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Humiliatrix – Butch Becky Overpowers You into Sissy Maid Submission to Her

“If you’re such a wuss that I have to be the man in this relationship? If I have to fix the cars and rip out the plumbing? You’re gonna be my sissy maid, bringing me beers in your daintly high heels and getting down on your knees to clean my dirty boots, unzip my filthy jeans and lick my sweaty snatch until I cum in your mouth…”
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FemdomEmpire – Cunt Obedience – Whitney Wright

The only purpose a man’s tongue is good for is licking his Mistress’s sweet pussy and ass to orgasm. Mistress Whitney makes sure her bitch boy is only focused on worshipping her cunt by locking his cock and balls tightly away forcing him to his knees. She is in total control giving her slave no choice but to submit to his Mistress’s desires. The slave’s tongue is made to work extra hard as she grinds herself to orgasm leaving him denied like all boys should be.
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FemdomEmpire – Caged Cunt Pleaser – Ariana Marie

Just because a slave has his cock locked tightly away doesn’t mean he still can’t please and worship his Goddess. Sex crazed Goddess Ariana Marie puts her boy-toy’s tongue to work making him prove how much he loves his station in life. There is no place he would rather be than under his Goddess’s sweet holes pleasuring them all night long.
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FemdomEmpire – Oral Fuck Slave – Adriana Chechik

Mistress Adriana controls every part of her slave’s body from his tongue down to his slutty asshole. She puts her slave’s training skills to the ultimate test to see if he is worthy of keeping in her stable A trained cunt licker knows to always stay focused on his Mistress’s sweet pussy no matter what. He must properly worship her cunt while his hole gets royally pounded by the intense speed of her fucking machine.
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MissNoelKnight – A Dream Come True

You wake up restrained and trapped in a toilet chair. You are utterly terrified until the lid lifts and you see me – your sweet, loving girlfriend. I tell you that I know your little secret. I know you have a toilet slavery fetish. You see, I thought you were cheating on me, so I did a little digging around. Low and behold, I find that youre not a cheater; you’re just a filthy toilet boy! I’ve decided I’m going to make your fantasy come true. You’re going to spend all weekend locked away in this chair and anytime I have to take a $hit or Pi$$, you’re going to gobble it down like a good boy. Who knows, I may enjoy having a toilet boy so much that I decide to keep you here forever…
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Cruel City – Pussy and Asshole Cleaned with Human Toilet Paper!

“Where`s the toilet paper?” Anne asks her friend June after relieving herself in the mistress`s bathroom. It appears she`s all out, but June tells Anne not to worry because she has an idea. She calls over a slave, and he quickly comes crawling on all fours. Mistress June instructs him to clean Anne`s pussy and he quickly gets to work as her human toilet paper! “How is it?” June asks as he laps away with his tongue. “He can clean your asshole as well if you want him to,” Anne`s gorgeous friend tells her. Of course she wants him to! This is her first time using human toilet paper, and she wants to experience it all. June holds the back of his head, pressing him into Anne`s ass while he licks away. Anne may never use actual toilet paper ever again!
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Clubstiletto – Use Your Tongue Your cock Is Too Little

Sexy Princess Lily needs sexual satisfaction but she knows she can’t get it from her slaves cock. As If that tiny thing could please her! So she tells him, “Use your tongue, your cock is too little!” If you have dreams of being a sex slave and used only for her sexual pleasure, even while she verbally humiliates you, compares you to her stud lover, and denies you release, then you will love this clip. Lily talks about her boyfriend and says to the slave, “Let me know if you find any of his cum in there.”, which makes her giggle, getting off on how she makes him feel so inadequate. The scene ends with Lily having a real orgasm, then she tells the slave to lick up all her pussy juices before she hops of the cage, giving you a great upshot at her amazing ass. “You stay here.”, she says looking down at her slave, “I have important things to do.” Get the clip, imagine it’s you in the cage!
Mistress: Princess Lily
Category: Oral Servitude, Pussy Worship, Humiliation, Bondage Device, Small Penis Humiliation, Oral Servitude, Pussy Licking, Humiliation, SPH
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Clubdom – Fucked Owned and Used

Natalya Sadici and Jean Bardot stuff the faces of their man slaves with their superior femdom cocks, ramming them deep down their drooling face-holes. The men have to tae every inch down their throats as they stare up at the gorgeous latex-clad Goddesses who own them. The Mistresses decide to bend the two sluts over their own cages and fuck them hard and deep in their pathetic asses until they feel totally humiliated and owned. It’s not enough that the women laugh and taunt them as they pound their holes but Paris decides to visit and join in on the fun and instructs slave 122 to lick her pussy while he gets fucked by Mistress Natalya. The slave has no choice but to obey. He can taste her wet pussy and is overwhelmed by the power of all three women.
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Subby Hubby – Niaomi Mae Ass Licking

Toby’s sister is a conservative good-girl who is about to head off to college and is very nervous. Big brother Toby reassures her that she will do just fine. 7 months later Toby has plans to meet up with his sister when she comes home on Spring Break and is shocked when she walks into the room in a skimpy revealing outfit with a whole new confident and dominant attitude. She says that college really changed her and that her new persona enables her to get whatever she wants. She tests that on her brother Toby by slapping him and teasing him with her pussy but instead giving him her ass. He must worship her ass as he has no choice otherwise as he is now afraid to say no, but yet, also cannot resist how hot she is.
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