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DirtyDommes – Ballbusting with military precision

At “The Slave Castle” I keep my unworthy subs for military drilling. Here they will learn all about obedience, devotion and respect. Like this creature, who deserves nothing more than a good hard kicking in the balls. His crotch is my targetand I will not hold back as I slap, whip and kick his precious balls. With militaryprecision I will strip him off his ego and manhood.
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FetishLiza – Boot licking stable boy

I am a genuine equestrienne and I want all my riding gear in pristine condition. But it seems my stable boy is slacking lately and not performing his task as he should. He needs to clean my dirty, dusty leather riding boots and make my spurs shine again with his tongue. Of course he is going to feel the crop on his naked skin and my boot soles trampling his cock and balls. Next time I won’t go so easy on him, he has been warned.
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Chateau-Cuir – Clean My leather chap boots

Look at my leather chap boots, they are gorgeous but they are also dusty and dirty. It is your task to clean them with your tongue! Let me show you where you need to lick and clean. I am putting my boot soles on your face so you can swallow all that dirt as well. It turns me on so much watching you grovel and worship my leather boots.
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FetishLiza – Army boot domination

I have arrived at my slave training camp and my boot bitch is waiting for me, kneeling on the concrete floor. His sole task is to clean my black leather boots with his tongue. But he needs to feel the crop on his ass in order for him to find the right rhythm. Being in the sun all day has made him too slow. So I inspect his actions and the state of my boots closely. He must do a perfect job or he gets corrected by the crop.
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SensualPain – May 12, 2019: Acquired Redhead: DS Mind Managing | Abigail Dupree

This new redheaded female slave, recently acquired a few days ago from the reliable slave trading post here on the Portland Oregon south shoring docks, is in dire need of training.

Master James reflects after securing her in the tall standing cage after her morning cleaning task; She has only been here at the training yard for just a couple of days. She is still weak and frail from the long trip on the slow boat from the northern regions of Norway, One of my favorite types of fresh meat. She is pail and frail with no manners suitable for a Masters needs, but she is getting better. He is till confident that she will trim up nicely after a few weeks working and eating proper under His skilled heavy hand.

Training can thus be described as a deliberate process of transformation that not only permanently establishes a D ⁄ S constellation in psychodynamic processes, but can and should also permanently change perspectives, the reality of life and, last but not least, the personality of all persons involved.

In order to understand the functioning of each exercise, therefore, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between the routines (rules, dressage , training, etc.) as the activating instruments of a training and the subordinate levels of psychological convergence on which they operate. Every action, Every reaction is to be judged and weighted from this point of view. Sexual aspects are also to be judged from this point of view, and by no means of greater importance than any other element of training.

If training is understood in this sense, ie as an instrumental-operant mind-managing and carried out with the necessary discipline , even against oneself, the training will lead to the desired results.

In this second documentation of this new slave, the training consists of studying her temperament while being incarcerated in a standing cage, confined for a couple of hours as Master James attends to other projects, A slave will learn to wait till it is needed by those of superiority. Master returns to bring her to the main dungeon with a little groping to see how well she is responding. She is man handled by her vertical bar restraint to be restrained on the hitching post for the daily flogging. This helps her to get to out of the frail state. There was a small amount of verbal discipline and face slapping, a test to see how well she can escape here restraints and the reciting the slaves creed for the in-service type slave. Master James finds her progress to be better and will continue the training of strict enforcement, as you will see with clarity.
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What is this?! It seems the Easter Bunny has turned to the dark side as instead of bringing chocolate eggs, he is actually stealing them for himself! But this won’t go unnoticed nor unpunished! Fetish Liza and Tina Kay catch the bastard in the act and decide it is time his eggs need to suffer! They will be kicked hard until they display all shades of red, purple and blue. This bunny gets humiliated and busted over and over again by the ladies’ boots until it can barely hop straight!
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Chateau-Cuir – Red leather coat JOI

The beauty of leather lies in the cut, the softness, the smell and the shine…and the person wearing it obviously. What do you think of my long Red leather coat? It is perfect isn’t it? Tight fitting and such supple leather. Combined with my red boots and SPURS you can’t help yourself but get turned on. I am going to help you cum and count you down until you are ready to SPUNK on my leather coat.
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FetishLiza – Snow and muddy boot licker

I expect my boots to be cleaned wherever I go or whenever I desire…even in the snow. So get your tongue ready for me and start eating the frosty snowflakes from my rubber and leather boots. I can see plenty of mud and grass underneath my soles as well. Crawl in the snow and do your duty as my bootlicker: I will mix it all up with my spit, which you must also taste from my flat boots.
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I am going to train my house slave to be my perfect little human ashtray. With the help of a tight jennings gag in his mouth, he must accept all my ashes as I smoke in front of him. Mixing the black toxic ash with my divine spit is his treat. I hold him firmly on my leash and fill up his mouth with my smoke. It is an honour to be my dirty ashtray slave.
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FetishLiza – Dirty bootlicking piece of shit

Just went for a long walk through the fields in my high heeled boots. Now I am making sure they are extra dirty and muddy before I enter the garden again, where I have my boot slave ready. He is purely in my life to clean my footwear and his disgusting tongue is only good enough to eat the mud, dirt and sand off my boots. Even that he cannot manage so I help him a bit and push my muddy heels in his face. He will soon be covered in the smelly black and sticky mud…just the way piggies love it, ha ha.
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FetishLiza – Military leather boot cleaner

My leather boots need to be clean and polished at all times. I do not tolerate any dirt on them and my boot cleaner knows this. His tongue is only a tool to scrape and lick the dust off my heels and soles. He must do it fast and eagerly as my whip will make sure he gives me his full attention. No mercy for my boot slave, he knows his task and he will feel the sting of my leather whip.
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DirtyDommes – Warmed up by My whip

I am sure he is freezing, his punishment was to stand naked in the cold but he knows more is coming. He can hear the heels of my leather boots approaching him and I explain him what is going to happen. My leather flogger that stings like a whip will be cutting his skin and he will take it. He is not used to being whipped so this will be extra hard for him..but he must please me.
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SyrenProductions – Harshly Whipped By Blonde Fur Goddess

It’s such a beautiful cool day outside, that I decide to take my slave outside for a good whipping. I am certainly cozy in my full length fur coat, too bad my slave is only allowed to wear a cod piece. I don’t feel like giving him much of a warmup, so I lay in with hard strikes right from the beginning. I strut around on the balcony whipping the hell out of my slave. After a while I become hot from whipping and so I take off the fur coat revealing my sexy short skirt and blouse as I continue the thrashing.
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FetishLiza – Human ashtray in the woods

Wherever I go, I have my human ashtray with me. I am enjoying a cigarette in the woods, all dressed in leather. My ashes won’t touch the ground but only his tongue and lips. He will open wide and receive all my smoke, spit and ash.
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