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YoungGoddessKim – The Glimmer Goddess

It is time to surrender to Me. you want to. Give in to My glimmering legs as I dangle them in your face. Focus on My smooth seductive voice as I guide your senses and stimulate your arousal. My crystal legs are magic and you fall so deep under My spell. your eyes fixate and follow My sultry shiny curves, your cock twitches. Don’t think….Just feel. Feel that cock, stroke it. It feels so good to stroke under My spell. My voice is like a vice grip on the edge of your release, I control your orgasm. you will cum on one. you will cum and explode in deep arousal and mindless ecstasy. Good boy, give it up for Me.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – No Touch Orgasm While I Stroke

I know you dream of me touching your cock. Every time you masturbate to one of my videos you imagine your hand is mine. You imagine that my hand is gently (or not so gently) squeezing and gripping your head and shaft. I want you to imagine my hands like you always have, except today you won’t have the aid of your hand to help you. I want you to watch me stroke my cock and imagine it as your own without stroking at all yourself. The power of the mind is an amazing thing. You can imagine without any touch at all, my delicate fingers tracing your every swollen inch. I want you to get lost in this feeling. I’m going to make you cum with no hands at all, just by watching me.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Premature Ejaculator’s Facial

It’s so sad how prevalent premature ejaculation has become in men these days. You boys all masturbate incessantly and condition yourselves to cum in 30 seconds or less. You know you’re never going to please a woman that way right? If your little pecker can’t last for more than a minute how do you expect to give anyone an orgasm other than yourself? So I’ve invented this little game to help all of your early ejaculators. You’re going to position yourself with your ass in the air and your cock dangling over your face. You’re going to stroke as I writhe and tease you. If you can keep control of yourself, I’ll let you get down and cum normally. If you can’t hold out, you’ll have to cum all over your face. If you can’t hold out, you’ll just have to play this video over and over again until your stamina is acceptable.
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Mistress T – Freak Cock Tease

“Freak Cock” was made famous in 2 scenes I filmed with him a few years ago: “Ruined Orgasm for Freak Cock” & “Freak Cock Cuckolded & Ruined”
The amount of fan mail I’ve gotten begging to see more of him has been shocking. He does have the meatiest, heaviest cock I’ve ever seen. He’s also quite entertaining (you have to watch the vid to understand).
So, he’s back but for only 2 scenes. This one & another one to be released later. What happens in this scene? Get it & find out!
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Tiny Chaste – Reach Around Cock Tease

Long term chastity plays tricks with an older man’s penis. Sometimes when I am released, I get hard and cum way to quickly for my Goddesses. Other times, I reach orgasm without getting hard. Then there are those times I get hard but can’t cum, or can’t do either. In this clip, Goddess Dani decides to give me a reach around. With her warm body pressed against my back, she uses a hitachi and her hands to manipulate and tease my cock. Will there be a release? Or will I just end up frustrated when things don’t work as I wish…
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Cock Practice

You’ve been jerking for a long time now so I’m sure you know exactly what it takes to get yourself to orgasm. By now I’m sure you’ve got it down to a science. Well I want you to rewrite your little orgasm ritual into what I want it to be. After all, your orgasms are all mine anyways. We’re going to make you practice edging. We’re going to train your cock to cum and stop whenever I say so. If you can’t edge properly, you’re going to have to watch this video over and over again until you get it right.
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Tiny Chaste – We Could Be Nice

After inflicting the pain of clothespins in the clip Clothespins On Your Cock & Balls – Goddesses Skyler & Rose are back to create a bit of pleasure. Or are they?
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – A Month of Cock Control – Week #4

Welcome, my little jerk addicts, to week 4 of my Cock Control Program. If you haven’t watched “A Month of Cock Control” 1, 2, and 3 then go watch those first and come back on the fourth week for this clip. So far your jerking sessions have been for 5, 10, and 15 minutes. But we’re going to ramp it up this week and give you 20 minutes to jerk that cock of yours. You are so lucky. In this 20 minute jerking session you’re going to get 2 orgasms. You are unlucky in the fact that you’re going to have to get something with a bit of menthol to jerk with. We’re going to make these the most difficult orgasms yet. Oh, and grab some ice as well. I want these orgasms to be a challenge of mind and sensation. I want you to jerk through the burning and the cold. I want you to prove to me that you can produce an orgasm whenever I say, no matter the circumstances. This is the result of 4 weeks of hardcore orgasm training.
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Lady Estelle – Orgasm Control Game

My slave is now locked up in his chastity for Weeks. Big is his pressure in his balls and the wish to be released from it. So let us play a nasty game called orgasm control
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Lady Estelle – EXTREME (Part1)

A trip into real hard BDSM with sadism and masochism bizarre fetish for real extreme lifestyle lovers. Lady Estelle push the limits from the slave to the max. In the first Part he have exactly 5 Minutes Time to fuck his mistress with the mouth gag dildo to a orgasm and wank his self to one. If he loose his Punishment will be the hell on earth for him.
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Lady Estelle – After Orgasm Treatment

So the Slave had a orgasm without permission this means this slave loose at all so he get´s from me what he deserved a very painfully after Orgasm Treatment to his extremely sensitive dick and then the anal bomb in his ass.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – A Month of Cock Control – Week #3

Welcome to week three, my little jerk addicts, to week 3 of my Cock Control Program. If you haven’t watched “A Month of Cock Control” 1 and 2, then go watch those first and come back on the third week for this clip. So far your jerking sessions have been for 5 and 10 minutes. But we’re going to ramp it up this week and give you 15 minutes to jerk that cock of yours. This week I’m going to micromanage your cock. I’m going to tell you in detail exactly how I want you to stroke your cock. I’m also going to give you mandatory breaks during your little jerk session. I don’t want you blowing your load early, so you better follow my instructions. I bet you’re feeling more obedient each week, aren’t you?
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Cum Countdown – Princess Leya – Scrubbing Bubbles

Male orgasms are earned, typically through payment and slave labor. That’s why you often find yourself performing menial tasks for Princess Leya like cleaning her tub, in hopes that she will grant you permission to cum.
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Mistress T – Chastity Instructions – INTERACTIVE!

This is a custom vid but no name mentioned…but it’s a vid many of you have asked for. This is a detailed INTERACTIVE vid for chastity slaves or orgasm control enthusiasts. I lay out a plan for the next 3 months. I decide when & how you get to orgasm for the next few months. You will not be denied an orgasm the whole time, you will be able to earn opportunities to have a release.
There are some elements of humiliation, self harm & worship of me. Lots of tormenting teasing mainly thru watching my other vids (so you might want to get a membership for my site or buy more vids through clips4sale.) I’ll ask you to email me progress reports, to do tasks, to send me pics, etc. You’ll be expected to tribute me periodically to show your devotion, to thank me for my time & attention.
You’ll also have consequences for being naughty:-)
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