pink panties and wear them at the same time. I want you to learn how to suck a dick and do it in front of me wearing our matching panties. Of course we will start simple and easy. First you will suck one of my strap ons or dildos. I will teach you the ways, just open your mouth and throat. Once you have mastered that we can invite people into the bedroom, I can watch you be my sissy husband. Perhaps we can even pass you back and forth like a fuck toy. I also think we should lock you when we party with other men. I do not want you to cum until the very end, when we are done with you. I want complete control of your cock. I am going to hide your chastity keys in my pussy so if you ever want them back you have to lick them out. I know this will spice up our marriage, I want you to be my sissy husband starting today.
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Eurasian Persuasion – I Like When He’s Uncomfortable

I have no issues about making my house bitch suffer under me, after all it makes him a better man.
Sometimes I enjoy watching entire movies on his face while he breathes in my pussy and ass. With his head bent back I straddle his face in my sexy red lingerie and smother him front and back. I could break his neck but then who would carry my groceries? Would you like to be in his place? Too bad most of you are such whimps. This one gets the special treat of my cum stained panties. Life is good.
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Goddess Harley – Bullied Cuz No One Likes You

Awe, are those bullies at school picking on you again, LOL! Well, I had a talk with the parents but it seems it might have made things even worse for you. Hehe, sorry for laughing but to be honest nobody like you and we all kinda laugh about this. Your sisters and I all hate your guts and the whole family has been fucking with you this whole time. For instance, did you know we spit in your cereal every morning… why the fuck do you think it’s already made for you when you come downstairs.
Oh and I know you’ve been jerking off to my panties and I have videos! I bet you didn’t know that my boyfriend’s cum was all over them, LOL. How did that taste???
Your aunt will be coming over in a few minutes cuz she wants to join in on the fun… I think she’s gonna make you lick the tires clean on her car, LOL!
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – End of the Bed II | Release Date: Jul 25, 2017

I’ve had so much feedback from the first [link] that I decided to give you a sequel. I want my slave waiting at the end of the bed, ready to worship my ass and inhale my aroma. This priviledge is only for the best of slaves, to enjoy this view and be allowed this close access to white panties. So get down on your knees, slut, and enjoy your reward. I expect you to be dr*nk on my scent..
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Subby Hubby – Vanessa Sixxx – My Stepbrother is a Sissy Bitch | Release Date: Jul 11, 2017

Vanessa is tired of her stepbrother Cody being such a jerk to her. Even when her step-dad orders his son to let her watch TV, he hogs the remote to watch a ball-game. Vanessa knows that for all his macho exterior, he is secretly a panty bitch who wants to smell and wear her panties. Vanessa comes up with a plan. She sets the webcam on her computer to record, then catches her stepbrother sniffing her panties and cross-dressing in her clothes. Vanessa catches him in the act and tells him she has him recorded in her clothes. Unless he wants his father to find out about his panty fetish, he had better start doing everything she says. Shamed by the prospect of his dad finding out his secret, he quickly agrees. After busting her step-brother Cody wearing her clothes, Vanessa teases him by showing off her beautiful pussy. She laughs as she tells him that she knows how much he wishes he had a vagina rather than his small useless penis, but that is why his place is worshiping a real woman. Vanessa sits back and enjoys an orgasm as her stepbrother humbly worships her pussy, terrified that Vanessa will tell his father his shameful secret. Having already introduced her step-brother Cody to the taste of her vagina, Vanessa now orders him to taste her ass. Vanessa enjoys herself as Cody’s tongue licks and cleans her asshole all under the threat that she will tell her stepfather what a pervert Cody is. Cody’s punishment has just started, Vanessa has invited his best friend, James over to see his humiliation. She tells James that Cody wants to be a girl so she is going to show him how to be one, starting with sucking James’s dick! Of course Cody does not do it correctly so Vanessa shows him how to properly suck a cock and make it cum. When James shoots his load in her mouth, Vanessa spits it into Cody’s mouth, then makes him gargle his best friend’s cum – how humiliating! Vanessa decides to show Cody how a real woman fucks a man. While she is fucking James, she while orders Cody to lick James’s dick and balls like a woman would. Vanessa then has Cody worship her feet while the fucking continues. When James is ready to cum, he pulls out and shoots his load all over Vanessa’s belly. Cody has to lick up James’s cum yet again while Vanessa laughs at what a bitch her “macho” stepbrother really is. While Vanessa and James cuddle after intercourse, then Cody worships their feet as an obedient cuckold as they make fun of him. Then Vanessa decides to give Cody a “reward” for being such a good stepbrother, letting him jerk off on the panties he was wearing. Once Cody shoots his load on the panties, Vanessa orders him to put the cum soaked panties on while she and James laugh at what a pathetic bitch he has become. Cody may have ignored his dad and mistreated Vanessa, but she has more than paid him back for acting like such a jerk.
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Kerri King – Panty Changing and Ass Worship Tease

Kerri King’s Naughty Pleasures
You are addicted to my ass…that’s no secret. I proudly boast my perfect ass and body in a stunning array of 12 pairs of panties, each rubbed in your face, POV style, along with my cock teasing dirty talk. I play with my panty straps, even mesmerizing you with my bare ass, and rubbing my tight little pussy to add insult to injury. I let you know this is the best sight you will observe, naturally, and that you have to stay on your knees to properly worship me. It’s your chance to show me how much you love my ass and that sweet little spot in between my legs. Lucky you, to have such a generous Mistress.
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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Dirty underwear sniffer teasing

It seems My slave has been sniffing My dirty underwear last night, but why would he do that when he’s locked in chastity? he can’t jerk off, he can’t even have an erection without pain, so why whould he torture himself like this? Is his addiction to dirty underwear and stockings stronger that his fear of pain? That’s what I am going to check today: I will fill his mouth and cover his face with My worn lingerie, I will have him taste and sniff My scent, and will see what happens to My slave and his cock.
Categories: Panty Fetish, Pantyhose/stockings, Humiliation, Chastity, Smell Fetish, Ezada
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Randy Moore – Forget Your Fat Wife Pt1

Randy Moore - Forget Your Fat Wife Pt1


Thanks for returning that hair drier your fat wife borrowed. So you’re going shopping for her birthday? It’s my birthday too…don’t waste your money on her…nothing’s gonna look good on her anyway. I know you like staring at me. Go ahead…enjoy the view of my long legs, my high arched feet, my round tight ass. Bet you wish you could have some of this! I want that money you’re planning to spend on that fat bitch…and checking out my hot body weakens you doesn’t it. I can see that your cock’s getting fat and hard…bulging like that wad of cash you need to give me! I’ll show a little bit of skin, but I’ve gotta go get you a special present. Be right back…. To be continued…

Category: TEASE & DENIAL
Keywords: home wrecker, Randy Moore, blondes, Big tits, ass, masturbation instruction, masturbation, panty fetish, upskirt
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Humiliatrix – Lingerie Boutique Manager Ashley Wants You to Be Her Panty Slave

“Hey there Panty Man. Yeah, you. You come into my lingerie store and pretend you’re looking for panties for your girlfriend. Don’t make me laugh. The salesgirls and I have you all figured out. And when you come slinking into my store today? I’ve got a plan to turn you into my very own sissy panty slave…”
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